Girlfriend was pregnant, but her parents asked her to beat her children

I met the little Z when I was training off -campus in 2010.Because the same major was divided into the same group of training, there were many previous professional classes, about ten classes, so I did not intersection with her.

It was one day at the end of September. The weather in the south was still very hot. I reported my luggage to the training unit alone.

Before I arrived at the door, I saw a ponytail girl wearing a short white axis at the door of the training unit, which looked particularly beautiful in the sun.After entering the exchange, I knew that the same school came to train together, and immediately exchanged QQ.(At that time, WeChat was not completely popular).

In the first few days of training, because she was not familiar, she felt that she always didn’t talk much.Later, I learned that she was just breaking up at that time, and my talks just helped her walk out of the breakup, and we naturally walked together.

The days together are sweet, and the training of the training is over quickly.After returning to school, we rented a room outside school and we lived together.Except for class every day, prepare for the dissertation, just stay in the hut together.So it was sweet at the beginning.

After graduating from the paper, she is going back to her hometown, and I am going back to my hometown. Fortunately, our home is not far away, more than 100 kilometers.

After returning home, I bought a car just to go to her city.Every month I go to her city to see her once, because her family is in the countryside, she works in the city, so she rents a house alone.

Later, she found that she was pregnant, and she took me to her parents’ house to see her parents.

I prepared a lot of things that day, her parents were very enthusiastic, and she talked very well during the meal.

I also promised that after a week I came to pick her up to my city, we are all very happy.

After I went home, I started looking forward to picking her up 7 days later, but a piece of information the next day pulled me to the abyss.The meaning of her parents did not agree with her to marry. The child took her to the hospital the next day, and was sorry for me.After sending a good information, she blackened all my contact information.

I deliberately drove more than 100 kilometers to her house and wanted to ask. She was stopped by her dad and couldn’t get in.Her dad said only one word, we couldn’t deserve you.

Later, I was sent to a business trip for a year by the company for a year, and we did not contact. During this time, I also had a few blind date, because before letting go, I did not succeed.

In 2014, she added my WeChat again, telling me that she was married and had a son.I said congratulations and deleted her.

In 2018, she added me WeChat and told me that she had not had a good time in the past few years. Her husband was arranged by her parents, 3 years older than her.She said that she missed the days with me before, but I actually missed it.But you are already married, and it is difficult to collect water.We talked a lot that night and talked very late.

Later, we kept contact with WeChat until one day I went to her city to talk about business.Because she and I are both an industry, there are still many business intersections.

In the evening, we ate together and went to the hotel.

She said she couldn’t divorce because she didn’t want to fight against her parents. In this way, we kept the relationship between artillery friends. I would go to her city two or three times a month.

But this year I am going to get married. I want to end such a relationship, but I don’t know how to speak.

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