Holding two sets of houses in hand, Shanghai men live "lying down" life!After his girlfriend was pregnant, "Glory" collapsed …

There are two sets of houses in Shanghai

Don’t you work flat?

Mr. Huang, a citizen, can be said to "lie down"

Implement to the extreme!

However, this can be "suffering"

Ms. Dong, who married him …

When Mr. Huang and Ms. Dong met at the beginning, the man was 34 years old and the woman was 28 years old.There is a introduced person between the two sides. Speaking of the man’s name, there are two sets of houses, one in Baoshan and the other in Jinshan.

The man said that he was a sales manager, with a monthly income of more than 10,000 and a business trip every week.Since the real estate information is real, the woman didn’t think much about others.

For more than a year in love, because Mr. Huang always travels on a business trip, the two sides have gathered less and more.Later, Ms. Dong was pregnant and thought that she was 29 years old. Ms. Dong insisted on giving birth to her children, so the two led their marriage certificate, but still maintained a pre -marital state of life. The woman lived with her parents.Occasionally come.

Until the child was born, the two sides had contradictions.Because Ms. Dong found that Mr. Huang did not take the initiative to see the child, and occasionally called him, he had been holding a computer to play the game.And, Mr. Huang, who claims to be more than 10,000 a month, has almost no financial support during the women’s pregnancy production, but occasionally once or twice and gives a thousand dollars.

So, Ms. Dong and her family found Baoshan where Mr. Huang lived and found that he was still playing games.It is learned from the street neighborhood committee that Mr. Huang has never had a serious work. The most time every day is to play games.

Ms. Dong, who was unbearable, went to the court to propose a divorce. The court ruled that the child returned to the woman.

This standard is not high in Shanghai.However, Mr. Huang, who was sitting in two houses, had been dragging and did not pay until Ms. Dong went to the court to apply for an application.

The judge shouted Mr. Huang to the court and asked him to pay the support fee and interest of 29,000 yuan in arrears, but Mr. Huang stated that he had no money in both hands, and he began to bargain to ask for discounts.Seeing that there was no hope for discounts, Mr. Huang also proposed that he added his daughter’s name to his own property house as a condition for the suspension of support.

However, Ms. Dong’s house is not wealthy. Seeing that her daughter slowly grew up, various expenses increased; coupled with the tens of thousands of yuan involved in the name, both sides were unable to bear it.These requirements of Mr. Huang were naturally rejected by the woman.

The biological daughter can not pay the support fee of 1,000 yuan per month. What life does Mr. Huang relied on?

It turned out that he had been relying on the rent of 1,700 yuan per month for Jinshan’s suite, coupled with unemployment subsidies, barely.But even so, Mr. Huang was unwilling to work seriously.

It is the real state of Mr. Huang lying down to play games and not work well.Mr. Huang has not been actively working for many years. Occasionally, when he has a job, he does not cherish it and causes it to lose his job soon.

In fact, as early as the divorce judgment of the two, the judge asked Mr. Huang to actively work and assume the responsibility of being a father.

In the face of this situation, the executive judge decided to use Mr. Huang’s rental income as the execution content.The judge drove from Baoshan to Jinshan and asked Mr. Huang’s tenants. From then on, the rent was paid directly to Ms. Dong until Mr. Huang owed and the maintenance fee was being paid.

In addition to executing the verdict, the judge also worked hard to "support" Mr. Huang lying flat.The judge visited the relevant department of the street to assist Mr. Huang to find a job, and asked Mr. Huang to report to the court every three months to report his work income.Normal life.

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