Goldfish breeding process

Goldfish will start to breed to a certain extent, and carefully breed. This process cannot be sloppy.

Tools/ingredients: Goldfish


1. Preparation before breeding

The breeding period of the goldfish is from May to June north to June, and from January to March in the south of the Yangtze River.The method of male and female, one is that during the breeding of the goldfish, the first fins of the gill cover and the pectoral fin epidermal cells are particularly hypertrophic. The number of milky white oval crystals can be seen in the naked eye."And female;

The second is based on the shape of the goldfish, females are generally short and round. The pectoral fins are soft and oval. The male fish has a long body shape, the pectoral fin is harder, and the movement is agile.

The third is to explore the belly of the fish with your fingers, explore the anus to the pectoral fins, the females are soft, and the male fish has a obvious hard edge, and the scales are particularly tight.There are many types of aquatic plants for collecting and incubating goldfish eggs.

The spawning activity of goldfish requires a quiet and spacious environment. The spawning pool is better at a 1-2 square meter square pool or a round cylinder, and the color should not be shallow.Goldfish must have beautiful body shape, strange traits and gorgeous colors.Select the same hepicious and ideal individual, 2-3 -year -old fish with good adenic development, moderate or fat, generally the proportion of male and female goldfish is 3: 2.

2. Goldfish spawning

Natural reproduction is a traditional method of goldfish breeding, which is affected by temperature, air pressure, light, water quality, etc.Artificial insemination has water -based and hydraulic fertilization method; carp brain pituitary and lutein release hormone mixture for manual oxytoconis.

3, seedling

Aquatic plants are the protective object of goldfish and nutrients.When the small fish can swim freely and has a strong feeding ability, and the tail fins start to divide the leaves, the goldfish can be removed.When the small fish is less than January, do not change water or change water at will. Generally, a gradual water increase is adopted, that is, the daily increase of 1/10 of the original water volume, until the required water level is increased.The small fish started to eat 4 days after hatching, and feed the yellow water at this time; after 1 week, change the lively naked abdomen.

Small note: In order to obtain a beautiful genuine goldfish, it takes several rounds of selection and support.The small fish grows into fish, and its fish body changes.

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