How do I know that conception is successful?See if there are these five symptoms

The success of the fertilized eggs means that the embryo has been settled and the placenta has begun to form a placenta.This is the sacred moment when thousands of women are prepared.It turns out that, if the fertilized eggs are successful, the expectant mothers can feel some subtle feelings, uh ~ do you want to know what the subtle feeling is?Come and see!

1. Feeling tired, lethargy

You are always energetic, but suddenly feel very tired, accompanied by drowsiness?This is caused by fertilized eggs in bed, and expectant mothers release a large number of lutein in the body.The lutein can maintain the stability of the endometrium and provide a good development environment for the embryo. However, at the same time, the expectant mother will reduce the energy. It is obvious that there is sufficient sleep, but it is easy to feel tired and want to sleep.

2. The body temperature rises slightly

The normal body temperature of the human body is about 36 degrees, but the temperature of women will rise during ovulation during ovulation, maintaining about 36.5-37 degrees, and this temperature will maintain this state since the ovulation period and will not decrease.If your body temperature has always been slightly higher, then you can initially determine that you have become expectant mothers!

3. Frequent toilet

After the fertilized eggs were successfully bed in the uterine wall, the fluffy gonadotropin began to secrete a lot.This hormone secretion can stimulate your bladder and cause frequent urination.Therefore, after the fertilized eggs are in bed, the frequency of expectant mothers to the toilet increased, but note that the frequency of urination is increased!

4. Abdominal swelling

The abdomen swelling after the fertilized eggs is similar to the swelling during menstruation, and it will also be accompanied by a small amount of bleeding symptoms. This is because the fertilized eggs are rooted in the endometrium.This belongs to normal situation, and expectant mothers do not need to worry too much.

5. The chest becomes soft

After the fertilized eggs, the expectant mothers’ chests will become softer, but they will also be accompanied by tingling and swelling. This is because after the successful conception, a large number of hormones secrete, and the body has not adapted to it.Of course, when the body of the expectant mother adapts to a large number of hormones, these uncomfortable feels will disappear by themselves.

If you have the above 5 subtle feelings, congratulations, you may have been pregnant and become a prospective mother!Of course, in order to determine whether to conceive more accurately, you can go to the hospital for examination in time!

How to prepare for pregnancy success

In fact, pregnancy can be said to be very simple. As long as you do the following things, I believe that pregnancy will become very simple for you.

1. Use machines cleverly, ready to grasp

Ovulation predictor is a good helper to improve the chance of conception. It will quickly and accurately detect whether the luteal hormone in urine increases (LH peak). This condition often occurs 24 to 36 hours before ovulation.Traveling within 3 to 6 hours after the discovery of the LH peak is the most likely to achieve the purpose of conception.

2. Clean and healthy, breed life

Reject alcohol-drinks containing alcohol or some carbonated beverages, such as rice wine, sweet wine, cola, etc., can easily cause chromosomal distortion and cause fetal malformation.

Rejecting cigarettes (even second -hand smoke), more than 20 harmful ingredients in tobacco can cause chromosome and genes to change, and some harmful mutant substances will cause the number of sperm to decrease.

Rejecting excessive exercise-too low fat fat can cause amenorrhea with stopping ovulation or obvious symptoms, which will cause women to lose their pregnancy ability.So it is a good thing to adhere to frequent physical exercise, but not too much!

3. Keep it refreshing and wear it easily

The number of men’s sperm will be quickly reduced due to overheated testicles. Therefore, it is recommended that men wear breathable shorts and loose pants to avoid overheating bath water as much as possible and reduce the number of sauna.Don’t ride bicycles often, or do some intense sports.

4. Easily calculate, happy ovulation

You may have heard that many drugs that can help pregnant, but before choosing, you must consult a doctor carefully.In fact, the most critical and simplest way to want to have a baby is to accurately grasp the ovulation cycle.

Breeding is like a digital game: ovulation starts 14 days before menstruation. If your physiological cycle length is 24-30 days, your ovulation period is about 10 to 16 days.A egg can generally only survive for 12 to 24 hours, so the house is often too late after ovulation, and the purpose of conception cannot be achieved.Sperm survival is up to 72 hours, and it is easier to conceive every 3 days before ovulation.

5. Eat, drink and drink, naturally bred

The lack of zinc in men can cause too low testosterone secretion.Reduce the number of sperm, so men should eat more zinc -containing foods, such as sperm, chicken, seafood, and all grains. Calcium and vitamin D can also help improve men’s fertility, so please drink more milk!Women can drink tea frequently.Studies have shown that women drink half a cup of tea a day, and the chance of pregnancy will increase by 7 times.

6. Pre -pregnancy health care, eliminate troubles

To make an appointment for a pre -pregnancy medical examination, the doctor will understand your family history, determine that there is no genetic disease, and ensure the healthy growth of the fetus; the doctor will guide your recent contraceptive methods.Stop taking contraceptives in a month, so that the physiological cycle can reply to normal and better calculate the time of conception.

7. Calculate accurately and seize the opportunity

Experts suggest that during ovulation, it is best to have the same room once in 1 to 2 days.Men’s testicular hormone secretion and sperm activity are particularly active in the early morning, and early morning is the time when the husband and wife are the most energetic, so it is easier to conceive.

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