Guo Fucheng’s wife holding a rabbit was questioned by many netizens?Facing speculation Fang Yuan did not deny

On January 22, Guo Fucheng’s coquettish wife Fang Yuan showed a video to celebrate the New Year. In the video, she was embrace a cute white rabbit to appear in the photo, and she was young and beautiful.

But in addition to Fang Yuan’s beauty, netizens have to wear and figure.

It may be that the skirt chosen by Fang Yuan was a bit loose, so when she stood in front of the camera, she looked a little raised.

Fang Yuan may not notice this problem when she was filming. From the background behind her, she should be in her husband Guo Fucheng’s home, because there are many cameras on the roof behind them, which should be monitored by the mansion.

After Fang Yuan showed out the video, many netizens said, "I feel that my stomach is so big, I am going to have a bunny male baby", "I feel like I am pregnant", "She seems to be pregnant", "Please delete it deletedlike".

Faced with many netizens’ doubts about her pregnancy, Fang Yuan’s move was also a little fascinated.

She responded to a netizen saying that she was thin again, saying that she was not thin.But he did not deny everyone’s guessing of pregnancy.

Some netizens even pointed out that "using this (rabbit) to block the stomach is not suitable." Fang Yuan chose to silently choose these messages related to "pregnancy".

But she did not forget to interact with the relatives of her hometown and asked relatives to some details of the Chinese New Year in her hometown. She also said that the rabbit had been raised for a long time.

After that, Fang Yuan took a few beautiful photos embracing rabbits on another social platform.

Surprisingly, the first one of the hot review was coincidental, "Are you pregnant?"

In this regard, Fang Yuan still did not deny that these comments are still retained in her comment area.

Guo Fucheng and Fang Yuan married in March 2017. In the same year, Fang Yuan gave birth to Guo Fucheng’s eldest daughter Chantelle. On April 18, 2019, Fang Yuan gave Guo Fucheng the younger daughter.

Guo Fucheng had previously interviewed that he did not rule out that he would continue to have children, but it would naturally not be forced.Therefore, if Fang Yuan really conceives for three babies, it is normal.

After all, Fang Yuan is still very young. At the age of 35, she is completely capable of adding Ding Ding for the King of Heaven.

Looking at Fang Yuan’s social software, she has not exposed her whole body photos for a long time. On January 16, she took the concert of Blackpink with her eldest daughter. The two played very happy at the concert.

From these dynamics, it is actually difficult to judge whether Fang Yuan is pregnant.

On December 31st, Fang Yuan recorded a video. In the state of opening a beauty filter, her face looked a little rounded.

On Ping An Night, Fang Yuan and Guo Fucheng went out to enjoy the two -person world. At that time, Fang Yuan only filmed the upper body, but the couple were really very loving. No matter how many rumors in the outside world, Guo Fucheng chose to guard her wife and believe her.It is indeed a good man.

Every year, Fang Yuan will share photos of Guo Fucheng’s birthday. Last year, Guo Fucheng’s birthday Fang Yuan appeared in a pink skirt, and his belly looked very flat.

Whether she is happy or not, I wish their family forever and happy. I don’t know if Fang Yuan would eventually respond to the guess of netizens?

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