Gigi is 20 weeks pregnant?IntersectionI am divided with the dregs, and I finally locked the family

The 25 -year -old Gigi and her 28 -year -old boyfriend Zay Malik will usher in the first baby belonging to them.

Gigi is currently pregnant for 20 weeks, but I don’t know the gender of the child.(It is said to be a girl)

Zayn Malik, Gigi Hadid

Some time ago, GIGI posted a lot of sweet photos during her birthday. She wore black sweater and beautiful residue sweet hugs, and her sister Bella also celebrated her sister together.

Gigi Hadid, Zay Malik, Bella Hadid

In fact, in February this year, Gigi hinted that she was considering the formation of a family and having a small baby.In an interview, she once said, "I want to make a family one day with age, but I don’t know if I will always be models. I like the creative side of the fashion industry and make people very successful.I feel, I am lucky to work with the amazing people. But who knows? Maybe I will engage in full -time cooking work in the future. "

Zayn Malik, Gigi Hadid

The fate of the two will be traced back to 2015. Misaki made a debut from the British draft show to form the One Direction orchestra.After exiting the combination, Misako released his personal album "Pillow Talk". Gigi was the heroine of "Pillow Talk" MV, which formed the fate of the two.During the five years of this interaction, the two were divided and combined.(Fans also broke their hearts)

Of course, there have been a lot of sweet frames in the same frame in the past 5 years ~ (Dog food sprinkled fiercely …)

Zayn Malik, Gigi Hadid

In an interview, Meizure revealed that they both fell in the house: "We all like to cook and also like to cook for each other. She likes chicken and sweet corn pie!"

Zayn Malik

Gigi Hadid

Two people who have always been such sweet, when they broke up in 2018, fans were surprised, and this breakup lasted for nearly one year … But in November last year, GIGI exposed the use of beautiful slag mother Tricia formulas.The curry made, everyone knows that they are reunited!

Maybe because of enough experience, there are today’s sweetness ~

Gigi Hadid, Zay Malik

GIGI’s "Behind"

Gigi now has a good harvest in career love, not only has her own efforts, but of course, at least not standing behind her to support her family and friends.


Gigi’s biological father, Mohamed Hadid, is a Palestinian architect. His mother Yolanda Foster is a Dutch model. She has participated in the reality show "Bifelley Wife". She also has her sister Bella and her brother Anwar.Foster.

Mother, stepfather, gigi

Sister Bella has also worked a lot, and now she is the same as her sister.

Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid

The two sisters who had been controversial because of their figure and family reasons, when they were the lowest valley of the two, their families gave them many motivation to continue to move forward.


Even friends who don’t know Gigi must know the three sisters of "KFC".Usually, the three sisters always interact intimately with each other. They are the happiest sisters everyday when they get out of get off work, swings, and vacations. Many fans are just envious of such PLMM sisters group.(Too eye -catching!)

"KFC" three sisters

Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner

GIGI is also a member of the Mold Supermodel Girlfriend Group. He has appeared in the MV of "BAD Blood". He has a show on a moldy concert and gets along with other members of the girlfriend group.

Mold and her supermodel girlfriend group

Of course, Gigi’s friends are more than these … The team is not listed one by one.

GIGI’s popularity has also had a lot of doubts, saying that her success was because of her "behind" strong power. Although she could not deny 100%, it was certain that she also paid a lot or even more hard work.Essence

Internet celebrity?Supermodel?

Gigi has been a model since his childhood. When he grows up, he has directly entered the supermodel circle. The halo on the body will naturally not be small, but it also becomes controversial models in the circle because of body and business ability.

Gigi Hadid

Many people think that she is in a bad figure and also calls her a "slightly fat model". She thinks that she can embark on this road, but it is not relying on her own ability, but because there is a huge family background and social

What pushed this controversy to a climax was to participate in Victoria’s interview, and successfully obtained the identity of "Victoria’s Secret Angel".

Gigi Hadid Victoria’s Secret Interview site

Because of the unique temperament and charm, the path of Gigi’s model has always been smooth and welcomed by designers and fashion editors, but don’t forget that people’s red and wrong "spells" cannot be broken.From the initial questioning family background to the later people’s attacking her figure was not suitable for models.In this regard, she still responded on her personal social platform:

Gigi Hadid ins

"This month, many people can’t wait to publish negative theory, yes, I don’t have the same figure as other models, and I don’t think I am the best one when I am in a catastrophe.Knowing that I still need to be improved in many places. In the model industry, I am not the first and the last model with a type of body like me. You can make various reasons to prove why I achieve today’s results… I’m lucky to get the support of the designer, stylist and editors. Even though my figure could not be accepted in the field of High Fashion. Yes, I have breasts, abdominal muscles, hips, strong thighs, and strong thighs.Your mean comment can’t change my figure, and I have never asked for special treatment. If you don’t like me, don’t pay attention to me, but I will still be here.With my current career, I am proud of my sexy. "

Through this post, GIGI got a lot of agreements, but not everyone supported her. For exampleTreatment, because once ordinary models like her are fat, they will not be able to lose weight by their agents, but Gigi is different. She will still be loved by a large number of designers.More than one million fans.

Faced with doubts, Gigi is constantly proved that he will choose to spend a lot of time in the gym. He strives to shape and shapes a more perfect figure.

Fitness Magic Gigi

Not only is she creating a small achievement, she is more confident that she has left a lot of wonderful performance on the major shows.

Gigi Hadid

Tommy Hilfiger 2016 Autumn and Winter Series

Gigi Hadid

Ralph Lauren 2019 Autumn and Winter Series

Gigi Hadid

CHANEL 2020 Autumn and Winter Series

Advertising endorsement continuously

GIGI is not only the darling on the major shows, but personal advertisements and endorsements are constantly.Don’t underestimate this sister. As early as the age of two, I had won the Guess Jeans advertisement. Guess is also a witness to Gigi growing all the way.

Gigi Hadid

Guess advertising blockbuster

2015 Guess advertising blockbuster

"Guess is Gigi’s growth witness"

With the increase of age, GIGI is also more proficient in front of the camera. All kinds of elegant, seductive and playful styles are her best -to -hand scenes.

Stuart Weitzman fancy Gigi’s high popularity. In the 2017 autumn and winter advertising blockbusters, Gigi interpreted the new modern female image, elegant and elegant without losing her unique sexy.

Stuart weitzman 2017 autumn and winter series

In the same year, he also won the endorsement of Meibian to show the mature charm of urban women.

2017 Meibian advertising blockbuster

In the FENDI autumn and winter series in 2018, GIGI not only showed the simple and advanced brand concept, but also interpreted the unique exquisiteness and elegance of FENDI.

Fendi autumn and winter 2018 series

In the same year, in the advertising blockbuster of Missoni, she showed different images, telling everyone that she can also be mixed with small playfulness.

Missoni autumn and winter 2018 series

In the advertising blockbuster of the Tom Ford2019 spring and summer glasses series, it is a sexy girl full of mystery.

Tom Ford Eyewear 2019 Spring / Summer Series

Until this year, the Burberry Spring and Summer Series and MAX Mara spring and summer series of the Burberry series of Gigi have a lot of calmness and urban women.

Burberry 2020 spring and summer series

MAX MARA 2020 spring and summer series

Finally, congratulations to the upgrade of GIGI and Mimi to be a parents, and I have been sweet all the time ~

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