His wife was derailed during pregnancy, and her husband sued her divorce after abortion.

Soon after the wedding, his wife was pregnant, which was a happy event.But as the husband’s derailment was revealed, his wife was sad, quarrels between the couple, and the wife accidentally fell abortion.As soon as the abortion was discharged, her husband sued for divorce.The two who loved each other at the beginning were actually betrayed by betrayal.

Husband derailed first, his wife had an unexpected abortion, and the scumbag was about to divorce.Deceive the feelings of others, and want to leave the buttocks. The woman’s body and mind have been hurt. Can the man divorce to leave?How does the court judge?This article will be interpreted in depth!

Tang and Wang have loved each other for many years, and finally walked towards the marriage hall.One year later, Tang was pregnant.The two of them work stable and their income is stable. I thought they would live a happy life.But who knows, Wang was derailed!

During my wife’s pregnancy, my husband was better with other women outside. This is betrayal!Tang was unbearable, and the two sides had fierce quarrels.

Soon after, Tang accidentally fell abortion. After hospitalization, Wang, Wang, did not care about himself at all, and the hospital had never been here.Tang was disappointed with him, refused to go home after discharge, and returned to his mother’s house directly.

Soon after that, Wang asked the court to ask the lawsuit to ask for divorce with disagreement with the relationship between the husband and wife.

As soon as the wife was discharged from the hospital, her husband sued the divorce.Because Wang concealed his wife’s small production, the court investigated this.According to my country’s "Civil Code", the court rejected her husband’s complaint according to law.

His wife was derailed during pregnancy, not only did not repent after being discovered, but even quarreled with the pregnant wife.During his accidental abortion, he did not do his husband’s responsibility.What is the emotion in Wang Mou’s eyes?

Marriage is the guarantee for both men and women, and the law protects the rights and interests of the couple.The man’s derailment was wrong first. After the woman had a miscarriage, she immediately proposed a divorce, regarding marriage as a child’s play.

If everyone is so, who else is willing to get married?Who else want to believe in love?

According to Article 1082 of the Civil Code, the man must not propose a divorce during pregnancy, one year after childbirth, or within six months after childbirth.

Tang provided evidence such as the B -ultrasound of the hospital and the artificial abortion surgery to the court, and asked the plaintiff’s claim.

Wang Mou concealed the fact that he had concealed unexpected abortion. According to the law, Wang Mou proposed a divorce during this period, obviously violated the law.

In the end, Wang failed to divorce.

According to my country’s laws, the woman shall not be divorced during the period of pregnancy, within one year after childbirth, or within 6 months after pregnancy.However, if the two parties reach an agreement, they can also be divorced.

However, during the woman’s pregnancy, in some more special circumstances, the law allowed the man to propose a divorce.

These situations are mainly:

(1) Women’s pregnancy is caused by sexual relationships with others before marriage;

(2) After the woman’s childbirth, the physical condition is improved;

(3) The man was insulted by the woman, abuse, etc.

(4) The woman threatens the safety of the man;

Although my country’s marriage law stipulates that for citizens who meet the legal marriage age, they have the autonomy of marriage.In real life, women are pregnant.In this case, the woman is in a disadvantaged position in the marriage that cannot be pulled easily and suffers from physical harm.

In order to protect women’s rights, in some special circumstances, divorce business is not allowed.So, can the man sue for divorce after less than March?

According to the Civil Code, the man cannot propose a divorce.

The law is intended to protect the special protection of women, fetuses and babies.This is because the body and spirit of women are relatively fragile during pregnancy.

During this time, if men choose to divorce, they will have an extremely unfavorable impact on women’s physical and mental health, as well as the health of fetus and baby.Therefore, during this period, the right to prosecute the law was time -limited.

However, during women’s pregnancy, men must not propose divorce is not absolute. In some special cases, in order to protect the interests of men and women, the law allows men to propose divorce.

These situations are mainly:

(1) The woman’s pregnancy is caused by adultery with others after marriage

The woman’s pregnancy is not matched with the original. In this case, the woman is wrong first.

(2) After the woman is small, good health has recovered

The woman’s body and mind no longer are weak.

(3) The man is abused and unbearable

At this moment, the man is in a weak position.In this case, the victims naturally have the right to divorce.

(4) One side has a situation that is harmful to the other side

According to the situation of the two parties, the primary considers protecting the rights of the weak.

The Supreme People’s Court "About the Approval of a Women’s Pregnancy Men’s Putting a Divorce" pointed out that the sexual behavior of men and women should be different from others before marriage with others, and they should not be used as a reason for the other party to propose a divorce.

Legally, it did not say that it was not allowed to be sexual sex, not to mention that there were no marriage, nor did they belong to the category of adultery.

Therefore, due to sexual relationships with others before marriage, the situation of pregnancy should be treated in accordance with Article 34 of the Marriage Law.That is, the man shall not propose a divorce regulation for divorce during pregnancy, within one year after childbirth or within six months after pregnancy.

In addition, can the woman be divorced during pregnancy?

According to our marriage law, the woman may propose a divorce during pregnancy.

During the woman’s pregnancy, the man could not file a divorce lawsuit.However, there is no mandatory provision for other situations. At this time, men can propose divorce.However, if a divorce is proposed during the woman’s pregnancy, the child’s custody right will belong to the woman.

Marriage is not a child’s play. As an adult, both should be responsible for their actions.If you ca n’t even do the most basic loyalty, marriage will only hurt the other party.

The birth of a family is heavy.Plaster your eyes, see the other half, and take out legal weapons to protect your rights and interests if necessary.How can a qualified husband proposed a divorce when his wife was pregnant?Do you think should you leave?Welcome everyone to discuss together!

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