How do women know that she is pregnant?It turns out so many signs!

I’m pregnant

Whether a woman loves a man is particularly sensitive, but sometimes women are pregnant, but they are very dull.

Some little masters were guessed after vomiting, and some small master’s chest was swollen and guessed. Some little master aunts premed a long time when they didn’t come.Elastic

1. Sudden nosebleed

A large amount of progesterone will be secreted in the expectant mothers to expand blood vessels. At the same time, the blood capacity of expectant mothers is higher than that of non -pregnancy, and human nasal mucosa blood vessels are relatively abundant, and the blood vessel walls are relatively thin, so it is easy to rupture and cause bleeding.So you may get pregnant!

Second, hair removal pain

In the early stages of pregnancy, the pain was strengthened when the body hair was removed without knowing it.Then you may get pregnant!

Third, dizziness

Symptoms of small colds such as dizziness, nasal congestion and runny nose are one of the common symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy. One more baby in the stomach, the process of expectant mothers need to adapt.Then you may get pregnant!

Four, the chest becomes larger

A large amount of estrogen is secreted in the expectant mothers, which will make the chest larger and even a little itchy.Then you may get pregnant!

Five, gum bleeding

The gum bleeding of expectant mothers is the same cause as flowing nosebleeds. Hormonal levels cause vascular dilation and congestion, which will now become bleeding from gums.Then you may get pregnant!

Six, the tone is too heavy

The heat of the liver fire or the humidity of the spleen and stomach will cause pregnant women to feel bitter, dry and astringent, and serious.Then you may get pregnant!

Seven, always like to sleep

Whether you are studying or going home, you can’t stop wanting to sleep, and want to wake up naturally.Then you may get pregnant!

Eight, temperament irritability

The whole person changed like a person, moody, emotional unstable, and inexplicable.Then you may get pregnant!

Nine, black line under the navel

The lines below the navel have become more obvious and clear.Then you may get pregnant!

Ten, more sensitive to odor

At this time, you may be particularly sensitive to the smell, and many tastes are unbearable. Some things want to vomit even if you see it.Then you may get pregnant!

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