How can the taste change after pregnancy?Grasp the basic principles most importantly

Come back to the morning market early in the morning, I met my neighbor Xiaoli at the entrance of the community. Xiaoli saw me and asked: "Sister, have you brought your mobile phone? By using me, I call my husbandLost in the morning market. "Seeing Xiaoli a little anxious, I hurriedly gave her the mobile phone. Xiaoli finished the phone and told me what happened today.

It turned out that the taste of pregnancy changed. Xiaoli, who had never eaten mango, became particularly loved mango. She had to eat mango every day to be comfortable.Remember that the mango at a stall on the morning market is fresh, so I got a early buying. As a result, I took the mango. The mobile phone was stolen by the side.Can go home.

During the separation, Xiaoli also mocked himself, saying that he was making trouble, and pregnancy was strange. The things that did n’t like to eat suddenly became the favorite.

Many women have changed their taste after pregnancy.The reason is that after women are pregnant, the pregnant mother’s body is caused by a large amount of lutein, and lutein can slow down the shrinkage of the uterus and play a role in protecting the fetus and the mother.But at the same time, it will slow down the driver of the gastrointestinal and intestines. No appetite during pregnancy is caused by gastrointestinal motility.

In addition, the secretion of lutein can also cause changes in the taste of pregnancy. Many things that do not like before pregnancy suddenly become loved; and some foods that have been very favorite before smell normal.

Pregnancy is a special period. Both mothers and fetal baby need a lot of nutritional supply. Therefore, balanced nutrition and diet are necessary. Although the taste changes are inevitable, as long as it is proper, it will not affect the nutritional needs during pregnancy.of.

First of all, when the taste changes during pregnancy, we must confirm that there is no problem with our psychology, because pregnancy will affect the changes in mood. Some pregnant women will have a mad eating phenomenon, or they prefer a certain food. These are because of psychologyFactors.

Therefore, when the taste of pregnancy changes, we must first rule out the taste changes caused by our psychological factors.Secondly, in the face of changes in the taste of pregnancy, we should be treated with the principles of not excessive and not blame.

However, it refers to the food that is preferred, even if it is a food with a high nutritional value, it cannot be excessive or too much. The most needed during pregnancy is the balanced nutrition. Therefore, nothing can be consumed.

It is not blame that, sometimes, it has been avoided throughout pregnancy for a long time, and I prefer to eat some junk foods, such as spicy, cola, instant noodles, etc. Some pregnant mothers can not help eating these garbage foods, but my heart is in my heartI always don’t care, I feel harshly treating the baby, and my mood has been depressed for a long time.

In fact, it is not necessary. Occasionally eating these things will not cause damage to the mother and baby. Instead, it is also very important to maintain a good mood during pregnancy. If you eat spams once or twice occasionally, you can make your mood better. ThenYou can indulge occasionally.

Based on the principles of balanced nutrition, but it is not blame, maintains a happy mood, and avoid psychological problems from affecting changes in taste. Everyone can easily face changes in the taste of pregnancy. And, because pregnancy tries to try, I don’t like to try before.Food is also a novel experience, isn’t it?

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