How can I test it with ovulation test strips?That’s because you didn’t notice these 8 o’clock

Ovulation test strip is a measurement tool used by women for pregnancy. It is determined by detecting the level of luteal production hormone.When ovulation is in progress, at this time, the same room will greatly increase the chance of conception.

But many people report to Xiaokang that the ovulation test strip is always not accurate. Why is this?

Generally speaking, ovulation test strips are relatively accurate.Although everyone has individual differences, there is still a corresponding law.According to studies, the detection rate of ovulation test strips is about 50%-98%, which is disturbed by factors such as individual ages, psychology, and physiology.

The correctness of the mood, the quality of the same room, and the correct operation method of ovulation test strips help improve its accuracy.

1. Internal reading in half an hour

Generally speaking, the ovulation test strip can read data within half an hour.Therefore, the person who test the test paper should wait patiently, but if there is no data in half an hour, it means that the measurement failure and need to be reopened the next day.

2. Whether to use drugs

Normally, common treatment drugs such as antibiotics, painkillers and cold medicines will not affect the detection of ovulation test strips.However, factors such as steroids and hormone drugs will have a certain impact on testing.

3. Is it pregnant?

Women during pregnancy will interfere with the reading of results due to rising body temperature and rising HCG.If the detection of ovulation is positive data for several days in a row, it is suspected that the pregnancy purpose has been achieved.

4. Whether emotions fluctuate

The performance of ovulation is closely related to the body and psychology of women. If the effects of factors such as work or environment are received, it is likely that early ovulation will appear.Therefore, it is generally recommended to measure 10 days after menstruation.

5. Drink water before testing

If you drink water during the testing period, the data may be inaccurate because the urine is diluted. It is recommended to try not to drink water or drink less water within 2 hours before the test.

6. Whether the test strip is good

When the test strip is humid, is disturbed by moisture or exceeds the shelf life, it may affect the reading of the results.It is recommended to store the test strips in ventilated and dry places and use it within the deadline.

7. Whether to suffer from disease

Because the ovulation test paper will receive the impact of the disease, patients with ovarian diseases or pituitary-hypothalamus abnormalities such as ovarian diseases should be consulting the doctor before deciding whether to use the test strip measurement.

8. Is measurement standardized

The next 14 days before the menstrual period is ovulation day, starting from the 11th day of the ovulation day, and testing for 6 days in a row.It is recommended to measure at about 10 am to about 8 pm, and urine is used every day (not recommended in the morning).

When some women cannot achieve normal ovulation due to various reasons, clinically, they can achieve ovulation promotion through drugs such as Cromifen, Cromatology Pavilion, and luteal genericin to release hormones.Note that it should be used under the guidance of a doctor.

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