Gong Han is a disease -free "life" and shave so much to help you get rid of Gong Han’s trouble

There are ten women and nine colds in the workshop, and the cold here also refers to Gong Han.The literal understanding of Gonghan is the cold of the uterus. In fact, it is precisely a series of discomfort caused by the lack of kidney yang in women. Even when the palace cold is too serious, it will affect women’s pregnancy and child.Facing Gonghan Chinese Medicine, there is its own unique method of conditioning -scraping!

Gong Han’s influence on women

Gong Han’s women often have a manifestation of fat, fatigue, shortness of breath and insomnia. In terms of physiological, it is prone to irregular menstruation, leucorrhea, and chilling back pain. Long -term palace cold also affects women’s pregnancy.Therefore, it is especially important to judge whether you are in the palace cold and conditioning palace Han.

How to judge whether Gong Han

TCM diagnosis and treatment of diseases are particular about the interrogation. Through these four methods, you can also determine whether it has the problem of the palace cold.

1. Look at the appearance

The body is fat, pale, and white tongue coating.

2. Smell the smell

Leucorrhea is a signal for women’s health or diseases. Gong Han’s female leucorrhea is easy to clear, but there is no odor. The color of menstrual blood is dim but has no odor.

3. Understand the menstrual situation

Gong Han’s women will be prone to dysmenorrhea, chills, menstrual blood clumps, and even irregular menstruation, delay or amenorrhea.

4. Touch the body

Traditional Chinese medicine can judge the disease through the method of cutting the pulse, and you can touch the body to judge the cold of the palace daily, such as the cold abdomen, cold limbs, and diarrhea easily.

The effect of scraping in conditioning palace Han

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the acupoints of the five internal organs and six internal organs are distributed on the back. Through scraping, the internal organs can cause the internal organs to "turbid gas" through the skin to export the effect of exorcising evil.

Therefore, scraping also has the effects of relieving muscles, promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, and qi and blood circulation.It is also used for beauty care and sub -health care.

The surface of the human body is distributed with a large number of acupoints, meridians, reflex areas, etc. Different parts of scraping and scraping, and the efficacy of the treatment of disease is also different.

Where does Gonghan woman scrape?

1. Hachi acupoint

Bali acupoints are both eight acupoints and a body area.The lumbosacral part of the body is symmetrically distributed above the tailbone.

Because the area of the Bali acupoint is near the cell palace (uterine), it can be treated with gynecological and lower limb diseases. Traditional Chinese medicine often uses massage, moxibustion, scraping Bazhong acupoints to regulate low back pain, irregular menstruation, pelvic inflammation, and small abdominal pain.

2. Mingmen Acupoint

The acupuncture point of the back school of the human body and the navel is Mingmen acupoint, because the Mingmen acupoint is in the waist, and the waist is the house of the kidney.The area of scraping Mingmen acupoint can improve the soft waist and knee, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, chills, etc. caused by insufficient kidney yang.

3. Shenshu acupoint

The Shenshu acupoint as the Mingmen acupoint at the same level, and the Mingmen acupoint is 1.5 inches on both sides.In traditional Chinese medicine, Shenshu acupoints mainly treat diseases such as low back pain, tinnitus, irregular menstruation, and urinary systems caused by insufficient kidney qi.In addition, Chinese medicine believes that this acupuncture point is cold, and heat is the effect of supplementing.

4. Guanyuan Point

Guan Yuan acupoint is not on the back, but in the three inches under the navel, Chinese medicine believes that this acupoint has the effect of nourishing qi.Therefore, it is often used to nourish kidney deficiency, improve the infertility of the palace, and dysmenorrhea.In addition to scraping, Guan Yuanxue’s health care method is also effective in massage and moxibustion.

Modern women often have the phenomenon of palace cold because of the stimulation of cold foods during menstruation, too little clothing or cold constitution, but Gonghan is not unable to regulate. Scraping, moxibustion, massage and other methods in Chinese medicine can drive cold health and maintain women’s health.Essence

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