How do my scientists develop B vitamin precision testing methods?Just test as you can measure

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For a long time, how much folic acid should make up for women before pregnancy, and how to achieve fast and precise testing of folic acid, it is difficult for clinical medicine to give a precise answer.

Today, Shi Hongjun, the person in charge of the Independent Laboratory of the School of Life Sciences of the University of West Lake, successfully developed the precise mass spectrometry testing technology of red blood cell B vitamin. For the first time, the precise mass spectrum testing of the comprehensive metabolic capacity of red blood cell B vitamins has been realized.Using this new type of testing technology, doctors can accurately understand the level of folic acid in women’s body, and then achieve accurate medication.

Clinician’s confusion

How much should folic acid make up?

Shi Hongjun introduced that the B vitamin is an indispensable water -soluble nutrient element for the human body. The lack of this vitamin is related to birth defects, repeated abortion, hypertension during pregnancy, and preliminary eclampsia.kind.Related scientific research shows that adding folic acid before pregnancy can reduce the risk of birth defects such as neural tube defects and congenital heart disease.Therefore, supplementing folic acid as an important method for preventing defects of birth was written into a guide by professional organizations in various countries.

In daily life, folic acid exists widely in animal and plant foods, especially in green leafy vegetables.However, natural folic acid is extremely unstable. There are not many folic acid that the human body can really get from food, and the human body cannot synthesize folic acid by itself, and can only rely on intake supplement.According to statistics from large samples, it is currently recommended that women’s intake before pregnancy is 0.4-0.8mg/day.

But is this value applied to everyone?Different genetic factors, different eating habits, and different lifestyles will affect the level of folic acid in each body.Will ingesting folic acid with the same dose will cause some people to use excessive medicine, and some people are not supplemented?

The fast and precise test of folic acid is also a clinical "problem".Clinical testing of folic acid is mainly divided into two types: serum testing and red blood cell detection.Although serum testing technology is relatively mature, it mainly reflects the recent folic acid intake, which is easily affected by diet and has great volatility.

Compared to serum folic acid, red blood cell folic acid reflects the long -term storage level of folic acid in the body and is recognized as a better folic acid indicator.However, unlike the serum folic acid in the free state, folic acid in the cells needs to be purified and cracking by cellular purification and cracking, the hydrolysis of folic acid polyaline state, and antioxidant protection. The technical difficulty is greater.

Earlier, microbiological method was recognized as the gold standards of red blood cell folic acid detection by the clinical nutritional academic community, but the main disadvantage of microorganisms was that the test consuming was long, and the requirements for sterile operations were high, which was not conducive to the clinic.

Scientist’s discovery

Quickly find folic acid with "mass lotus"

Shi Hongjun’s research direction is the mechanism of congenital heart disease.Therefore, he found that many doctors were confused about the issue of "folic acid supplementary dosage" during the exchange of doctors in obstetrics and gynecology.The B vitamins such as folic acid and tobaccoic acid have inextricable relationships with the production of psychological diseases.

"In theory, we should be able to find a better way." Shi Hongjun determined to design experiments to solve the current problems of doctors.

"Every small molecule has a specific mass load. If you know the proportion of quality and charge, you can know what material this is." Shi Hongjun said.The research team innovatively applied mass spectrometer detection technology to the separated red blood cell folic acid detection."The B vitamins have different forms in the human body, and the mass spectrometry equipment can clearly distinguish between the vitamin ratio of different forms of B vitamins, thereby accurately measure the content in the body."

Shi Hongjun pointed out that the structure of small molecules of vitamin auxin enzymes in different B groups and different physical and chemical properties are the biggest problems in the extraction method.In the end, they successfully developed a new method of stable extraction of red blood cell B vitamins, which achieved simultaneous extraction and synchronous detection of B2, B3 (niacin), B6 and folic acid in red blood cells within 30 minutes."At present, we have completed the complete folic acid function detection CFT from tens of thousands of samples from all over the country. The test results can be traced back to the WHO full blood folic acid international quality control standard 95/528, which further confirms the accuracy of this method."

Through sample analysis, the research team found that the average level of folic acid in Chinese pregnant women is equivalent to the United States’ level (about 650nmol/L) before the United States is forced to add folic acid, but far from their current level (1150Nmol/L).Shi Hongjun said: "In the national nutrition plan introduced in 2017, it was written that the folic acid deficiency rate of childcare women should be reduced to less than 5%, but according to our test results, 10%to 30%of Chinese pregnant women are deficient in Chinese pregnant women.And folic acid deficiency rates from the south, to the north, and then to the western region to show a gradual increase. "

For expectant mothers who are preparing for pregnancy, now they only need to go to the hospital to take a tube of blood to get the most trustworthy folic acid level test report. Doctors can provide personalized drug guidance accordingly.

Scientist’s plan

Creal disease gene test

In the next step, the tobaccoic acid in the B vitamin is also included in the test and development of the Red Army.In one of their past studies, the lack of tobaccoic acid will also lead to the birth defects of multiple organ, including congenital heart disease."At present, our experiments are still on the mouse model, and we need to cooperate with more hospitals to further verify the previous conjecture."

The ultimate goal of Shi Hongjun is to develop a series of innovative molecular diagnostic technologies around birth defects, tumors, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and genetic metabolic diseases.Disease gene test.

The incidence of congenital heart disease is as high as 1%, which means that one of each 100 newborn has congenital heart disease.The cause of pathogenic is very complicated. At present, we can only know that 20%of the causes, and the remaining 80%are still an unsolved mystery.

Since 2018, the Shihong Army team has discovered several groups of genetic mutations and mutations can lead to congenital heart disease, providing unprecedented evidence for polygenal etiology of the first heart disease."If these discoveries can be applied clinically, it can provide effective means for the prevention of birth defects and early molecular diagnosis."

"Guangming Daily" (16th edition of May 19, 2022)

Source: "Guangming Daily"

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