Girls who are not determined by marriage, prepare for pregnancy, really admire your courage

Our company is an e -commerce platform with a small scale, and there are more than a dozen individuals. Whoever wants to do, it won’t be two days, and everyone in the company knows.

A female colleague in the office, I have not went to the cafeteria very much recently, because she brought it, I will naturalThe canteen’s work meal could not meet her nutritional requirements.

I asked more times, and another girl secretly told me: She was afraid you would say that she would be preparing for pregnancy and was replenishing!I heard me frightened. In my mind, these young people thought about what was messy. Then I went to see the man’s parents and thought of pregnancy.What pregnancy? "

"Yeah, not even married! It seems that her boyfriend’s mother called and asked these, and her boyfriend discussed with her about pregnancy. I really don’t know what she thought." The little girl next to her and me whisperedMurder.

When she went upstairs, I pulled her aside and whispered to her what was going on. She told me truthful that her mother -in -law hoped that they would be pregnant before applying for a banquet.field.

I love love all day, and I have no brains when I encounter something.I had to tell her that my sister, I am in my twenties, and I grew up from a girl to a long -tongue woman. Under the influence of various aunts and uncle, I know that there are calculations and considerations of each age group. YouDo you think your mother -in -law likes you so?After seeing it once, without blood relationship, the ghost would immediately like an outsider!Do you dare to tell you her mother? See if she will give you two slaps?

She said that she was fine, she and her boyfriend discussed it. She just kept her body for pregnancy. Her mother was hidden first, because her mother would definitely not agree with her unmarried pregnancy first.

Hey, not getting married, not even marriage, because of the hints of my mother -in -law in the future, the girl agreed stupidly?Isn’t the normal program who get married first and then get married?Girl, you have no name, you have lived with others. This is not count. I also have a plan to get married and get married. I do n’t know where you come from?

I don’t know if her parents know, would she be angry?Typical girls who do not have long brains.It will imply these things for no reason, and those who say it are not good, they just want to test whether you can raise it!What they want is the chicken that can only lay eggs!Girl, you did not hesitate to promise them, and actively cooperated with the execution. You looked at yourself.

For this kind of girl who is in love, I advise you to make a few appointments and go downstairs in the community and walk around.There, many old ladies were gathered together, and the parents said shortly. The most thing is that they are worried that the girls’ private life is chaotic and live with others.When I agreed, I thought they lived together earlier. When the girl was pregnant, she said that she got married. If they were not pregnant for a few years, congratulations, girl, you have to go to the house.What they will not marry you, because they are looking for a daughter -in -law who can pass on to generation.

It’s not that I speak unpleasant. I have heard a lot of old people say these words. They say that there are many things now. Even if you eat it, you have fake and bad. What are the genetically modified? Ice beer.There are also girls who do n’t love themselves. There are abortion in the school. They are young and ignorant, and they do n’t know how to maintain their own body. This will affect the fertility after marriage.

There is no unspicious mother -in -law, her son can find a girlfriend everywhere, but she really wants to talk about marriage and marry. The mother -in -law thinks about it.

Considering that this is a private affairs, colleagues are hard to persuade her clearly. After a few days, she took the initiative to mention the incident in the office, and said proudly that she was preparing for pregnancy recently.After a few calls, I told her not to have too much pressure, and the mentality was easy. This month, I did not conceive, and there was still next month, not in a hurry.

An unmarried girl in her twenties, talking about pregnancy, has no shyness. I really admire her, maybe I am too outdated.

The little girl who was good at her asked her: "You are pregnant before you get married. What do you say?"

The girl actually said that she was pregnant and told her mother that she would be prepared to prepare dowry at that time.

Her mother has been moldy for eight life, and the daughter of such a price drop is spreading: I do n’t ask my mother ’s opinion without a planned plan. Others treat you as a test product, and you are still complacent!

More than two months later, the girl was finally pregnant, and the parents of both sides joyfully notified the parents. Parents on both sides began to prepare for them to prepare for the wedding. The girls also resigned quickly a few days after pregnancy, and they kept them happily and kept them happily.Raise tires in the rental house.

After her departure, the company’s people were a bit linked to her, but her wedding did not invite us. I occasionally said a few words to her on the Internet.Make more.Recently, I saw in her circle of friends that her child was four years old and began to go to kindergarten. It should be pretty good.

My colleague asked her privately when she planned to come out to do things again. She said she didn’t know that she didn’t go to work after pregnancy. This has been several years. I feel that she has become a yellow -faced mother -in -law.Rhythm, I feel that my university is in vain.

Several of our married women advised her, who did not come like this. The most affected by the marriage and child was the woman.Otherwise, it is a lifetime.

She didn’t seem to want to say anything, just sighed a few sighs, and asked me, if she was going to do things, I don’t know if anyone else wanted her?

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