How can we help young people employment

Six of every 10 workers need to be re -training before 2027

How can we help young people employment

At the Fourteenth New Leaders’ Annual Meeting (that is, the Summer Davos Forum ") held in Tianjin, many entrepreneurs have recruited" thirst "for talents.

Xu Gang, CEO of Airbus, said that the Chinese market currently accounts for 20%of Airbus’s global share, and it continues to grow rapidly. The growth of the market has led to the increase in Airbus Chinese employment positions. Even during the epidemic period, AirbusThe total number of employees in China has increased by more than 15%.But this is not enough, Airbus has been looking for various talents with expertise.

He mentioned that the global aviation industry is in a critical period, and future transformation will be carried out around digital and green development, but it is not easy to recruit talents in both aspects, "it is difficult to recruit suitable people."

The problem of "recruiting difficulties" encountered by Xu Gang is not an example.A survey by Pwa’s Yongdao Accounting Firm for leaders of many industry leaders around the world shows that more than half of the CEOs of the company’s interviewed companies believe that "the talents found without the skills they need" have greatly hindered the development and innovation of the enterpriseThis phenomenon is particularly obvious in IT, energy and other fields.

Perhua’s human and organizational global co -leader Peter Brown said that he is discussing talents with colleagues or customers every day, "how can we recruit talents and how can we keep the talents we need."

He said that the global employment market is now very crisis. Many groups are worried about being replaced by new technologies such as artificial intelligence. Therefore, we are urgently wanted to learn new skills. "Our survey shows that only 53%of people indicate that they have a skill.There are no skills left with a skill. "

As the world’s largest electronic foundry, Foxconn has more than one million employees in the world.Liu Yangwei, chairman of Foxconn Technology Group, said in the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry that the manufacturing industry provided a lot of employment opportunities, playing an important role in social stability and improving the well -being of the people.

In the past few years, the number of Foxconn employees has increased slightly.Liu Yangwei said that enterprises have continuously improved efficiency and reducing costs through automated innovation, thereby increasing sales, "so we also need to increase manpower."The difference is that the demand for talents has shifted from the original work to a more brainpower work. "We see this is a trend."

He believes that this has also raised a question to the government, how to improve education in order to keep up with the rapid development of the times.

"From the perspective of employees, the introduction of new technologies makes it difficult for yourself to lose your job." Li Dongsheng, founder and chairman of TCL, said that companies must continue to improve efficiency and quality.TCL has increased rapidly in the past few years, and at the same time, the number of employees has also increased.Some positions have been replaced by AI, and many posts have been added, including the development of new products, new technologies, and expanding new markets to expand sales.But obviously, the increased positions are not set for those simple and repeated work.

"There is not much physical work that really needs to repeat labor." In the view of Zhao Yan, chairman of Huaxi Bio, companies should provide employees with more help and allow them to better participate in digital transformation in the AI era.Her company will carry out corresponding training for new technologies. "Now ChatGPT is out, we will help employees to master how to let AI assistant assistance to work."

The "2023 Future Employment Report" released by the World Economic Forum shows that because the development speed of technology has exceeded the speed of corporate design and expanding training plans, from now to 2027, it is expected that 44%of the core skills of workers will be subverted.In the employment market, 6 of every 10 workers need to re -train, but only half of the workers are expected to get enough training opportunities.

A consensus is that the government, society, and enterprises have to work together to find a way for workers, especially young people.Slovenia’s Digital Transformation Department Minister Emilia Stojmenova Duh said that Slovenia is vigorously developing the IT industry, and also facing a large shortage of technical talents. In order to cultivate talents, they give priority to reform education and "more various digital skills and abilities"Let the textbooks keep pace with the times.

The social environment is also important.On the same occasion, Nazar Ben Najib, the Minister of Tunisia Communication Technology, said that establishing a good technological development environment can retain talents, have good market opportunities, to attract investment, and then attract moreMulti -talented, "This is the duties of the government."

According to the United Nations report, the gap between the global labor market is increasing, and the employment of young people is prominent.In China, the number of college graduates this year will reach 11.58 million.According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, in May this year, the unemployment rate of young people aged 16-24 rose to 20.8%, setting a new high since the data in 2018.

Zhou Paul, the founder, chairman and president of non -profit education institutions, has been committed to promoting young occupations and starting business.He said that solving the employment problem of young people is to "want to empower youth" and create more opportunities for young people. "We know the ability of young people to have, they dare to go to dreams and create, we should help them developEncourage them to learn new skills. "

Emilia Stojmenova Duh is also willing to believe in young people.She believes that companies should give young people a sense of security, encourage them to explore, tolerate some of their small failures, so that innovation will have a benign cycle.

In this regard, many companies do not do enough.PricewaterhouseCoopers has done a survey. Although 50%of the CEOs believe that they can tolerate employees’ small mistakes and challenges, this proportion is only 30%in the perspective of employees."May wish to re -reflect on the culture of the enterprise itself and tolerate all kinds of ideas," Peter Brown said.

The human resource management expert also mentioned the salary of young people.He said that in the global employment market, most of the young employees have economic pressure. According to PwC’s survey, 20%of the respondents need to work part -time after paying the rent.Reason for young people to dare to dream. "

Our newspaper Tianjin June 29th.

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