Hot search first!Actress said that her husband received many text messages involving Huang after pregnancy!Netizen: too bad

Recently, Zhou Jiao, the player of the Black Demon Fairy of "Bala La La Xian", posted a video saying that after pregnancy and production, the husband repeatedly received a text message involved in yellow.SMS is too shameless, which has attracted widespread attention.

Zhou Jiao posted a video on her personal social platform saying that her husband sent a screenshot of text messages to her husband, which was generally the content of "wife breastfeeding, inconvenient during pregnancy, come to find …"

Zhou Jiao said that this is not the first time that her husband has received such information. During his pregnancy, he received similar text messages. The content was very different. At that time, neither of them was going.

After receiving the text message this time, I returned to God because I did not happen before I was pregnant.Since I started a check -up and registered some apps, I have received such text messages frantically."It seems that the mobile phone number was suddenly sold to a certain organization." Zhou Jiao said.

Zhou Jiao said that through the Internet search, she learned that many pregnant mothers also had the same experience as herself. "Obviously, our information has been leaked. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, this SMS harassment is used for special services."Zhou Jiao said.

Zhou Jiao recalled that her husband received this kind of information and went to the mother and baby shop to buy things last time. The clerk asked to register a member. The husband received a harassment text message a few days after leaving the phone.

"I don’t know the truth. After knowing the truth, I really think that this group of people is too shameless and has no moral bottom line." Zhou Jiao scolded.

Public information shows that Zhou Jiao was born in 1988 and was well known by the audience for starring in the black magic fairy fairy moon in the fantasy drama "Bala La Little Demon Fairy".In June last year, Zhou Jiao announced the wedding news on his personal social platform. Her husband was 10 years younger than himself as an outsider. At the end of the year, Zhou Jiao announced that her daughter was born.

Zhou Jiao’s complaint on the social platform on the social platform has also triggered discussion among netizens. Many netizens said that these behaviors are "too bad".


Look at

According to Xiaoxiang Morning News, in February this year, Mr. Wang successively received yellow junk text messages of different numbers.These numbers start with 00, with 20 figures in length.The content of the SMS is obviously wrong, and it is attached to the URL or social account at the end of the SMS.

Mr. Wang said that he had never logged in to a bad website, and he didn’t know why he was "stared" by spam text messages.The most annoying was that he rest at home at a weekend and was awakened by spam messages at 5 am.

In addition to Mr. Wang, many citizens have recently reported that they have been harassed by similar spam messages.

How to block overseas spam text messages?

Operator customer service recruitment

According to Xiaoxiang Morning Post, on April 11, after calling a number of communication operators’ customer service, customer service gave different replys.

China Mobile’s customer service said that in the case of similar situations, if users do not have the needs of international, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan SMS, they can mobilize the SMS "QXGJDX" to 10086 to close the relevant functions.

In addition, users can directly report the spam SMS. The information format is: send the number of spam sending messages”Junk SMS content is sent to 10086999, or the contents of the SMS receipts are forwarded to 10086999.Number, complete the spam message report.

China Unicom’s customer service said that users can pay attention to and log in to the "Smart Wo service" WeChat public account and open mobile housekeeper services.Configure related content in the public account.

It can be seen from the mobile phone steward service interface that the basic functions include blacklist, whitelist, harassment type settings, segment interception, marketing SMS interception, etc.

In the "Section Interception" functional interface, users can choose to intercept 10 special service numbers from 400, 8 special service numbers starting from 95, and international telephones.

In addition, if the user wants to customize the specified number segment, it is necessary to add the accurate number segment as much as possible.If you want to intercept paragraph 170101, you cannot only enter the three numbers of "170", otherwise all 170 numbers will be intercepted.

A customer service said that if the user suddenly received a spam message, it is not ruled out that the sender was caused by the sender in a certain section: "These text messages are generally sent a number, and there is very few numbers sending a lot of pieces.Case."

What should I do if I encounter similar text messages?

Police lawyer support

What should I do if citizens encounter similar text messages in their lives?A reporter from Xiaoxiang Morning News consulted the opinions of the Changsha Anti -Fraud Police and Li Jian, a lawyer of Hunan Wanhe Law Firm.

The Changsha Anti -fraud police reminded the general public: Do not reply when you encounter messages or calls from strange overseas calls.Because this kind of call is full of fraud calls, the text messages are also fraud information.

The police also reminded the general public that if you encounter a yellow spam message, do not conduct naked chats and other behaviors, because naked chat itself is illegal.After receiving the illegal SMS, you must delete and blackmail it.

Source: Comprehensive from Bailu Video, the client’s social account, Xiaoxiang Morning News, netizens commented

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