Gynecological inflammation will affect pregnant women to cure the disease and then consider pregnancy

Gynecological inflammation is very easy to occur. In life, women who have giving birth to children may suffer from gynecological inflammation.And this disease is particularly annoying, and its appearance has caused women to suffer.

Remind everyone that when suffering from gynecological inflammation, please do not have the same room. If you want to do the same room, please wear a set of contraceptives, because you have a low probability of success when you have gynecological inflammation.In other words, gynecological inflammation can affect pregnancy. If women want to get pregnant, please cure the disease and then consider pregnancy.

Gynecological inflammation can affect pregnancy

The reason why it is not suitable for gynecological inflammation is not suitable for pregnancy, there are two main factors: First, when women suffer from gynecological inflammation, the secretions in the vagina will increase a lot.As a result, the environmental changes in the vagina will change. After the same room enters the vagina after the same room, it can easily lead to the decline in sperm function. At the same time, the chance of combining with the eggs will decrease, thereby reducing the chance of conception.

The second is that if you have inflammation, if you have a great possibility of conceiving, it will cause infection in the palace, and it will also affect the development and growth of newborns.In severe cases, there may even be abortion problems. Even if you have grown up by chance, newborns may have deformed and low IQ problems.Therefore, for women, if you have a gynecological inflammation, please do not get pregnant.No matter how much you want your child, in order to be able to give birth to a healthy baby, you must wait for the gynecological inflammation and consider pregnancy.Among them, it is recommended that women with gynecological inflammation must insist on doing the following things:

1. Time to seek medical treatment

When you find that the vulva is swollen, itchy, and the odor is severe, it means that you are stared at by gynecological inflammation.At this time, what should be done is to seek medical treatment in time, and tell your doctor to tell your doctor if he is unwilling to take the medicine according to the doctor’s instructions.Do not buy drugs to clean it yourself, because you cannot determine the disease you have. If you buy the medicine random, you cannot apply the right medicine.

2. Pay attention to hygiene

The reason why many women suffer from gynecological inflammation are caused by poor personal hygiene.Now that you have suffered from gynecological inflammation, if you do not do personal hygiene, the situation will deteriorate or delay cure.Therefore, it is recommended that women with gynecological inflammation must wash vulva and change their underwear frequently. At the same time, they must remember the hygiene of sexual life. It is best to avoid cross -transmission during the period of inflammation.

3. Thorough treatment

When some women suffer from gynecological inflammation, they choose to see a doctor, but they do not use the medicine according to the doctor’s instructions.After always half of the treatment, they do n’t insist, because they feel that the body has self -healing function, of course, it is reduced, and then the self -healing function of the body will be better.And it ’s three poisonous medicine, there is no discomfort anymore, so naturally there is no need to take medicine.This idea is very wrong, because inflammation is easy to repeat. If it is not treated thoroughly, it will reconnect after a while.

How to prevent gynecological inflammation

1. Pay attention to diet

It is better to choose light foods in daily food, because spicy foods can easily increase gynecological inflammation.If you have inflammation, you must stay away from these foods.

2. Exercise

If you often sit in lack of exercise, the immunity of the body will decrease, and the same vulva immunity will also decrease. At this time, bacteria and viruses will have the chance to invade, thereby increasing the opportunity to explode gynecological inflammation.Therefore, ask women to exercise more daily to help enhance their physique without having to exercise for too long.Choosing to exercise for half an hour a day is enough. Time is too long, but it will increase the burden on the body.

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