How do you know if you are pregnant?Do you have these symptoms?

"I forgot to contraception when I was happy with male tickets. Now my aunt has been postponed for almost a week, and hasn’t come? What should I do? Will it be pregnant?"

"I always feel that I can’t wake up recently. I don’t feel enough to sleep every day. I can’t wait to lie on the bed for 24 hours."

"Mimi has always been swollen recently, and it hurts!

"I always want to go to the toilet recently, and I have to get up twice in the middle of the night."

"I have always been exhausted recently, I don’t want to do anything, I can’t wait to lie on the bed all day!"

"Tired! Tired! Tired! Tired! Annoying! Annoying! Annoying!"


Spring is here, and hibernating frogs are waking up.What’s wrong with you?Want to enter the dormant state?

If the above situation happens, then congratulations, you are likely to be a mother.Go to the pharmacy to buy a early pregnancy test strip test.

Please compare the following results by yourself

How about it?Did the results be measured?Is it a winning move?What do you feel when you see the result?



Extremely tangled?


Anyway, congratulations, are you going to be a mother?

So why do you have these performances?What changes will the body of women unknowingly after pregnancy?

After women’s pregnancy, female progesterone rises and the uterus gradually increases, which will bring a series of changes to women’s physiology and psychology.

01 can eat and sleep, and the activity is tired. I am a "big" name of action. As long as there is a bed, I can sleep at any time.

When you find that one day you can eat more and more, you can’t wake up every day, and you are tired of walking, and hurry up and think about how long your aunt has not come.If the old aunt who has always been regularly reports to report on time, is it a matter of winning, hurry up and test …

02 Breast swelling!Slay!Slay!…… pain!pain!pain!… I feel uncomfortable and want soul drift!IntersectionIntersection

In the early stages of pregnancy, hormone levels changed, and the development of breast ducts was prepared for breastfeeding, causing breast congestion and swelling, and it hurts as soon as it bumped.At this time, the expectant mothers should replace underwear in time. Do not over -squeeze the breasts and wear more loose clothes.

03 I couldn’t help but want to go out of the toilet.During the day, we must face the weird eyes of a colleague, and don’t want to sleep at night.The anger was the fragrance of sleeping on the other side of the sleeping next to him.I really want to drag him up and wait for me to come back to sleep, and strive to wake up several times. He wakes up several times, whether he is active or passive!

The development of the fetus increases the uterus, squeezes the surrounding organs, stimulates the bladder, and even the rectum. The frequent diarrhea is also miserable.Due to the increase of the uterus, it involves the surrounding muscle tissue, and sometimes it will cause the prospective mother’s lower abdomen to have swelling, and even a small pain.

04 When I sat at the table, I couldn’t help vomiting.Every time I vomit, I want to doubt life, but for the baby’s nutrition, I still have to work hard to swallow every bite of food.

The most common in the early pregnancy, also made expectant mothers the most painful.It usually appears around 6 weeks of pregnancy.How many expectant mothers have to endure the pain of "eating vomiting and vomiting" every day.Of course, many people have not responded too much in this regard. Speaking of which, it is really happy.

05 The favorite burger before, suddenly didn’t want to eat it anymore.I want to eat ice cream in the winter and eat it immediately.

The change of taste makes you look like a child.At this time, the expectant mother who could be understood was really sitting on the petting helicopter, and the happiness was bursting.There are also people who are not understood, either silently endure grievances, or I am afraid it is a "world war."

06 I always feel cold, quantitative body temperature: 37 ° C, have you fever?

In the early pregnancy, expectant mothers will be afraid of cold. In fact, at this time, you can find that your body temperature will be higher than usual.This is caused by changes in hormones, so don’t worry.The expectant mothers can reduce the clothes reasonably.If the body temperature is too high, you should seek the help of a doctor in time and not take the medicine by yourself.

07 inexplicable nervous, always worried about this, worried that, irritability, anxiety …

For novice mothers, many people will have anxious mood, and they will always worry about the small bean sprouts in their stomachs and various uneasiness.Listen more soothing music and communicate with your family.Supplementation of parenting knowledge and preparing sufficient preparation for the entire pregnancy and baby.

We will be pregnant in October, it is not easy to be a mother. We are not from the alien planet. We are the greatest mother!IntersectionIntersection

What do you do?Welcome to leave a message for discussion.

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