How did Tang’s children form and how to prevent Tang’s birth?

Due to the continuous improvement of health education, the intensity of popular science propaganda has gradually increased, and the health awareness of pregnant mothers has been increasing.Most pregnant mothers know that in addition to normal prenatal examinations, NT screening is also needed at 11-13 weeks of pregnancy, Tang’s screening is performed at 15-20 weeks, and 22-26 weeks do the four-dimensional lottery large-scale teratard screeningCheck the prenatal screening to rule out whether the baby suffers from malformations or Tang’s.However, because the professionalism is too strong, most pregnant mothers can participate in related screening on time, but they do not understand the purpose and points of various screening.Especially Tang’s, pregnant mothers know that Tang’s harm is extremely harmful, but it does not understand how Doner formed and the main screening methods of Doner.In particular, some pregnant mothers who missed Donald’s screening for some reason will bring certain risks to Chinatsu if they do not conduct further inspections.Therefore, today we will understand some of Tang’s related knowledge with the treasures of the treasures.

Donal is also known as Tang’s syndrome or twenty -one trisomy syndrome. Under normal circumstances, there should be two No. 21 chromosomes within the human cell.Newborn is called Tang family.Tang’s child mainly affects the intelligence of the fetus, that is, the baby will have intellectual obstacles after birth, and there are obvious clinical surface symptoms, showing that the eye distances of both eyes are relatively close.The face.

Tang’s is mainly caused by genetic factors, or in the process of formation of fertilized eggs, it may also be that after the formation of fertilized eggs, genetic mutations are caused by external factors, and genetic mutations caused by external factors.Tang’s is also directly related to the age of pregnant mothers. If the pregnant mother’s age is over 35 years old, the probability of Tang’s probability will have a large proportion, and the probability will increase with age.

Generally speaking, Due to the low IQ, Tang’s has no corresponding self -care ability, and there is no medical technology and conditions that can be corrected after birth. That is to sayEssenceTherefore, once the Tang family is born, it will bring great harm to the family and society.So far, Bao Ma has no preventive measures and methods during pregnancy, but you can participate in the corresponding screening and conduct prenatal diagnosis during pregnancy to screen for diagnosis.Reduce and reduce Tang’s harm to family and society.

Under normal circumstances, Tang’s screening is mainly NT screening from 11-13 weeks of pregnancy and 6 days of NT screening and 15-20 weeks of pregnancy+6 days.Strictly speaking, NT and Tang’s screening is just the first screening, that is, how the probability of screening a pregnant mother to have a Tang family.If the probability is relatively high, it also needs to enter the screening of non -invasive DNA or amniotic fluid puncture.Only after the diagnosis of amniotic fluid puncture can the doctor recommend that pregnant mothers terminate pregnancy because amniotic fluid puncture is a gold standard for prenatal diagnosis.In addition, pregnant mothers who are older than 35 years old or pregnant mothers who miss NT and Donci are generally recommended to directly do non -invasive DNA.This is because the diagnosis rate of amniotic fluid puncture is very high, reaching 99.8 almost 100 %, but because it is a creative examination, it may increase the probability of abortion. Therefore, the general screening principle is to find non -invasive DNA first.puncture.Although amniotic fluid puncture is risky, its total risk rate is very low, which causes risk of abortion of fetal abortion. Generally speaking, pregnant mothers who need to do amniotic fluid puncture do not have to worry too much.

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