Go to see the dysmenorrhea doctor to give me a child?Easmic dysmenorrhea, I found a more "unpopular" method


"There are always a few days a month

Will be tortured by my aunt to die and live "

There are not a few female friends with similar troubles

This is not a netizen to see a doctor because of dysmenorrhea

As a result, it is recommended that "just have a child"

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It seems a bit reliable?Nympho

To be serious, can fertility really solve the problem of dysmenorrhea?

In fact, this question section has explained with you before:

After giving birth, some women’s dysmenorrhea is relieved

But there is no way to assert about who is more useful

Some women may increase their dysmenorrhea after giving birth to children

So having children is not a dysmenorrhea ~

As for why such individual differences occur?

Because the cause of dysmenorrhea is different

This is a major event about the health and happiness of women

Today we will break and crush and talk about it!


Those who say these words to you, "pull black" quickly

1. Patients for dysmenorrhea!

Some people can be dysmenorrhea, it is really possible:

It is like Taishan, and it is like a tide!

And the amount of blood loss is no less than a small surgery

At this time, I also said that this kind of cool person is really a bit brainless

Regarding pain, everyone must also pay attention:

Divided [original] and [secondary]

There may be other inflammation in the following dysmenorrhea, and you need to seek medical treatment in time!

2. Drink more brown sugar water!

Destined!This is all 2022

No one will not know now [brown sugar water = sugar water], right?Intersection

The person who wants to make you fat can "break the diplomatic relations"

3. The menstrual period is not fixed, it is abnormal!

Menstruation itself "work" is very casual:

Either arrive early or late, and occasionally you can quit.

Do you still want it to get stuck every month?

The normal range of the menstrual cycle is 25-35 days.

It is normal to change in advance or delay 3-7 days in advance

There are also little fairy with the birth ring:

About 1 month after taking it, menstruation will return to normal.

If it exceeds the normal cycle range, the menstrual flow is significantly reduced or the "blood flow is endless"

It may be caused by not adapting to the ring

If necessary, replace or remove!

4. Deep color and blood clots?You have gynecological diseases!

When this happens, first reflect on it yourself:

Have you eaten cold things these days?

Is it cold?

Have you stayed up late?Intersection

… …

Women are very "fragile" in the menstrual period, and they are "making monsters".

People can only remind you of goodwill.

Adjust your habits, it is naturally normal

5. It is not appropriate to exercise during menstruation!

I guess this is an excuse for you don’t want to exercise.

One or two days before menstruation, it is recommended to take a good rest.

If it is not uncomfortable afterwards, you can do some non -intense aerobic exercises:


Do this to help you relieve the pain

So painful, how to relieve it?

As soon as I heard this, the little fairy in the office showed a trick, and some really used it.

1. Keep warm (soak your feet, heat compress, etc.)

This is an old -fashioned topic:

Menstruation physical resistance is relatively weak,

If you do not take warmth measures, it is easy to get cold and cause a cold discomfort.

Or cause dysmenorrhea caused by poor stasis and stasis.

Take it out of the bubble bucket at the bottom of the box, right?

2. Anti -pain drug

80% of primary dysmenorrhea can be effectively relieved by painkillers.

Why is your first reaction resist?

That family will help you exclude your concerns:

① Will it addicted?

Pain -relieving medicine belongs

There is no evidence that such drugs are addictive.

② When to eat?

Dysmenorrhea seizures are generally regular,

It is usually on the day of menstruation or the next day, which varies from person to person.

Master the time of dysmenorrhea,

Take the medicine well before or at the beginning of the symptoms.

② How long can it be metabolized?

Generally, you can metabolize after 2 days

Don’t worry about the accumulation of toxins

③ Will there be side effects?

Any drug will have side effects,

For example, ibuprofen, which is often eaten,

Common side effects are gastrointestinal discomfort

So be sure to read the instructions before taking it. Some drugs are consumed under the guidance of a doctor

How should I choose?Please collect it below!

3. Massage

Stack your hands in the middle of the lower abdomen, gently and slowly massage

It is best to control the frequency at about ten times per minute,

Until the lower abdomen began to slowly feel warm,

After five minutes of massage, massage your hands from the two sides of the abdomen.

The body feels warm.

In addition, everyone should pay attention to the diet of "special period":

Before menstruation, you can eat more foods rich in vitamin B6, vitamin E, etc., which can relieve the symptoms of lower abdomen discomfort:

After menstruation, you can eat rich iron -containing foods, because blood tonic is important:

4. Netizens’ "wonderful thoughts"

For example: sitting on a stone pier

Source: Network

In fact, like the principle of hot compress: blood circulation is good

Pain will naturally reduce a bit

Some netizens share:

Eating lychee can relieve dysmenorrhea!

This netizen, I suspect you just want to eat lychee …

As the saying goes, the master is in the folk

As long as you don’t hurt your body and use it useful, try it boldly!

Welcome to share your good way to everyone ~

Finally, I want to discuss a question with you:

What do you think of menstruation shame?

I saw a hot search yesterday:

The sanitary napkin is obviously a normal daily necessities

Why are labels such as "obscure" and "dirty"?

University of Science and Technology believes

After all, people who hold this kind of thought are a minority

If you meet, please wake me up for me!

In addition, I also hope that we can all look at the physiological period with our usual heart

Great Fang Fang to take out your own sanitary napkins!

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