How do you know that you are pregnant?One day before marriage, try the pregnancy test stick and try it.

Sometimes, many husbands and wives do not have special pregnancy. I feel that I will be born with my fate. It does n’t matter if I get pregnant. Therefore, I do n’t know if I am pregnant.Today, let’s take a look. How do netizens find that they are pregnant?

@我: I am amazing, I am at 18 years old and fall in love with my husband. At that time, I was still in school.Later, I went home on holidays and especially loved to eat tomatoes. I could eat a large bag of bags at a time. I didn’t want to eat anything. I wanted to eat persimmons.Then my mother found that it was wrong. When I went to the hospital, I went to the hospital and finished the recruitment.At that time, it was a trough of life, 18 years old!High school student!I don’t know what I think. Anyway, I will be born firmly. Even if he doesn’t marry me, I will give birth.Later, my husband was called to the house, and he was complained. He only said that he went home to get married. Then we got married at the age of 19 and gave birth to a child at the age of 19!Well, my son is 9 years old!

@Oscar level: Once I went to eat ramen with my husband. After I came up, I took a bite, and then I couldn’t eat it anymore.At that time, I still made a opinion with my husband. I thought it was because I was unhappy to affect my appetite, and then I didn’t care.Then I had another dream when I was sleeping at night, dreaming that I went to fishing, and there was a small fish hooked. I was thrown back at the time, and then the little fish was caught again.EssenceThe next day, I was a little red, very little. I thought it was going to come to a holiday. I would be a little red before I came to the holiday.But soon gone, I didn’t think about it at all.Because I was very busy at that month, I was always on a business trip.Then when I went to the toilet, I turned on the drawer and took the toilet paper. When I saw the early pregnancy test paper I bought, I took a meter and tested it. After the test, I also laughed at myself.I haven’t been pregnant for two years. I have been in the same room once this month. Impossible, just put the test strip on the handle. When I brushed my teeth and washed my face and picked up the test strip to throw it, I saw that there were two on the test paper.One of the pinks gray.I called my husband, and my husband also said that he saw it, and this time I knew I was pregnant.

@: The day before marriage, I told my friends that my aunt was postponed for three or four days. I came from the month and never postponed it.I went home and bought two test strips in the evening. I couldn’t test with my sister hiding in the toilet. I shouted my brother and daughter -in -law. The first test paper was broken. The second one was tested.Waiting for the result is so nervous, trembling, a look at the two bars, surprised and happy.I went to the hospital for a B -ultrasound on the second day after marriage. The doctor said that it was 30 days. Later, I caught a cold, cough, and fever for a month. Now my baby is five and a half months old.

@: One day, the male ticket quarreled with me across the phone, but I fell asleep.Then the first thing I woke up was to check. At that time, we had no marriage to get married, and we often quarreled, and we were almost divided. Finally, because I was pregnant and married.After the first half of the unpleasant unhappiness, the relationship later was better every day.I think I am very lucky. I met my husband and the days when I was with him. It should be my happiest day.

@: The group chat found that my three girlfriends were pregnant with a second child one after another, and they laughed at me. When will the second child come?I joked that it may be pregnant.Because I just returned from Chengdu at that time, I was two days later, thinking that I was tired and did not think about it.My girlfriend teased me, told me to buy test paper quickly, and then tested it, really pregnant.

@方 方: I have been married for seven months, and I haven’t come for two months. As a result, I ate watermelon that afternoon. After eating much, I had three pieces. After a while, I bleed.I told my husband that I ate auntie aunt.My mother -in -law looked at it and said that she was sent to the hospital quickly.As a result, I rushed to the hospital in a hurry, urine the urine test, and took the B -ultrasound. The children were almost three months old, because I was only 19 years old at the time. I did n’t understand. Fortunately, my mother -in -law was witty and kept the child.

@: I am ready to prepare for pregnancy with my husband. I think that go to the hospital for a pre -pregnancy examination. As a result, I went to the hospital. The doctor asked me for a holiday. I was usually postponed. The month was postponed for five days.The doctor said that you go to check the blood first to check the pregnancy. If not, I will check you again.I also guaranteed that the doctor was impossible to get pregnant 100 %. As a result, I came out and really conceived. Thank you for the doctor. Next month, the baby is about to be born, thank you!

How did you find that you are pregnant?Welcome everyone to share this good news with us!

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