Health Q & A: After taking emergency contraceptives, no bleeding, am I pregnant?

Text/He Xiao Ai

Little love, why is Lagerstroemia who has been for a long time, and now love love does not gao tide?

One possibility is that in sexual life, it is not as effective as the sexual stimulus of ourselves when Lagerstroemia, so it feels that it is not as good as Lagerstroemia. In addition, it is possible that because of Lagerstroemia, it is possible that your sexual desire has been satisfied.It is not high. In this case, it can be suspended for a while. Lagerstroemia will see if there will be any changes.

Is there a brown secretion like a brown leucorrhea after the menstrual passage? Is it normal?

Because there will be some residual menstrual blood in the aftermath of the lunar uterus, when the menstrual blood is less, the blood coagulation will be brown.

Hello, if you want to consult a bit of pain when you have sexual life.There are cleaning before and after sex, wearing a suit, rinse with flowing water afterwards, but the next day, urine will be a bit painful …

The doctor once said that it was because the sexual life was not very used to the relationship, but now that sexual life is starting for about a month … After finishing yesterday, there was a little pain in urine today.

Is it because sex life is too fierce?I did about five times in two days, about an hour each time … The other party is really hard, but it does not hurt when I do it … I always have a bit of urine and pain.Can I still live in sex every time?

According to this frequency and time, it is possible to cause pain, because it will be irritating to the urethra. It is recommended that you urinate immediately after love. This can avoid urethral infection. As for the pain, try a little more strength, and the time frequency drops a little bit.Will it be better.

After two days after taking the emergency contraceptive pill, do you feel normally without any irregular bleeding?(Theoretically, the menstruation on April 7th)

Normally, emergency contraceptives will affect the menstrual cycle, so delaying early, and retreating bleeding does not appear after taking the medicine.

Little love, little love, begging, I always want to stab me chrysanthemum … the kind of tool … Is it that girls have this habit?I said no, but I heard that the prostate height CHAO .. I still want to try it.

But I ca n’t go to this level, do I feel sick like this?Am I homosexual?Also, is the idea of my object normal?

It doesn’t matter if you like anal JIAO and sexual tendencies, there is no problem with this idea.If both sides are willing, you can try it, just pay attention to safety.

Little love, can women be exercised during menstruation?

Yes, but do n’t exercise vigorously, and then according to your own situation, if you exercise your discomfort, then do n’t do it anymore. This is individual differences.

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