How do pregnant women calculate how many days they have been pregnant?

For pregnant women, things they need to pay attention to are actually many things, because pregnancy is not a simple matter.If I ask your pregnant woman how many days have it been now, do pregnant mothers know the specific number of days?

In fact, for all pregnant women, a timely understanding of your pregnancy days is good for future pregnancy examinations.But the problem is that many pregnant women are also pregnant for the first time.I don’t know when I start to get pregnant, I should know that the child has been for a few months.

Some pregnant women have also heard many wrong calculation methods, and their production date and check -up time will be missed.If you miss the best time to check, it is not good for timely understanding of fetal development.Let’s talk about where pregnancy should be counted as.

How do pregnant women calculate how many days they have been pregnant?

I have a friend.It was because I felt that my body was not particularly comfortable, different from usual.Worried about whether she was pregnant, so she bought a pregnancy test stick to check.After learning about three days after pregnancy, she went to the first pregnancy test. After the examination, the doctor told her that she had been pregnant for nearly 32 days for about a month.

My friend was also very doubtful when receiving the inspection report.He knew that he was pregnant a few days ago. Why did he get pregnant for more than a month?

In fact, due to the first day of menstruation, pregnant women’s body hormones will change.During this period, follicles in the ovaries have begun to grow and develop.In other words, this period has been pregnant recently. The female ovulation period was first 14 days before menstruation. At this time, sperm and eggs can be combined to form fertilized eggs.

It takes 3-4 days to bed for fertilized eggs, so many women have actually postponed for about five days after they realize that they have been pregnant.It should be about one month of pregnancy now.

After seeing this example, do pregnant women know how to correctly calculate their pregnancy days?It’s better to start now.

Now I have understood how to calculate my pregnancy time, but why do you count this idea?What is the principle?

First of all, everyone can be sure that women will never get pregnant during menstruation.As for why before the first day of menstruation, there are actually two reasons.

If you want to calculate a person’s pregnancy time, then you must know when his ovulation period is because it must start from the ovulation period of women.For most people, they do not have a fixed ovulation date.

Compared with the dates that do not know, it is better to understand the time of women’s menstruation.Because the first day of each woman can be determined on the first day of menstruation, when checking pregnancy, she usually asks the final menstrual time of pregnant women to calculate the number of days of pregnancy.

The reason for understanding the last menstrual period of pregnant women is actually calculating the fetal due date in this way.

Generally, a woman’s pregnancy cycle is about 40 weeks, that is, ten months, and 28 days is a cycle stage, which is 280 days.If you know the due date of pregnant women correctly, you must know the period of the first day of the last month, so you can calculate the day of the daily duration of about 10 months.

It is not only one way to solve the problem in the world, but there are actually many ways to calculate pregnancy time.What I just introduced was only one of them.So is there any other simpler way to calculate the time of pregnancy?

In fact, the 12 -week B -ultrasound can also calculate the pregnancy time and due date.

At about three months of pregnancy, the doctor suggested that pregnant women start the first B -ultrasound.At this time, doctors usually calculate the fetal size according to the pregnancy time at the end of the period and the first quarter, and calculate the due date with the size of the fetus with the B -ultrasound, and the accuracy of this estimation method is relatively high.

Through the estimation of the month and date, the future due date can also be determined.

In addition to calculating through the B -ultrasound and the previous number of menstrual days, there is also a way to understand the last month of the pregnant woman to increase by 9 or 3 in the month after the month.Date plus 7, this time is the time for the future due date.

But this method has many variables, so the accuracy is not so high.

In fact, for pregnant women who are pregnant or pregnant, pregnancy is still strange to them.You need to know a lot.Therefore, expectant mothers may wish to learn more parenting knowledge during pregnancy to better take care of fetal and physical health.

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