How long can I get out of pregnancy, dear, don’t be wrong for your pregnancy test method!

After the same room, the prospective mother will definitely want to know whether the baby has arrived.At this time, the aunt came to come. It was a disappointing thing for the sisters who prepared for pregnancy, but sometimes the aunt could not be pregnant without coming, and it was even more anxious.Xiaobian tells you today.

Generally speaking, it can be tested by itself in 7-10 days after the same room. It can be tested in morning urine to test pregnancy through early pregnancy test strips or pregnancy test sticks. The longer the intercourse time, the more accurate.In short, after the same room, the earliest week, the latest for about 3 weeks, can be measured whether you can be detected accurately, and it is also related to your own testing methods, operation accuracy, and physical fitness.The most common methods for detecting early pregnancy are early pregnancy test strips, basic body temperature tests, B -ultrasound examination, and blood HCG detection.

01. Common ways to test pregnancy

1. Early pregnancy test strip check

Early pregnancy test strip is a product designed by people to test whether women to test whether they are pregnant.Early pregnancy test strip test: Drop the urine drip on the test paper in the test strip, such as a strap in the control area of the test strip (some test strips are red, some test strips are blue), which means negative and indicates that they are not pregnant; otherwise, on the contraryIf an obvious strap appears in the detection area, it means positive, indicating that it is pregnant.A, it is generally recommended to use the first urine test for women who are just pregnant, the results are more accurate.However, for women who have been pregnant for a while, urine can be used for detection at any time of the day; B, it usually takes about 7 days from the same room to pregnancy, that is, on the day of pregnancy (equivalent to 7 days after the same room)You can detect whether you are pregnant

2. The pregnancy test stick is one of the relatively simple and accurate ways.Generally speaking, the correct use time for the pregnancy test is 7-10 days after the intercourse, and the detected urine is best for morning urine.The longer the time after the intercourse, the more accurate the effect of the inspection.If you want to see a more accurate test value, it is best to test it 10-14 days after the same room.The pregnancy test stick is a type of in vitro diagnosis (IVD). The so -called test is to use the pregnancy test stick to detect the human chorionic gonadotropin in the urine.HCG is a kind of hormone -promoting hormone secreted by the placenta of pregnant women. It is distributed to the whole body with the blood, which acts on the target organs. There is also a certain concentration of HCG in the urine.It is worth noting that such pregnancy test products are not 100%accurate, and certain diseases may also lead to an increase in HCG concentration in the body, causing false positive results.

02. B -ultrasound check time

B -ultrasound testing early pregnancy is generally delayed for about 1 week. You can go to the hospital for B -ultrasound to check whether you are pregnant, but it needs to be diagnosed for more than one month in pregnancy.If you can see the pregnancy halo under the B -ultrasound, you will show your pregnancy.

03. Basic body temperature test early pregnancy time

This test method can be said to be the earliest method of testing time for early pregnancy. It can also be said to be the longest method of early pregnancy testing time, because the body temperature must be measured at least 1-2 weeks per day.If you last for more than 2 weeks, you must consider going to the hospital for examination, because you may be pregnant.

04. Blood HCG detection of pregnancy time

Blood HCG testing whether you are pregnant can generally go to the hospital about 8-10 days after the same room to do blood HCG to check the content of blood HCG in the blood.At this time, the blood contains a high HCG value, and its accuracy rate is more than 99%.

05. Menstruation is delayed for a few days to be pregnant

Generally speaking, women with sexual experience may be pregnant for more than 7 days.However, the delay of menstruation does not necessarily be 100 % indicated that pregnancy is pregnant. There may be gynecological diseases, mental factors, excessive weight loss, and drug impact.Pregnancy will definitely stop your menstruation, but menstruation is not necessarily pregnant.For safety reasons, when menopause, if you want to diagnose whether you are pregnant, it is recommended to go to the hospital for detailed examination.

06. How long can I measure gender

At present, what is the most intuitive and clear that the sex of the fetus is B -ultrasound.Generally, about 4 months of pregnancy, you can know the gender of the fetus during B -ultrasound.On the weekend of pregnancy on the weekend of pregnancy, the fetal genitals have developed. If the BUS is adopted for fetal gender identification after sixteen weeks of pregnancy, the prospective parents should pay attention to that although the B ultrasound can clearly see the various organs and parts of the fetus, including the genitals, but currently in my country, China is currently in China. The law stipulates that the fetal gender identification is performed through B -ultrasound without authorization, which is illegal.

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