How can she successfully get pregnant women with more than 200 pounds of infertility?

The rhythm of work and life is accelerating, obesity, and weight loss. These words are often full of modern people’s lives.However, obesity may not only be as simple as more meat. If it is happening to women during the birth period, it will cause attention, and be careful to cause infertility.Ms. Jiao of Liaochengxian County affected her fertility and marriage because of obesity.On April 22, 2019, the Dream Working Team of Jinan Jiale Reproductive Hospital came to Ms. Jiao’s house at the Meng Dream Family to visit and condolences the family who was troubled by infertility.

Ms. Jiao, 24, once weighed more than 200 pounds. Previously, due to obesity, infertility and other issues, she experienced a failure marriage. Later, after the introduction of her current husband, Ms. Jiao was once again caught in anxiety. SheI’m afraid I will get into the nightmare of infertility again.Ask for medicine everywhere, and want to give the current husband a perfect and happy family.However, there is no wishes that this obesity has no improvement, and the problem of infertility has not been resolved.

The picture above is the director of Sun Junling, and the first right is Ms. Jiao and the baby daughter.

Infertility runs into the intestine, if you want to get pregnant and get pregnant, scan the QR code above or directly add Director Sun Junling WeChat 15688862171, you can communicate with the reproductive expert Sun Junling one -on -one inquiry.

Coincidentally, one day a former patient suddenly called Ms. Jiao and said that she was pregnant and recommended that she went to the Gynecology Hospital of Jinan Jiale Reproductive Hospital she was going to try.Coincidentally, this patient was also infertility caused by obesity, which made Ms. Jiao have a hope again.Later, Ms. Jiao’s couple came to Jinan Jiale Reproductive Hospital to find Director Sun Junling.After the inspection, Director Sun Junling found that Ms. Jiao not only had the problem of polycystic ovary, but also had serious obesity problems. In addition, she showed that Ms. Jiao also had adhesion around the bilateral fallopian tube.

Director Sun Junling made a set of diagnosis and treatment plan for her based on Ms. Jiao’s previous medical history.At the same time, detailed catering and motion plans were formulated. At the same time, a single -hole laparoscopic surgery was arranged for dredging of tubal tubes. After a period of time after surgery, various indicators returned to normal. By promoting ovulation, the first month of pregnancy was successfully conceived.After pregnancy, I tightly monitor various indicators. Ms. Jiao merged with hypothyroidism during pregnancy, hypertrophy, and refractory cough. Finally, under the guidance of Director Sun Junling, she broke through the danger.It has been two months now, the family is happy and life is complete.

Jiale Reproductive Sun Junling reminded: If women have symptoms such as irregular menstruation, obesity, and gross hair, do not care about it. Please choose a professional and specified medical institution as soon as possible for a doctor. Beware of the major things that affect the childhood childhoodEssence

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