His wife was pregnant but was infected with a new crown. The man was rejected by the pharmacy when he bought medicines, but he was unwilling to sell it!

On December 12, a man in Beijing went out to buy medicine for his wife. The wife was pregnant but unfortunately infected with the new crown. At that time, the man was consulting the hospital.When buying the medicine, the staff said that the pharmacy had no such medicine.

The man was unwilling to sneak into the pharmacy while the staff did not pay attention, but found that the shelves were filled with Tynolin.

The man begged the pharmacy staff to sell a box of medicines for him. His daughter -in -law still burned with pregnancy, but the pharmacy still refused. The staff said that the price was not the same as the price, but the label of the shelves was clearly written on the label of the shelf.With a box of 32.8 yuan.

The man was very angry. He really couldn’t figure out what the pharmacy meant. It was clear why there was medicine that he would not sell it to people in need.

Despite the anger and helplessness of the man’s expression, the staff on the side still played the phone without any care, and the expression was indifferent.

Men posted videos to complain about their experiences

With the liberalization of many places, the public has chosen drugs, masks, and antimony reagents for their own protection, and even canned yellow peach can be robbed.The original price has increased several times, but even so, these things are still in short supply!

Obviously, their behavior of raising prices is not allowed. The regulatory bureaus of various regions and municipalities have shot to punish unscrupulous merchants to suppress bad atmosphere. Even if there are still merchants committing crimes, when the price increase is not allowed, it is not good to match it.Sale drugs are bundled.

Of course, this situation was quickly attracted to the Internet, which also attracted the attention of relevant departments.Some pharmacy staff revealed that they were also required to be bundled and purchased. Perhaps for this reason, pharmacies had to choose to bind to sell, but no matter what, the behavior of binding sales was not allowed.

Neither increase prices nor binding sales. If you sell it alone, you have to lose money. Perhaps this is why the pharmacy refuses to sell men’s antipyretics.

Various types of epidemic -related materials have skyrocketed prices

As a retail drug store, the pharmacy bears the responsibility of facilitating the people to buy drugs and the health of the people. It should have been based on the people, and is based on the market.

The morality is on both sides, and the interests are in the middle.They think so and do this.It is not difficult for pregnant women to have a high fever. They do n’t care. The people caught the drug and caused the supply to take the opportunity to raise their prices and raise their materials. They do n’t care about other benefits.

In special periods, we must protect the health of ourselves and our family. The protection items should be hoarded, but it is enough to prepare some antipyretics and cold medicines. It is really unnecessary to see a lot of people in large bags and small bags.It is three -point poisonous medicine, and many drugs cannot be eaten at all, otherwise it will cause greater harm to the body.

Recently, doctors and professionals in each platform have called on everyone not to take medicine randomly. Which medicines can not be taken together for everyone, which medicines cannot be taken too much, and which medicines can not be taken.Not only can’t prevent new crowns, it will cause various damage!

It is enough to buy spare medicines appropriately. There are many drugs of the same medicine. You do n’t need to buy a single brand. All drugs can only alleviate symptoms and do not treat new crowns. After all, if you really have such a magical effect, we have been in these three yearsThe resistance of resistance will not be so hard.

There is really no need to stock up so many medicines, leave a little for those who really need it!

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