How long can I have room after abortion?Do you need abstinence?Reminder: Require these 4 points of precautions

[Fan Come on] I always know that my husband and I have some different concepts.When we were just married, my husband frankly told me that he was not ready to be a father. I understand him. After all, the child is the responsibility of his life, and our life needs to be adjusted, especially his career.

That night, we did not have expected protection measures. I was a little worried afterwards, but my husband comforted me and said that it is okay. The chance of this kind of thing is not high.A month later, I found that I was pregnant.

I sat on the cold hard floor tiles in the bathroom, staring at the pregnancy test stick.The two lines are clearly visible, I know I am pregnant.My mood is complicated. On the one hand, I am surprised, and I am going to be a mother; but on the other hand, I am worried that he does not want children.

When I told my husband this news, he stunned.He panicked and checked various information with me. Finally, we decided to go to the hospital for abortion.Although I feel sad about this decision, I understand him.We all need time to think and prepare.

After the operation, the doctor told me that I needed abstinence in the next month, because the body needs to recover during this time, and the risk of pregnancy will increase again.However, my husband couldn’t help looking for me in the third week after my abortion. He said he couldn’t resist me, and I promised him.

I thought we would be more careful, but it turned out that we did not meet the expectations again.I was pregnant again.This time, my husband and I were incredible.I was sitting in the waiting room of the hospital, looking at the scenery outside the window, my heart was full of doubts.We have to face another decision, and this time, I am not sure if we can reach a consensus again.

Abortion is a medical means to terminate pregnancy for women’s physical health and other reasons if inevitable.Whether it is physical or personal choice, abortion is a sensitive and complicated topic.During the rehabilitation after miscarriage, there are many problems that need to be followed, and one of them is whether to abstain from one month after surgery.

1. Types and influence of miscarriage

Before discussing whether abstinence is needed after abortion, we need to understand different types of abortion and its impact on the body.Abortion can be divided into two types: drug abortion and surgical abortion.Divine abortion is usually performed in the early stages of pregnancy, and natural abortion is induced by taking specific drugs.Surgical abortion is to terminate pregnancy through surgical intervention.

No matter what type of abortion, it may have a certain impact on women’s body and psychology.In the body, abortion may cause discomfort such as bleeding, abdominal pain, and fatigue, and require a certain recovery time.Psychologically, abortion may cause anxiety, depression or other emotional fluctuations.Within a month after abortion, women need to give them enough time to recover and adjust.

Second, the body recovery time after abortion

The body recovery time varies from person to person after abortion, but it is generally recommended to avoid sex within one month after surgery.This is because after abortion, the endometrium needs to grow and recover, and this process takes a certain time.Sexual behavior may increase the risk of infection, and may apply additional pressure on the uterus and other organs to delay the recovery process.Announcement can provide a better recovery environment for the body.

Women may also need to follow the doctor’s advice and take the drugs prescribed on time.These drugs may include antibiotics, painkillers or other auxiliary drugs to reduce discomfort and promote rehabilitation.Follow the doctor’s guidance to help women recover as soon as possible and reduce the risk of complications.

3. The importance of psychological rehabilitation

In addition to physical recovery, psychological recovery is equally important after abortion.Abortion may have an impact on women’s mental health, causing emotional fluctuations and psychological burdens.Within one month after abortion, women can consider consulting mental health professionals, such as psychological counselors or psychologists to obtain support and help.

Psychological counseling can provide a way for emotional release, psychological guidance and psychological adjustment.Professionals can help women cope with the emotional distress caused by miscarriage, provide psychological support and guidance, and help them gradually get out of their psychological shadows, rebuild their confidence and positive attitude towards life.

Fourth, individual differences and professional suggestions

Although there are general suggestions, the final decision of abstinence after abortion should be made by women according to their own conditions and doctors’ professional advice.Everyone’s physical condition and recovery speed are different, and individual differences need to be fully respected and considered.

After abortion, women should maintain communication with doctors and consult professional opinions.Doctors can evaluate the recovery process based on the specific situation of women and provide personalized suggestions and guidance.They can give appropriate abstinence and behavior suggestions based on the results of postoperative examinations, types of abortion, and the overall health status of women.

Within one month after abortion, abstinence is a common suggestion to give the body a sufficient recovery time.Everyone’s situation is unique, and individual differences need to be valued.Women should maintain close communication with doctors and make appropriate decisions based on professional suggestions.Psychological rehabilitation is equally important. Women can seek support for psychological counseling to deal with the emotional distress caused by abortion.

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