Have you cried after pregnancy?Do you know what kind of impact will cry on the fetus on the fetus?

Pregnancy is a happy event worthy of the whole family, but many pregnant mothers will cry more because of their physical or mood.But do you know?In fact, crying often is very unfavorable to the fetus.

1. Fetal malformations

If pregnant women often cry in critical periods of fetal organs, it is easy to cause fetal deformity.Xiaobian friends told the editor that if pregnant women often cry about 6 weeks of pregnancy, they may cause the formation of their children’s rabbit lips.This is because 6 weeks of pregnancy are the development of the fetus.

2. Abortion or premature birth

If pregnant women often cry, the five internal organs in the body will be implicated.If a person’s mood is relatively negative, there will be many toxic and harmful chemicals in the body, which will not be conducive to the development of the fetus.It may cause premature peeling, uterine bleeding, abortion, and premature birth.

3. The abnormal fetal movement affects the healthy growth of the baby

The elderly often say that pregnant women do not have much emotional fluctuations during pregnancy. This sentence makes sense.When pregnant women are emotionally fluctuating, they can cause disorders of digestion function. For example, when angry, it is easy to feel stomach pain, bloating, and feel hungry.Essence

During pregnancy, the fetus often feels sad, and it is not uncommon for pregnant women to cry clinically.There is a reason for her mother’s inexplicable love to cry during pregnancy.

1. After pregnancy, the hormone in women’s body is doubled, the appearance seems calm, and the changes in "turbulent" in the pregnant mother have occurred.Affected by changing hormones, pregnant women are easily sensitive and anxious.

2. The fetal fetus is increasing, and the clumsy of pregnant women’s body, all kinds of discomfort, will make pregnant women unconsciously feel wronged and cry.

3. Worried about the health of the fetus, the pain during childbirth, the betrayal of the husband during pregnancy, and the lack of concern and understanding often make them cry.

I often cry during pregnancy and hurt the baby. It is important to care and understand the more care and understanding of family members after pregnancy.Erotic love to cry during pregnancy, pregnant mothers can do this.

It is recommended that pregnant mothers usually actively, often listen to soothing music, actively think about things in life, and maintain appropriate exercise.Ensure sufficient sleep, express emotions in time, and learn to release pressure in time.

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