Give a girlfriend for 18,000 Caiqi, boyfriend: I am pregnant, my mother said that it can be given good

As the so -called, marriage things, can’t play, who teased the marriage, teased feelings, there will be no good results in the future.

According to tradition, when men and women reach a certain age, they need to talk about marriage and marry. As the so -called male to marry and marry, the age is coming, and some things cannot be avoided.

At this time, it is the most correct choice to face the relationship and face marriage.However, in the process of talking about marriage, in addition to involving a variety of interests and various factors, we also need to maintain respect for each other.

The foundation of marriage is respect. If there is no respect at the beginning, it will be more difficult to respect in the future.

Recently, a man and his girlfriend reached the point where he talked about marriage, but the result was collapsed. The girlfriend was so angry that the girlfriend was angry because her boyfriend was disrespectful to himself.

This is what happened:

The two men and girlfriends belong to themselves. They talk about four or five years. The two people have always had a good relationship, and they have been well got along. After so long running -in, they feel that each other is the one who loves each other in their lives.

This kind of thing is not good to fall in love, and eventually get married.Marriage means to see parents and talk about colorful gifts, and these things are sometimes more likely to make a forks.

When we talked about the gift, the male lead directly showed the attitude and gave 18,000 colorful gifts. It was an explanation for his girlfriend and his mother’s family.It is also respect for the mother’s family.

However, the girlfriend was angry as soon as she heard it, so she wanted to marry me like this?When I am a Chinese cabbage, no one wants it?

In the end, the woman was very angry, her boyfriend was very embarrassed, and she kept it in every way. At this time, she did not retain it. The relationship for a few years is really in vain. I am afraid that the two may not go together.

So why is this happening?

The man and his girlfriend talked for four or five years. The girlfriend should have some understanding of her boyfriend. Presumably, her boyfriend should not be a stingy person. In this case, why did the boyfriend say that he only gave 18,000 gifts?

It turned out that the problem was still the men’s mother.

In the eyes of the man’s mother, his son and prospective daughter -in -law have been in love for several years. For so long, the two sides should have become a family. It is so -called that the family does not say two words.You can’t need too much.

What’s more, women are pregnant now. This is her own species. The child in the woman’s belly is the confidence of her in -laws. Therefore, the man’s mother directly said: It is good to be able to give it!

Undoubtedly, to the men’s mother, this prospective daughter -in -law is "picked up cheap". I did not expect that her son talked for several years, and also gave the prospective daughter -in -law directly. In this way, in addition to marrying to marryWhere can I go to my son, the prospective daughter -in -law can go?Who else want to be a woman who is with other people’s children?

It is not difficult to see that in the heart of the man’s mother, there is actually a contempt for the aimedies. She believes that the prospective daughter -in -law is "worth the price", which is good to give color gifts, and dare to have so much money?

Why is the prospective daughter -in -law worthwhile?Presumably everyone guessed that in the hearts of some people, the women who have been in love for several years are actually no different from the second marriage. They can only marry their son.After marrying others, in the final analysis, in some mother -in -law, such women are already "old", no longer "newcomers", naturally it is not worth the price.

In addition, the woman was pregnant again, and pregnancy was a happy event, but in such a case, she became the confidence of her in -laws. Do you have a child of my family? Who else can you marry?

Therefore, from the perspective of her mother -in -law, today’s prospective daughter -in -law can only be treated like this. Cai Li is much more worthy, anyway, it will be our people sooner or later.

Obviously, the reason why men spoke to 18,000 was the root cause of the mother -in -law’s teachings.

This matter is obviously a bit hurt. This is not only the materialization of women, but also disrespect for women, and even the child in the belly to push the woman.

Nowadays, my mother -in -law has such an attitude. So, after marrying, my mother -in -law’s performance will be more strong. At that time, can women’s lives be good?

Therefore, when girls are in love, they must not live before marriage, let alone get pregnant before marriage.

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