How long can I get pregnant after the eggs are excreted, this time must be grasped

During the pregnancy, most women think that on the day of ovulation day, the chance of conception will be greater. Therefore, they will play urine testing time every day. Once the day of ovulation is measured, her husband will quickly go home to arrange a house., But do you know? Although the pregnancy rate is also very large, but not the time we want to say next time is more likely to conceive. What day is it? Listen to how experts answer it.

Once the follicles mature, it means that the ovulation period has arrived. At this stage, the surrogacy rate is high, but it does not have this high time.When the eggs are excreted, it has only two days, so the eggs must be better in bed after the eggs come out. If it can be reduced to 12 hours, the probability of conception will be greater.Therefore, the preparation couple must grasp the timing.

Do n’t underestimate our ovaries. Although it is only as big as eggs, the foundation of the foundation of the foundation has reached hundreds of thousands. In the end, there are only 400 to 500 follicles that can be mature.In principle, there will be an egg excretion every month. After the eggs come out, the eggs will reach the tubal encounters sperm. If you do not encounter sperm, the egg will lose your conception in 12-24 hours.Under normal circumstances, the ovulation day will be 12-16 days before the next menstruation, and the egg life will only be one day, but the life of the sperm will be 3 days.Essence

First, learn to control emotions.

I believe that women in the pregnancy will not be pregnant if they are pregnant for a few months, and they will be more anxious, which will actually affect pregnancy.Therefore, when you are in a bad mood, you can listen to songs, brush the vibrato, or go out to run to make your mood calm down.

Second, grasp the number of times in the same room.

Many sisters think that they can get pregnant in the same room many times during ovulation.Therefore, it is recommended to have the same room or two days the next day.

Finally, don’t stay up late.

Nowadays, young people have the habit of staying up late. You must know that the negative impact of staying up late on the body is very great, especially during the pregnancy stage. Staying up late for a long time will cause women’s endocrine disorders.It is necessary to work on time to get pregnant.

In the end, Xiaobian wishes all the friends who prepare for pregnancy to pay as expected and hold their own dolls as soon as possible.

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