Help you be pregnant, the first insurance for your baby will be insured from the fetus

Most general medical insurance is exempted from insurance liability for fertility related to pregnancy examinations and childbirth. So how should you plan if you want to transfer risks and losses related to pregnancy?I believe that this is a question that many little angels will think before the family comes to the family:

What insurance is good for pregnancy?

What insurance is ready to buy?

Today’s topic

Today, I will talk about the first insurance of the baby. In fact, the baby’s first insurance does not have to wait for the full moon to insure critical illness or medical care.Also in the mother’s belly, and even during pregnancy, the baby can purchase pregnancy insurance in advance.

What are the insurance responsibilities related to pregnancy?

I generally divide the responsibilities of pregnancy production insurance into three parts, namely the pregnancy check and delivery costs, the guarantee of the mother’s pregnancy complications, and the innate disease protection of the newborn.

According to whether the cost of reimbursement and delivery and childbirth, it can be roughly divided into two types of dysfunction insurance.

The first category: high -end medical treatment

The first category can cover products that can cover all pregnancy examinations and childbirth costs. Such products generally belong to the optional responsibility for high -end medical products.

Of course, there are also some customized high -end medical care, which is suitable for mothers who want to have babies in public hospitals or private hospitals (such as harmonious family, Meizhongyi, etc.).

These products include all pre -pregnancy expense reimbursement and complications after childbirth. It is the most comprehensive category, but the price is too expensive. Generally, the annual premiums are more than 20,000, and most products have 180 for the responsibility for pregnancy production.The waiting period of heaven, that is, you need to buy it in the first half of your pregnancy. In order to get pregnant in October, if you want to reimburse the cost of childbirth, you have to buy at least two consecutive years, and you need to plan the insurance in advance.

Of course, the benefits of such products are also very obvious. Newborn babies can automatically admit medical insurance after birth, which can allow babies to be guaranteed as soon as possible.

Friends who are interested in such products can follow the detailed consultation after Huang Hebao!

The second category: high cost performance

The second category is to ensure the pregnancy of Bao Ma’s pregnancy complications and neonatal congenital diseases.Such products are cheaper and cost -effective. It is suitable for mothers who have decided to have babies in ordinary hospitals in public hospitals. They want to focus on ensuring unexpected situations.

Here is a small Xingxing pregnancy of There are three parts of the product. During pregnancy, you can pay up to a maximum amount of insurance due to dystocia and dystocia and childbirth complications.

Diabenic mothers can get compensation allowances if they are diagnosed with pregnancy complications or difficulty.

The baby’s congenital malformations can be reimbursed in addition to the promotion.

There are four plans to choose from in terms of the protection of expectant mothers and newborns. They can buy a pregnant woman version separately, and can also increase the responsibility of newborn to buy the mother and baby version.

Huang Hebao Suggestion: You can choose to plan three or plan four. The premiums are not expensive, but both the Baoma and the baby are configured.

Due to the different risks of women of different ages, they are different premiums for expectant mothers before 30 and after 30.

Above the health notification, as long as there is no abnormality during pregnancy or has not been diagnosed with disease -related diseases (such as malignant hydatidal, pregnancy hypertension), the specific health notification questionnaire is as follows:

The arrival of the baby is a new beginning of every family. I hope that every baby can come to our family healthy and healthy. Moms and dad give them in addition to infinite love, and there is a guarantee that they have the first time.

Whether you are pregnant, you want to buy an insurance picture, or you want to carefully plan your baby’s guarantee plan. You are welcome to follow and consult!

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