Guiyuan qi and blood?Eat pear if you cough?Chinese medicine tells you:

Is the effect of "South Guiyuan, Bei Ren Ginseng" Guiyuan really comparable to ginseng?Pear is also known as the "Belle Sect" and "natural mineral water" cough and upset. Is it used for eating pear?Experts come to support: eat this way!

Little Guiyuan, great use

Guiyuan, also known as Longan, is a specialty in Lingnan.As a Chinese medicine, the medicinal value of Guiyuan is also very high, and has been regarded as precious supplements since ancient times.The saying of "ginseng in the north, south with longan" is to praise Guiyuan.Guiyuan and ginseng can replenish qi, but the strength of Guiyuan’s qi is weaker than ginseng and is more milder.The effect of longan: nourish qi and nourish blood

Guiyuan benefits qi and nourish blood, suitable for people with ischemic anemia, blood loss anemia, and qi and blood injury.Women are particularly easy to hurt qi and blood, so longan is especially suitable for women.Men with insufficient qi and blood can also eat longan.

Food therapy prescription: longan boiled eggs

Method: Take 5 to 10 longan and stew with eggs.

Food therapy: Yu Ling Ointment

Yuling cream is derived from the "Suitable Classic of Following the Restaurant" by Wang Mengying.

Method: Take 30 cinnamon rounds into the bowl and add an appropriate amount of sugar and water to cook.The more the number of cooking times, the better the effect.

The effect of longan: nourish the spleen and stomach

Guiyuan can nourish the spleen and stomach. By strengthening the spleen and stomach function, it can help the spleen and stomach to produce more sufficient qi and blood.

Chinese Medicine Food: Guipi Soup

Guipi Tang is derived from the famous Chinese medicine masterpiece "Ji Sheng Fang". It can replenish the spleen and nourish the heart. It is necessary to apply fatigue, loss of appetite, diarrhea, poor memory, insomnia, and heart and spleen.

There are many wonderful uses of pears

Pear is known as the "Belle Sect", as well as the "natural mineral water".Not only is Pear diverse eating, but also a certain medicinal value.Efficacy of pears: Shengjin Run, relieves the heart to remove annoyance

In the autumn, it is easy to cause losses in the body of the human body. Dry skin, dry lips, dry throats, dry nose, dry tongue, etc.At this time, eating pears can be moistened and relieved.

Pear is also called fast fruit. It is sweet and cold.

In autumn and winter, a bowl of "small hanging pear soup"

Efficacy of pears: cough and phlegm

Autumn dryness is susceptible to yin and lungs, leading to cough.The cough caused by autumn dryness is mostly manifested as dry cough and no sputum, and tongue is red without moss.

Lemon Qiu Pear Cream

For patients with mild symptoms due to autumn dryness, experts recommend you to take lemon autumn pear cream.

Chuanbei stew Sydney

Patients with cough and severe symptoms due to autumn dryness, experts recommend you to take Chuanbei stew Sydney.

Mulberry soup

Sang Xing Tang is derived from the famous Chinese medicine masterpiece "Definition of Warm Diseases".Treatment of cough caused by dry evils in autumn, and accompanied by upset symptoms, experts recommend you to take mulberry soup.

Expert reminder

If the cough has sputum, and the tongue coating is very thick, this is the cough of phlegm dampness, and you cannot eat pears.Treatment of phlegm and cough, you can use the traditional Chinese medicine prescription "Erchen Soup" (Chenpi, Pinellia, Poria, Licorice).

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