How hard is a woman pregnant?After reading it, it’s better for women

[Introduction] In October, when the pregnant mothers felt happy because they had a new life, they also endured the hard work that ordinary people could not see and understood.How hard is a woman pregnant?Xiaobian tells everyone that after reading it, please wait for a woman.

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As the fetus grows day by day, the shape, intestines, stomach, and spine of pregnant mothers changes, and pregnancy is getting harder and harder. How hard is it?

1. All kinds

Knowing that from the day of pregnancy, the life has opened up the hard -working mode.Can’t make up, can’t dye hair, can’t wear high heels, can not use a hair dryer, you can’t cook porridge … Even three meals are restricted, and you must endure many pregnancy education during your mother and mother -in -law.It is a lot of nagging.

2. Early pregnancy response

Early pregnancy reactions are the process that most pregnant mothers experience. Different personal constitutional early pregnancy reactions are also different. It is the most common for vomiting, nausea, fatigue, and anorexia.Some will recover in one or two months, but some last until 4 or 5 months or even longer.Some pregnant mothers vomit and vomit, and when they smell a little oily, they will turn over the sea, but they ca n’t vomit. This feeling is extremely uncomfortable.

3. Watermelon belly is covered with stretch marks

When the fetus grew up, the abdomen that was smooth and smooth was supported as a large watermelon, and the navel was protruding.The most serious thing is that not only the stretch marks on the belly of watermelon, but some pregnant mothers’ thighs, hips, and even stretch marks on the arms, plus the dark pregnancy line in the center of the belly, I can’t bear to look straight, and more, more, and more, more, and more, more, and more, I can’t stand directly.Don’t talk about your husband.Moreover, when the stretch marks are long, the belly is extremely itchy. I am afraid that the fetus will not dare to apply medicine. Some pregnant mothers can only ninja the belly.

4. Run N to the toilet every day

In the middle and late pregnancy, the fetus grew up and caused the uterus to compress the bladder, which caused the pregnant mothers to have frequent urinary symptoms and run N to the toilet every day.Especially at night, it is difficult to turn around, and I have to endure the toilet with sleep.I wanted to go to the toilet, but the long team was the most embarrassing when I could only rush to the men’s toilet.

5. Long spots

99%of women have spots on their faces during pregnancy.The emergence of pregnancy spots is due to the increase in melanin hormone secreted during pregnancy and the stimulation of a large amount of progesterone and estrogen, which enhances the function of melanocytes in the skin.Although the general pregnancy spots will slowly disappear after giving birth, the pregnant mother who loves beauty is still distressed.

6. Control weight

After pregnancy, I often feel hungry. I just want to eat and eat a day. In addition, the elders must eat more in my ears for children, and it is difficult to control the weight.However, doctors say that the weight during pregnancy is too fast to get high blood pressure, diabetes, etc., and pay attention to controlling weight.Therefore, the pregnant mother who wants to eat, while controlling the weight of the weight, life is so difficult to live

7. edema

Many pregnant mothers, early or late, have swollen hands and feet.Pregnant women’s pregnancy edema is caused by the liquid composition in the vascular ingredient and accumulated in the tissue gap.Some pregnant mothers not only get edema during pregnancy, but even when they have a child, they are swollen!

8. Worrying about the sky

Women who have been pregnant for the first time, because they have no experience, are also worried that they are worried that they have to study for half a day every time they get the production checklist. Each data is compared with comparison, fearing that the baby is wrong.Sometimes I accidentally eat something I shouldn’t eat, and I blame myself over and over, for fear of what will be lost in the fetus.During the hospitalization, there are all kinds of concerns in the brain, what to do with hypoxia, what to do in the abdomen of the fetus, and then poking the belly every day, hoping that the baby will move …

This is just a small part of women’s hard work during pregnancy, but this has shown how hard women are pregnant.So, please be better for women.

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