How can Chile’s failure contraceptive cause more than 150 women’s contraceptive failure? How to take contraceptives correctly?Pharmacist to guide

Recently, according to foreign media reports, because the Chilean government has distributed several batches of failure contraceptives, more than 150 women have failed contraception, and 21 -year -old Barbara Vazquez had to face the danger of academic interruption due to contraception.In addition to the poor quality supervision of drugs, the lack of relevant guidance for patients with contraceptives is one of the important reasons that lead to this incident.

In addition to active contraceptive requirements, many times we also need strict contraception. For example, after abortion, whether it is abortion or drug abortion generally requires strict contraceptives for half a year. It is recommended to have at least 1 year after production.Some gynecological surgery will take 3-6 months, or even a year of contraception to ensure self-repair of the uterus.There are many ways to contraception, there are unreliable, such as in vitro excretion, calculating non -ovulation period, and also reliable, such as sterilization surgery, in -palace health, oral contraceptive drugs, external cases.Today, let’s first understand the reliable oral contraceptives.

Common oral contraceptives are roughly divided into short -term oral contraceptives, long -acting oral contraceptives, and emergency contraceptives. The basic method is to adjust the ovulation levels by adjusting the level of human hormone levels, fertilized eggs, etc.

1. Short -effect oral contraceptive pills

Representatives: Mom Fulong, worry, You Siming, etc.

Main ingredients: progesterone and estrogen.

Usage: For the first time, take the medication within the first-5 days of the menstrual cycle. It can be taken with 1 tablet per day and a box of even one box.2 boxes.When the menstruation comes 2 to 4 days after the drug is discontinued, if the menstruation is still not available for 7 days, it should start taking the next cycle of medicine on the 8th day after stopping the drug.If there are 28 tablets in a box, then one piece every day, no matter the menstruation or not, you need to take medicine.


Low service: If you miss the service within 1-2 days, you should take 1 tablet immediately after discovery. This day may be taken 2 tablets, and the medicine will be taken every day on time every day to proper contraception.If the leakage is ≥3 days, immediately supplement 1 piece and 1 piece (2 tablets) on the same day. The remaining pills with the leaky service should be discarded. After that, take it on time every day. Pay attention to contraception within 7 days.

Suggestions for medication: take the medicine every day.During the medication, women who are banned from smoking and alcohol, women who are ≥35 years old and smoke at the same time are banned. During pregnancy and breastfeeding women, there are severe cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, blood embolism or risks, and breast cancer patients.Diabetes patients need to consult a physician or pharmacist.

Rearning: This type of medicine takes 3-5 years, and you can get pregnant after stopping the medicine without waiting for 3-6 months.If you take medicine within 1 month of discontinuation, you will usually not cause the birth defect of the newborn according to the theory of "All or Nothing".

Adverse reactions: early pregnancy (nausea, vomiting, etc.), headache, menstrual changes, dark skin, weight change, increased thrombosis risk, hypertension, etc.

Examination: It is recommended to do gynecological examinations once a year during the medication.

2. Long -acting oral contraceptive pills

Representative medicine: compound long -acting left -acting left ketone oral tablets

Main ingredients: artificially synthesized progesterone and long -acting estrogen

Usage: On the 5th day of menstruation, take one tablet after dinner, and take the second tablet for 20 days. After that, the second tablet is taken as the dated of the medication per month.Such drugs are easy to take, but there are many adverse reactions. After some women are taken, leucorrhea will be increased, menstrual disorders, and early pregnancy reactions will occur. Sometimes bleeding will be bleeding and difficult to control.Rarely used for oral dosage forms.

3. Emergency contraceptive pill

Representative drug: Yuting

Main ingredients: progesterone

Usage: Generally, take the first piece within 72 hours after the intercourse. The earlier the effectiveness, the better.If vomiting occurs within 2H, it is recommended to take one tablet immediately.

Note: After breastfeeding women use the medicine, they will stop breastfeeding for 3 days and discard milk.Women over 40 years of age are disabled, diabetic, diabetes, liver abnormalities, and breast cancer patients are disabled.

Adverse reactions: The adverse reactions of this drug are relatively obvious, and nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, fatigue, breast swelling, bleeding, early or delay of menstruation, etc.Because this type of drug will increase the progesterone content in the human body to more than six times that equivalent to normal levels, and then suddenly falls to the normal level, so the risk of thrombosis occurs higher.It is not advisable to take more than 3 times a year, and it cannot be more than once a month.

The effect of using oral contraceptives correctly can reach more than 99%.However, the impact of drug interaction must be considered at the same time, such as drugs that accelerate the metabolism of contraceptives such as antibacterial drugs (Lipurine, amoxicillin, cephalosporin, etc.), antiplication, antiepileptic drugs (benbarib, Kama, KamaWest Ping, Pepachabi Sodium, Pacific Okasi), and anti -inverted virus therapy drugs (Lito Navavi, etc.), etc., these drugs may cause contraceptive effects and need to be added with other contraceptive methods.

After taking the medicine, it is not a good thing. You need to pass the urine HCG test paper and other methods to closely monitor the pregnancy. If you have a family planning requirements, go to the regular medical institution as soon as possible to seek medical treatment.Unfortunately for life!

At the same time, short -acting oral contraceptives not only have the effect of contraception, but also for the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome, abnormal uterine bleeding, endometriosis and other diseases are good medicines. At the same timeThe risk of occurrence is more controversial for breast cancer and cervical cancer.Therefore, patients need to review regularly during the medication.(Zhang Weixi, a pharmacist at the Pharmacist at Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Affiliated to the Capital Medical University, Du Boran, the head of the Pharmaceutical Department of Beijing Maternity and Gynecology Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University)


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Source: Department of Pharmacy, Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital

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