Gynecology is ill, leucorrhea prophets?Leucorrhea is a private doctor of women. Pay attention to changes in changes

my country’s current popularity of medical knowledge is not high, especially the knowledge of women’s gynecology.Especially in rural areas, some women are not educated in education. In addition, the influence of traditional concepts, they are embarrassed to have a gynecological disease. They must go to the hospital if they have to be serious.

Ms. Wang fully meets the situation mentioned above.She was born in rural areas. When she was adult, she chose to work in rural areas and married her current husband. Although her life is bland, she is also happy.But recently, she found that her leucorrhea was yellow, like tofu residue, and it exuded a smell.This situation is the first time she has seen it. Although she felt a problem, she was embarrassed to see a doctor, so she kept dragging.

After a while, Ms. Wang couldn’t stand itching and odor, and went to the hospital with courage.After examination, the diagnosis was trichomonas vaginitis. The doctor’s focus said to her, "Your illness has been dragged for a long time, and it is likely to cause infertility!"This shocked Ms. Wang. Fortunately, she passed the infusion, stabilized her condition, and went to healing.

After understanding Ms. Wang’s case, the doctor felt very heartache. At present, the science popularization of gynecological knowledge is still important.Therefore, according to this case, today doctors come to science popularization about leucorrhea, I hope everyone will gain something.

After women enter adolescence, they always feel wet in private. When changing underwear, they will find that there are some transparent and colorless secretions on it.There may be no smell, but there will be some unpleasant taste without changing underwear for a few days.These situations are related to leucorrhea.

Leucorrhea refers to a mucus -like substance secreted by the female reproductive system vagina and cervix. Its main component is water, protein, salt, cell fragments, and flora.After entering adolescence, women began to secrete leucorrhea, representing women to mature.

Normal leucorrhea duration should start from menstruation to the next menstrual period. This cycle is usually about 28 days.The leucorrhea is slightly yellow or colorless, transparent, and milky white, but these are not static. The amount, color, texture, and odor of leucorrhea varies from factors such as individual differences, age, menstrual cycle, giving birth, and drug use.

The formation of leucorrhea is a complex physiological process, which is mainly formed by the common role of secretion glands and epithelial cells.The secretion glands and liquid secretions in the vagina are mixed with bacterial metabolites to form leucorrhea.These secretions contain some protein, cells, moisture and salt.The secretion glands mainly secrete the liquid with viscous mucus, while the epithelial cells mainly secrete liquid liquid.

In short, the activity of the secretion of gland and epithelial cells forms leucorrhea.Any material in the human body has a function, and leucorrhea is no exception. It mainly has these three functions:

First, the white belt has a cleaning effect.The leucorrhea contains protein, cells, and water, which can help clean the internal environment of the vagina and cervix and prevent harmful bacteria from breeding.

At the same time, leucorrhea contains a beneficial bacteria such as lactobacillus, which can break down sugars in vaginal secretions, produce lactic acid and acidic substances, and maintain acidity of vaginal pH.The acidic environment helps suppress the reproduction of other harmful bacteria and protect the health of the women’s reproductive system.

Secondly, the white belt has a lubrication effect.Leucorrhea is a natural lubricant.It helps women’s reproductive organs to maintain moist and smooth, thereby improving the comfort and joy of life between husband and wife.In addition, leucorrhea can also prevent friction and stimulation from damage and pain caused by reproductive organs, while reducing the invasion and growth of bacteria and viruses.

The lubrication ability of leucorrhea depends on many factors, such as sex hormone levels, physiological cycles, sexual behavior, drug use, etc.Under normal circumstances, women’s vagina should maintain a certain degree of humidity and pH, thereby promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria and maintaining physical health.

Finally, leucorrhea can predict the ovulation period.With the change of menstrual cycle and hormone levels, the color, texture and amount of leucorrhea will also change, especially during ovulation, the amount of leucorrhea will increase, and the texture will become clear and transparent.

You can predict your ovulation through the changes in leucorrhea, which will help women adjust the fertility plan or perform contraception.Of course, leucorrhea can only play auxiliary role. Specific fertility and contraceptive plans must still follow the doctor’s guidance.

Not only does leucorrhea have many functions, but also women’s best private doctors.Is it amazing?The doctor will explain to you below.

Why is leucorrhea a private doctor of women?Because the color and texture of the leucorrhea will change at the moment of the physical condition of women, we can judge what problems with women’s bodies through these changes.

1. Color change

The leucorrhea of a healthy woman is generally clear milky white. If there is abnormal color, it may indicate that there are certain diseases.Yellow leucorrhea often implies inflammation or infection. Green leucorrhea may be related to mold infection, while gray leucorrhea may be a manifestation of vaginal inflammation.When the leucorrhea color is abnormal, do not delay, seek medical treatment in time to avoid the phenomenon of deterioration or spread of the disease.

2, smell change

Healthy women’s leucorrhea usually does not have obvious odors. If odor occurs, it may be caused by infection or other problems.For example, the fishy leucorrhea often implies bacterial infection, and the rotten leucorrhea may be a signs of Candida infection.Once the smell changes in the leucorrhea, it is easy to be discovered, and the disease that causes changes in the smell is easily transmitted to others.Therefore, pay attention to the distance from others to avoid sexual life.

3. Change of texture

Healthy women’s white belts are generally transparent or milky white, and the texture is soft and liquid.If abnormal quality occurs, it may be caused by disease or infection.For example, dry leucorrhea often implies that the hormonal level is unbalanced or lacks lubrication, and the sticky leucorrhea may be related to infection.However, the texture of the leucorrhea changes, it is not easy to find it. This requires women to watch more video materials, and the dialogue has a deeper understanding.

4. The change in quantity

The amount of leucorrhea of healthy women is generally about one spoonful of size per day without causing obvious discomfort.If the amount of leucorrhea is significantly increased or decreased, it may be caused by changes in diseases or hormones.For example, during pregnancy, the amount of leucorrhea may increase, and during menstruation and menopause, the amount of leucorrhea may decrease.These all require women to pay attention to their own changes and make judgments.

Of course, also reminds female friends that although the changes in leucorrhea can reflect some diseases or causes, not all leucorrhea changes mean diseases, and it may be normal physiological changes.Therefore, when observing your leucorrhea changes, don’t be too nervous or panic. You should keep calm and understand your physical characteristics and cycles to better protect your physical health.

We can judge our health through the change of leucorrhea, and I believe that everyone will feel incredible after reading.But today the doctor also tells you: "Not only is leucorrhea, these changes in women’s bodies also represent the body." There are also problems with the body. "

In modern society, everyone wants to have a healthy body.Therefore, doctors come to teach women how to judge whether they have problems with their physical changes.

1. Menstruation abnormalities

Women’s menstrual cycle is different, but if the menstrual cycle exceeds 35 days or less than 21 days, it is abnormal.In addition, menstrual colors, quantity, texture, etc. are also important indicators to judge whether menstruation is normal.

If there is irregular menstrual cycle, less menstrual blood volume or more, and abnormal menstrual blood color, it is likely to be caused by gynecological diseases such as endometritis and vaginitis.At this time, you need to go to the hospital for examination in time to avoid more serious problems.

2. Breast abnormalities

Breasts are one of the most important organs of women, and each woman should often check their breasts.If the breasts have abnormalities such as lumps, hard blocks, mammary glands, and breast skin changes, then you need to pay attention to it immediately. It is likely that breast hyperplasia, mastitis and other diseases, and even breast cancer.You know, the most cancer occurred in women is breast cancer.

Therefore, when you find abnormal breasts, you must not take it lightly.

3. Skin changes

Women’s skin is very sensitive. If the skin is dry, itching, and rash, it needs to be paid attention.These changes may be caused by physical immune system disorders and endocrine disorders.At the same time, if women’s skin is in a state of dryness and lack of water for a long time, it is easy to cause skin aging and wrinkles. I believe that every beautiful woman will not want this to happen.

In short, the changes in these three places, women must not take it lightly. They must pay close attention and seek medical treatment in time to protect their bodies.

After reading this article, readers must have a better understanding of leucorrhea -related knowledge, understand the role of leucorrhea, and judge their health through leucorrhea changes.

In the end, the doctors tell these physical changes.These knowledge hopes everyone to keep in mind and apply it in daily life.At the same time, doctors hope that women can break the traditional concepts and strive to serve as women in the new era.


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