Has the fetal treasure fat?I want to eat stuffy during pregnancy, but it’s not too late to correct it now.

After pregnancy, pregnant women find that they are easy to be hungry. Maybe they may have been hungry and want to eat in their stomach.

When you always want to eat, pregnant women will also worry that eating too much will have a burden on themselves and the fetus.So why are pregnant women tend to be hungry?How can I eat it so that it will not affect the body and fetus?

Why are pregnant women tend to be hungry?

I often be hungry during pregnancy. First of all, we must consider whether to eat too much and cause insufficient body supply.At the same time, it is necessary to consider whether there is a possibility of gestational diabetes. It is recommended to conduct regular pregnancy and production examinations.

Most of the pregnant women have a better appetite and are often hungry because they are absorbing nutrition.It is recommended to bring a little food to avoid uncomfortable symptoms due to hunger.

Pregnant women must eat less greasy, fried foods, and eat less sweets and sugar.Eating more tomatoes and cucumbers is good for your health, but also helps the fetal development.

When the fetus grows, pregnant women are easy to be hungry and do not need to care so much, because this means that children are growing and absorbing nutrition, which is good for children’s growth and development. Remember a small number of meals.

How to deal with hunger?

1 add more water

Don’t worry about thirst, drink water in time.Sometimes, the body reminds us that we are hungry because of water shortage.During pregnancy, drinking plenty of water will help your baby and pregnant mothers health.

2 Develop a good meal habit

During pregnancy, do not be lazy and sleepy. The three meals must be regular. You must eat breakfast and you must eat it on time.

Do not eat too much for dinner, and eat a small amount.Eating too much can easily support the stomach, and may cause excess nutrition and excessive fetal fetus, which is not conducive to production.Don’t eat too much before going to bed. Dinner is best simple and lighter, don’t be too rich.

3 Make yourself busy

It is best to find something to do for yourself when you are free. Do n’t stare at the snacks. You can divert your attention and avoid eating all the time.

Recommended food

1 nut

Nuts can not only healthy brain and promote the smooth stool, but also play a good role in the development of the baby’s brain.And nuts are very resistant to hunger, and you can eat some properly when you are hungry.

2 boiled eggs

Eggs are rich in protein and promote the regeneration of cells and tissues. It is a high -quality food for the people.

3 milk

Drinking more milk can supplement calcium and increase the immunity of pregnant women, and drinking hot milk before going to bed has the effect of sleeping, and pregnant mothers can try it.

4 fruits and vegetable salad

First, let’s remind that vegetables and fruits are all cold foods. Before doing it, wash it. Wash it with salt with salt for 30 minutes, or simmer with hot water.

Salary should put less salad sauce. You can mix some nuts together in Salary, and the nutritional and delicious.

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