How did the fetus in the stomach of the pregnant mother from fertilized eggs to infants?Take a look at these pictures, Meng Meng Da

How did the fetus develop in the stomach of the pregnant mother?Take a look at these 3D pictures!

In the past, parents could only wait for their children to know the child’s physical condition.But now, with the continuous development of science and technology, the current medical and health technology continues to develop, parents can use 3D technology to view the development of the fetus.

However, the development of the fetus is very slow, and the parents always use 3D technology to check the growth of the fetus, which will also cause a certain degree of damage to the body of the pregnant mother.It is not appropriate to look at the fetus in this way.

However, parents should not worry. In order to satisfy everyone’s curiosity, we can take a look at some 3D photos today. You can understand these knowledge related to the development of the fetus. I hope to help you.

The development of the fetus is divided into early and late stages. The development of the fetus during the two periods is very different. The early development of the fetus is roughly as follows:

1. In the first week of pregnancy, the baby "sprouts"

This week, the sperm in the parents had just met the mother’s eggs, and the "baby" just started "budding".But at this time, the "baby" is still very far away from the forming period. Generally, the mother at this time does not know that she is pregnant.

2. The second week of pregnancy, "baby" grows

The fertilized eggs in the mother’s body are formed, and the fertilized eggs continue to develop and develop to a certain stage.The start of the fetal life officially started.

3. The third week of pregnancy, fertilized eggs bed

At this time, the fertilized eggs in the mother had grown.

4. In the fourth week of pregnancy, fertilized eggs develop into embryos

At this time, the mother can see the general shape of the fetus in the 3D diagram.

5. In the fifth week of pregnancy, fetal heart development

When the external shape of the baby develops to the corresponding level, the organs in the fetus will develop accordingly, and the first thing that develops is the heart of the fetus.

6. In the sixth week of pregnancy, fetal brain development

When the heart of the fetus has developed, the transmission system in the baby’s body will develop, and the heart of the fetus’s heart and other cell tissues will be closer. As a result, the fetus’s brain will slowly develop.

7. Seventh week of pregnancy, fetal facial features develop

After the baby’s brain is fully developed, the facial soft tissue of the fetus will develop.The capillaries of the fetal face gradually increased, and the facial features of the fetus gradually appeared.

8. In the eighth week of pregnancy, other organs of the fetus continue to develop

9. In the ninth week of pregnancy, the fetus gradually takes shape

After the ninth week of pregnancy, the child’s body organs have basically taken shape, and the child’s outline has completely emerged.

At this time, the fetus’s hands and feet have grown, but they are all connected.

The early stages of pregnancy is a period of formation of the fetus, and the later period is the period of further development of the fetus. This is also a very critical period. The development of the fetus is roughly as follows:

1. In the tenth week of pregnancy, fetal reproductive organs develop

At this time, parents can distinguish whether the fetus is male or female baby in related medical technology.

2. In the eleventh week of pregnancy, the body organs of the fetus are fully developed

During this period, the fetus’s hands and feet had been fully developed, and even small nails had grown.The heart can start all its functions and supply blood to all organs in the fetus.

3. In the twelfth week of pregnancy, the fetus began to exercise in the mother’s body

At this time, the fetus would not stay in the mother’s body quietly, and the fetus began to have their own small movements.Sometimes yawning, you can also move your hands and feet.

4. From 13 to 15 weeks of pregnancy, fetal hair grows

At the fourteenth week, some fetal hair began to grow on the fetal head, but these fetal hair was very small, and only if you looked carefully, you could find it.

5. In the 16th to 17th pregnancy, the body’s joint development of the fetus is completed

In the sixteenth period, the fetal and elbow joints have been developed, and the child’s hands and feet have been freely moved.At this time, the mother can already feel the child’s mild activities.In the seventeenth issue, the fetal eyes developed.

6. From the eighteenth to 109th, the fetus can exercise significantly

At this time, the fetus began to move in her mother’s belly, and she didn’t rest for a moment.At this time, some mothers may be in pregnancy, and the mother needs to pay attention to protect themselves and the fetus.

7. Twenty to 27 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus can communicate with the mother

During this period, the fetus has been able to divide the mother’s voice, and sometimes the fetus will interact with the mother.When the fetus perceives the mother’s voice, the fetus kicks her mother’s belly excitedly.Parenting expert Li Yuan once said: Twenty -fourth weeks of pregnancy are the best period of the emotional development of fetuses and mothers.

8. Twenty -eight to 35 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal body system is fully developed

During this period, the fetal’s immune system, digestive system, respiratory system, and perception system were developed at this time.At this time, the mother should supplement some nutrients, but she must also adhere to the combination of vegetarian food.In this way, the fetus can absorb better nutrition, and the body system of the fetus can be more comprehensive.

In addition, the skin’s skin changes are also performed during this period.

9. 36 weeks to 39 weeks of pregnancy, fetal development is completed

At this time, the fetus has developed into a complete whole, and the mother has begun to prepare the corresponding childbirth work to welcome this little life.

10. In the fortieth week of pregnancy, the birth of a small life is born

At this time, the baby was born from the mother’s body and began to formally contact this new world.

Zhang Ying, the mother and baby teacher, once said: From pregnancy to delivery, every step of them is very difficult.

Yes, the mother needs to pay attention to many aspects with the child. The following points are what the mother and their parents must master:

1. The diet of pregnant women

Kai Meng’s Land once said: No matter what happens, eating is the first major event in life.During pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s food should be placed first.During pregnancy, the taste of pregnant mothers will become very tricky.But no matter what, the pregnant mother who should eat still has to eat, and those who can’t eat them cannot be touched.

2. Preparation for childbirth should be done well

Zhang Mo once said: I could no longer find something more painful than childbirth.Therefore, in order to reduce the pain of pregnant women during childbirth, pregnant mothers should understand the corresponding work of childbirth in advance and prepare for psychological preparation.

In October, she was pregnant and gave birth. The process of pregnancy was long and painful, but in this pain, it also contains the sweetness of women’s first mother.For some risks on the road to pregnancy, I hope that all mothers can respond well, and they can also clearly understand what can be done during pregnancy and what cannot be done.Finally, I wish every mother and their children be healthy and healthy, and grow up happily together, and I also wish each child a happy childhood.

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