Great Nong Class | Do not raise cats during pregnancy?Senior veterinarian tells you the truth

To all the parents of Mao children:

I have a veterinarian. The most daily work is the cute pet baby. Recently, the treasure mother has just been upgraded.In daily work, we often have the problem of preparing for pregnancy or pregnancy. The owner of the veterinarians consults cats and dog bowworms. I often hear that pregnant women give tears with tears in the family because of pregnancy, including my pregnancy test.In the process, I did know a lot of such prospective mothers.

In terms of home, there is still a misunderstanding of the understanding of the bowworm, so I used a baby to summarize a "quasi mother’s arch -shaped Guide" with my spare time.I want to clarify the dual status of practicing veterinarians and new mothers, to clarify our hairy children, answer concern for the prospective mothers who have pets, and also retain a cute and warm family member for the newborn baby.Essence

1. What is a bowworm?

In 1908, CHARLES NICOLLE and Louis Manceaux two scientists found a new raw worm in an organization similar to hamster rodents, named Gigang Archworm.Gang Di Gongzhuo is a kind of parasitic balls that parasitic in the cells, which can almost infect all thermostat animals including humans. Cats are the end hosts of Gangxhenworm (can excrete eggs through feces). Others are notThe infected animals of the family are the middle hosts (existing in the tissue, and the eggs cannot be discharged).At 4-24 ° C, the toxoplasma can be survived for at least six months, and it can also survive in the seawater (marine mammals can also be infected).

2. Infectious survey

in this world:

In warm and humid or tropical areas, people have a high positive rate of serum, and in arid areas or cold areas, human serum positive rates are low. In the United States, about 25%to 50%of human bentworms are positiveTo.

Within China:

According to a report on Trends Parastol in 2008, the average infection rate of bow -shaped worms in the Chinese population was 7.9%(less than 30%below the world average).

3. Infection pathway

Gow -shaped worms have three infection stages:

Tachyz training (fast reproduction)

Bradyzoite (Bradyzoite, exists in muscle tissue bag)

SPOROZOITES in the oval sac

Cat infection of Toxoplasma gondius:

Outdoor -random cats may be infected by raw animals such as rodents and birds infected by bowls.

The probability of cat bow -shaped infection in the room will be greatly reduced.

But some owners like to feed baby raw meat, and the chance of infection will increase greatly.

Within 3 to 10 days of cat infection, 97%of new kittens will last for about 2 to 3 weeks to discharge non -infectious ovulation sacs (ovation is excreted for 1 to 5 days before sporeization can be completed.Only infectious); the other go to form a sac in the cat’s muscles in the form of a quick colony.

Cats will form a corresponding immunity after the first infection of Toxoplasma, so compared with the kitten, the possibility of a cat ovulation sac is less likely.

The way human infection of Toxoplasma:

In addition to the spread of maternal and baby infection with the spread of maternal and baby, the most important way is "insects from the mouth".

* The feces of cats that are recently infected with Toxoplasma and their polluting water and food

* Eat infected with unscurable pork, mutton (meat in the middle host), and its polluting water and food

4. Symptoms of infection

So what are the symptoms of human and animals infection?In fact, there are often no symptoms for people or animals with a healthy immune system.

Human beings are mostly hidden infections; after the hosts with normal immunity are infected with toxoplasma, they are often in a state of non -symptoms. It is not easy to be found. Only when the pathogen or serum antibody is detected, it can be diagnosed.Pregnant women only have a chance to cause fetal deformity only for the first time in her life during pregnancy or infection of Toxoplasma worms and before the pregnancy is not produced.

5. Do you need to do bow -shaped insect detection

Pet hormone tapered detection:

Many animal hospitals have also launched pet hormone detection projects. Some owners can’t help but test it for their cats and dogs to see if they are sick.However, I already mentioned above that cats infected the toxoplasma worms and then quickly entered the stage of ovulation sac. Once they were excreted, antibodies were generated and no longer infected, and dogs would not infect humans under normal circumstances.To be a bow -shaped worm detection project, you need to see wisdom.

Preparation Mother/Pregnant Mother Toxoplasma Tesco Test:

need!And both husband and wife need to check before asking children!IntersectionAs a pet doctor, I will not deliberately avoid pregnant mothers or pregnancy mothers may have infection of Toxoplasma, because even if the cat infection is very likely, there are too many factors in life that causes humans to infection with toxoplasma gondiacus insects.(Unclean food, water source, etc.).

If the test result is positive, it has been infected with a bow -shaped worm. Generally speaking, expectant mothers will have enough immune to protect the baby in the abdomen.But for the sake of insurance, LGM can be further performed to exclude the possibility of recent infections.If you are infected in the near future, it is recommended to get pregnant after half a year.

Little eyes look at the teacher’s focus!Intersection

Conditions of human beings infected with cats through cats:

① A cat that first infected the toxoplasma infection (the ovulation sac in the first infection)

② A shoveling officer who has not shoveled on the day (at least 24 hours during the oval sac incubation to the infection stage)

③ During the shit process, the hand and the pupa are directly contacted (the infectious oval sac is attached to the hand)

④ Pick up the food without washing your hands and put it in your mouth (eating the infectious oval sac)

⑤ The expectant mothers have not been infected before pregnancy or pregnant after the recent infection (the level of a bow -shaped torch or antibody is not high in the expectant mother’s body)

The dog is the middle host of the bowworm, and the meat of the infected dog can cause infection.

From this point of view, we have a little chance of being infected by dogs and cats, so don’t misunderstand the pet baby!Intersection

Finally, what to say to the pet owners:

Dear animals, I hope the above content will be helpful to you and your pet baby.This is also my original intention of summing up this bow-shaped worm science article. I hope that I can use my weak power to scientifically understand the relationship between pregnancy-pet-bow-shaped worms, so that the hairy children will no longer be due to unnecessary misunderstandings.Lost the original home.

Humans and animals such as Toxoplasma are very scary, and infection of Toxoplasma may really cause trouble to pregnant women and even cause miscarriage.But in fact, more danger comes from our daily unhygienic habits; so as not to eat raw food and kitchen ripening, and not touch the cat’s feces, it is easy to eliminate various channels of infection.Rather than pointing the spear head to cats and dogs, it is better to send this push to the prospective dads, and let them consciously shovel and do housework seriously!

In the end, sincere hope, every pet -raising family can do not abandon or give up. I hope that every hairy child in the world has a happy and complete home ❤!

Author of this article:

Huang Wei, baby for 3 months

Deputy Director of the Inspection Department of Animal Hospital of China Agricultural University

Discipline of Small Animal Infectious Diseases



Da Meng Manji Kang Dwarf Cat

1 year and 5 months




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Reprinted adapted from the main salon of the China Agricultural University Animal Hospital

Edit: Wang Jia

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