Hawthorn persimmon, don’t be greedy, beware of greedy, troubles, trouble

With the large number of persimmons on the market, there are reports about physical discomfort due to improper consumption of persimmons.For example, a man in Nanning, Guangxi suddenly ate nearly 3 pounds of persimmons at once, and had symptoms of stomach pain, vomiting, and acid reflux in the next day. It was found that there were a lot of stomach stones in the men’s stomach; a lady in Hangzhou ate five a day.Six persimmons also suffered from gastric stones.What exactly is gastric stones?Will eating persimmons suffer from gastric stone?What other factors can cause gastric stones?What should I pay attention to to avoid gastric stones?Is it reliable to drink Cola to treat gastric stones?The reporter interviewed Dr. Wu Yu, Director of Gastrointestinal Surgery of Nankai Hospital of Municipal Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital, and answered them one by one.

What is gastric stones

Gastrointestinal disease, also known as gastric stones, is due to the intake of a plant ingredients or swallowing hair and some minerals (such as calcium carbonate) in the stomach, but cannot enter the intestines in time, condense in the stomach, condense in the stomachFormed by block.It is usually related to eating special foods. The common ones are persimmons. In addition, it also includes hawthorn and various dates (such as black dates, red dates).In the autumn and winter seasons, hawthorn and persimmons are listed in large quantities, which is a season when gastric stones are relatively high.

Persimmon contains tannic acid, especially without cooked persimmons. The tannic acid content is higher.Tannic acid is combined with protein into tannic acid protein under the action of gastric acid, and adhesive with persimmon, gum, gum and cellulose to form gastric stones.The same is true of hawthorn, black dates, etc.After people eat persimmons, hawthorn, and black dates on an empty stomach or excessive, the probability of gastric stones is higher.

In addition to persimmon stones, there are also woolen stone. In general, the hair enters the stomach and is attached to the mucous membrane without being easily discharged. Repeatedly eats, and a hair ball is formed by intertwining each other.Lactic acid stones, that is, high concentration milk can form lactic acid stomach stones in the stomach, which is more common in low -body re -raw children with high concentration of milk feeding.

In autumn and winter, the most common is plant stones caused by foods such as persimmons and hawthorn.

Symptoms and prevention of stomach stones

The symptoms of gastric stones are not easily found. Severe symptoms such as nausea, acid reflux, heart burning, abdominal pain, etc. are easily confused with other diseases, and it is easy to be ignored.If the patient’s gastric stones are small, there may not be symptoms, and it will not be found during examination.Botanical gastric stones generally eat a lot of persimmons and hawthorn in an empty stomach. Therefore, if citizens have some symptoms after eating a lot of persimmons, hawthorn and other foods, it is best to go to the hospital for examination. Generally, B -ultrasound andGastroscopy can be checked.Stone stones in the stomach for a long time may cause gastric bleeding, gastric ulcer and gastric perforation.If gastric or intestinal obstruction may require surgery, it still needs to be paid attention.

In daily life, the most important point of avoiding gastric stones is to control your mouth.Experts introduce that you should avoid eating persimmons, black dates, hawthorn, etc.; Avoid eating astringent (immature) persimmons; avoid excessive food at one time.Eat the above fruit; eat high -protein foods such as seafood, meat, and dairy products to avoid eating the above fruit before and after.There should be restraint in eating, and you should not eat a lot of food, let alone eat too much.You can choose to eat a small amount after meals.Although persimmon, although it does not contain a lot of tannic acid like persimmons, it is not suitable for eating more sugar content.

Coke can be used but must follow the doctor’s advice

As for whether cola can really treat gastric stones?Professor Wu Yu introduced that if the stomach is relatively small, it can be treated with cola, but the citizens cannot treat the diagnosis and treatment at will, and they must go to the hospital for consultation and take it under the guidance of the doctor.Because not all gastric stones can be treated by drinking Cola.Coke only has a certain effect on patients with plant -based gastric stones, and the curative effect of other gastric stones is not obvious.It is not enough to rely on cola to form a long -forming stones with a long formation time and greater hardness.For patients with symptoms such as gastric ulcers, the use of cola to dissolve gastric stones may aggravate the condition, causing gastric perforation and gastric bleeding.The doctor needs to formulate a perfect individualized treatment plan according to the patient’s condition. If the size is small, it can be taken out by gastroscopy or the mechanical gravel; if the volume is large or hard, the drug can be combined with the gastroscopy to take it;Pole, etc., need to be treated in time.(Reporter Zhuang Yuan)

Source: Tonight News

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