Hong Kong immigrants have not been in Hong Kong for 7 years, and applying for six key to applying for Hong Kong’s permanent residence. It is recommended to collect

Many friends are rarely lived in Hong Kong after taking the status of Hong Kong through the methods of talents, talents, and training in Hong Kong.Do you?What can I do to go ashore for permanent residence?Today, Hong Kong’s happy life Hedy will share with you six key points that do not live in Hong Kong to transfer to Yongju for your reference ~

What are the standards for the Entry Department to review the permanent residence?

1. The reason why the applicant leaves Hong Kong

2. Whether the applicant has a common residence in Hong Kong

3. whether the applicant’s main family members live, work or read in Hong Kong

4. Whether the applicant is employed by Hong Kong employers

5. Whether the applicant is legally paid on a time on time*tax

In addition to whether you live in Hong Kong for a long time, Hong Kong’s permanent residence status will combine your working environment, family situation, residence, etc. to comprehensively determine whether you meet the continuous living conditions of permanent residence.

So if you have not been in Hong Kong for a long time, how can you prove to the Immigration Department that you have been closely related to Hong Kong in the past 7 years. In the future, you will also have the willingness to stay in Hong Kong?

You can start with the following six key points:

1. The reason for not in Hong Kong (such as studying abroad, taking care of the young parents in the Mainland, taking care of the pregnant/birth baby, etc.) can be regarded as a reasonable reason. Of course, it also needs to provide relevant certification information

2. There are common residences in Hong Kong (can be purchased and rented)

3. Children’s reading certificate in Hong Kong

4. Public documents in Hong Kong (telephone fee, hydropower coal documents, online fees, etc.)

5. Buy insurance in Hong Kong

6. Hong Kong companies assigned proof of work related to work, etc.

Note that all the information of Hong Kong’s permanent residence application is based on Hong Kong to prove that you have a close connection with Hong Kong, so as to greatly improve the success rate of the permanent residence application ~

Hedy has encountered it before and was sent to work in the Mainland, but it is unclear what information should be provided in permanent living.~

So if you can’t grasp the application for permanent residence, it is recommended to seek help from professionals. If you don’t understand, you can also ask me ~

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