Girls, can I bear my stomach pain?

The autumn wind is small, and it will be in the autumn frozen season. Although it is said that spring covering autumn freezing can better increase the resistance, everyone who is afraid of cold still wear more clothes and drink hot water.

In my impression, the Chinese are the most tolerant, and the old Chinese are the most tolerant among the Chinese.She once met a cute old lady. She came to say "Doctor, my stomach is a bit painful, and now it is a bit uncomfortable."Time started pain? Do you suddenly hurt? Is there any more powerful?! ", Old lady:" Ah? ""Where is your stomach painful?", "Below below, here, here"; "When did you start to hurt", "At about 9 o’clock last night", "Why don’t you come yesterday!", "I’m afraid of being afraid ofNo one at night "," All, doctors on duty will be there "," It’s not good to bother you in that night "; for a moment, I feel that the old lady is glowing and the whole body is full of grandma’s smile.

But ah, the ages of the elderly will not be better. The response to inflammation and acute situations will be more chronic. The symptoms may not be heavy, but it will not be good if it is manifested.It will drive slowly, but if it is slow to stop, it will be dangerous.Moreover, the old people are very tolerable, afraid of disturbing the doctor, and even more afraid of noisy children in the middle of the night, so they can only say that they can’t stand it when they can’t bear it. But at this time, there may be problems with it.It is really necessary.

In addition to the elderly, young people who want to work strong should pay more attention to the stomach pain. Several patients come to see gynecology in the evening emergency department. When I ask when I start to have pain, I can answer in the afternoon, noon, or even morning, because of curiosity and others.In all kinds of hearts, I will continue to ask her why she does n’t come when the pain starts. Most of their answers are similar, and even the expressions of expressions and granted expressions are the same.And I spent my Baidu, it is estimated that it is probably pelvic inflammatory disease, so it is not in a hurry. "If it is really stable and not urgent, then the Buddha who believes in the Buddha should really "Amitabha", and those who believe in Jesus should also read a few poems.In particular, some of the more dangerous acute abdomen in gynecology, when crying and calling at that time are not useful, just like some I said next:



1. "Extractional pregnancy"

It is "ectopic pregnancy", and some people call it "long crooked". For specific content, you can read the "Seeds of Lost" written by Dr. Peng in the historical article of our public account. That article is better and detailed.Our ectopic pregnancy is usually metaphorized by us as a bomb. Its most common symptoms are "discontinuation, vaginal bleeding, and abdominal pain"; some people will say, I have menstruation, so it should be eliminated?Can’t!A girl thinks that her vaginal bleeding for 2 days was her normal menstruation for 2 days, so when she didn’t care, when she was helped in the emergency department, we used various auxiliary examinations and analysis.The wrong lie!Some people say, "Doctor, how can my ringgit, how can it be an ectopic pregnancy?", "Is an ectopic pregnancy! Bringing pregnancy is definitely more than one case!", I just scratched it outside, excluded in vitro, can I not even get pregnant? How can I have an ectopic pregnancy?! "," Yes! Even if you push your adolescent physiology, you can’t avoid this ectopic pregnancy."There are countless examples, which are more unclear than the types of medicines in the hospital; that, especially those who have" pelvic inflammatory disease ", they should pay more attention to one of the important reasons.Endonal pregnancy is really a bomb, and it can’t bear it at all. If it really explodes out, regret it!

2. "Ovarian cysts reverse"

A super -painful disease, every time I ask the medical history, I have to ask the patient if there is a "sex life" and "violent activity" before the pain.Common reasons.There was once every night that a patient cried and grabbed the ground. He was diagnosed as "the ovarian cysts reversed" in us. The emergency surgery was needed. However, the patient said that he could tolerate it.The journey is "only ten hours"; "ten hours" is modified with "only". I really can’t understand how powerful this endurance and perseverance are.I think I might be "desperate" with her, that is really "to twist the ears."This disease cannot be tolerated!Can’t bear it for an hour!It will be necrotic!Turning into a pile of necrotic meat!Under our bitterness and enthusiasm, the patient finally agreed to the surgery. The surgery went in and found out that the ovarian cysts reversed the five -circle and the cysts were purple and blue;The ears, twist the ears to the past five laps, can it not hurt?Can it be slow?If you twist for another ten hours, God knows what it will happen!I can bear it myself, and the "ears" can’t help it!

3. "Ovarian luteal rupture"

The luteal is a "empty house" after ovulation ovulation. It may break after sexual life or activity. Some rupture is like a knife in the hand, and it will be better to apply a bit of saliva;The bleeding is like a long flow of water, and it is endless, like the source of the Yellow River.Once there was a patient’s sexual life, I started to feel faintly painful, and I always felt that it was not heavy, so I endured it, thinking that it would get better as soon as I pulled my belly, but the matter exceeded her expectations.It will be good for two days. I endure the second day. I feel that it is not necessary to go to the hospital. On the third day, I feel that I can bear it before, and I ca n’t bear it. As a result, people are getting more and more weak.faint.Finally, at a certain time on the third day, the whole body had no strength. When I went down the stairs, my eyes were dark, my feet were soft, my hands were not holding the staircase, and my stomach was shaken to a corner of the refrigerator, and thenI couldn’t get up on the ground, the family found it, and finally realized the seriousness, and I hurriedly took it to the hospital. The examination found that the blood in the stomach was beacon, like the floods of 1998, and it was also flooded.Fortunately, I came to the hospital.So my stomach pain cannot tolerate.

4. "Women’s Pelvic Inspection"

This may not be life -threatening at once, but I also take a doctor in time. Why should it be difficult to endure for myself? "Even if the country needs you again, I can’t suffer." Wait until get off work and get out of class.When I saw the doctor, I felt that I saw the savior, and felt that eating a "Xian Dan" could stand up to see the shadow, but the abominable doctor had to do that test. After drawing this blood, it would take an hour to pain.The last pain cannot be effective immediately, and it takes two weeks to hang the needle for the first step; yes, that’s how to drag.

There are a little exaggerated modification ingredient in the above content, but the content is not exaggerated at all. The stomach pain feels unbearable. It is a blessing to endure peace, but who can count the next blessing or a scourge.Others may say "No one, how can this happen to you?" But this pain did not happen to her. Her ending was at most a wrong lament, but what would happen to those who experienced themselvesWhat about the disaster?If you are not sure, even if there is only one percent of the possibility, as long as it happens to the parties, it is 100 % to her, which is possible!

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