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Some time ago, Mengli Stone was scattered on the hot search, and many people blindly snapped up drugs to deal with diarrhea.We do not advocate this unscientific approach and resolutely oppose it.Because no matter what medicine has a certain application certificate, it is unreasonable, not only cannot cure the disease, but it is likely to cause unnecessary damage to the body.

The "diarrhea" we usually say is medical as diarrhea, divided into acute diarrhea and chronic diarrhea, and summer and autumn are the high incidence of acute diarrhea.

There are many clinical antidiarrheal medicines. Here are the methods and precautions for the usage of anti -laxatives commonly used.

1. Oral salt salt

Desertication is the main harm of acute diarrhea.Oral salt salt is a drug that can help the human body supplement water and electrolyte to prevent and treat light and moderate dehydration caused by diarrhea.

Drug composition:

At present, low osmotic oral replenishment salt III is the most widely used. Its specifications are 5.125 grams/pocket. Each bag contains 0.65 grams of sodium chloride, 0.725 grams of sodium citrate, 0.375 grams of potassium chloride, and 3.375 grams of water -free glucose.The concentration of sodium and glucose in the formula is reduced, which effectively reduces adverse reactions such as hypertoniamia. At the same time, the decrease in total osmotic pressure also reduces the amount of feces and the number of diarrhea.

How to take:

When taking it, add 1 packet of oral supplemental salt Ⅲ to 250 ml of temperature boiling water, fully stir and dissolve, and take it as soon as possible.Avoid the use of milk or juice, such as liquid configuration containing additional sugar, salt, and electrolytes, so as not to affect the infiltration pressure and electrolyte ratio, thereby reducing the effect of the replenishment.

After the patient takes oral salt salts, if the dehydration is not improved or the symptoms are worsened, they should seek medical treatment in time to give intravenous tonic treatment.

2. Monterbage

Montelite is a natural Mengshi particle powder, which has a fixed and adsorption effect on the virus, germs and toxins produced in the digestive tract, and has a strong protection capacity for the digestive tract mucosa.The 3 Kemon stone scattered can just cover the entire gastrointestinal wall of normal adults and last for more than 6 hours.

How to take:

When adults use it, a bag (3 gram) of the monopoly is uniformly dissolved in half a cup (about 50 ml) in warm water, making a suspension, 3 times a day.


● When treating acute diarrhea, the first dose can be doubled.

● During the medication, if the diarrhea relieves and the stool becomes thickest, it can be stopped. Excessive use can easily lead to constipation.Especially for the elderly, the diarrhea should be discontinued in time after the diarrhea is relieved, otherwise it will easily cause constipation.

● Since the mask scatter covers the surface of the digestive tract mucosa, it will affect the absorption of other drugs, so you cannot take it at the same time as other drugs; if you need to take other drugs at the same time, it should be separated by 1 to 2 hours.

3. Probiotics

Inteic ecological imbalance during diarrhea.Probiotics are a type of general names that are planted in human intestine and reproductive systems, which can produce exact health effects to improve the activity of the host’s micro -ecological balance and play a beneficial role.At present, the commonly used live bacteria preparations include ground clothing (intestinal birth), two couplets (Mechangan), Bisidobacterium triple trinity (Peifang), etc.

How to take:

Use warm boiling water below 40 ° C to avoid the loss of probiotics caused by high temperature.


● Real -intestinal and Mei Changan need to be dry at room temperature. Peifang needs to be saved from light from 2 ° C to 8 ° C.

● Some live bacteria preparations are not resistant to gastric acid. It is advisable to take it after meals, which is conducive to maintaining probiotic activity and planted in the intestine.

● Generally speaking, the live bacteria preparations should not be taken at the same time as antibacterial drugs. If the condition needs to be used, it is recommended to open the medication time for 2 to 4 hours, or take it in the middle of the two antibacterial drugs.

● Adsorbing convergence agents such as Montelite San, tannate protein, secondary carbonate, medicinal charcoal, and crickets can inhibit, adsorb or kill lively bacteria and reduce probiotic effects.They are taken later, and the interval is not less than 2 hours.

● Live bacterial preparations often use lactose, dehydrated milk powder, etc. as auxiliary materials. Those with lactose are not resistant to choose preparations without lactose or lactose; those with milk protein allergies should choose preparations without milk protein.

4. Small alkali hydrochloric acid

Pyrodoline hydrochloride, also known as Coplinium, is a kind of alkaloids extracted from Chinese herbal medicines such as Chinese and other Chinese herbal medicines. It has a long history and is suitable for mild infectious diarrhea caused by bacterial intestinal infections.Inhibit intestinal smooth muscle exercise, regulate intestinal peristalsis, and restore the function of intestinal barrier to play armal diarrhea.

How to take:

When adults are used, take 1 to 3 tablets each time and 3 times a day.As the saying goes, "Dumb eats Huanglian, I can’t say it." In order to alleviate the bitterness of Nutonin, you can try to take honey water or sugary drinks as soon as possible.

5. Antibacterial drugs

The common name of fluoroprotic acid is norfloxacin, which belongs to antibacterial drugs of omatone. It is mainly used in a community with an indicator of an indicator of the obtaining bacterial infectious diarrhea.The situation gradually worsen.Because such drugs can hinder the growth and development of bones, minors are prohibited from use.

Not all diarrhea needs to take antibacterial drugs. The use of the use of the cause, degree, and adverse drug reactions of diarrhea should be weighing the advantages and disadvantages under the guidance of a doctor.

For acute water -like diarrhea caused by viral or intestinal toxin bacterial infections, antibacterial drugs should not be used routinely; for patients with severe bacterial infectious diarrhea with indications, antibacterial drugs need to be used according to the original feces and medicinal results.

In short, the treatment of diarrhea is fundamental to the cause of the cause. Blind treatment may interfere with the protection of diarrhea on the body.When the symptoms have not been controlled, necessary support and symptomatic treatment can be used.If the condition is not relieved, you should take a doctor in time.

Please remember that diarrhea patients are the best protection for you under the professional guidance of doctors.

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