From pregnancy to the birth of the baby, how should Bao Ma meet the symptoms of discomfort?

When the seeds of happiness arrive quietly, Baoma will undoubtedly become the happiest person in the world.Looking at the abdomen to bulge day by day, the sweet index in my heart became increasingly rising.However, with the arrival of happiness, there are some physical discomforts, such as decreased appetite, vomiting, abdominal flatulence, etc. In addition to bothering Bao Ma, these symptoms also worry about whether they will affect the health of the baby. Then, for these symptoms, Baoma, Ma MaHow do we deal scientifically?


In the early days of Bao Ma’s pregnancy, the pregnancy vomiting was three differences and five, and at the same time, the taste and smell became extremely sensitive, which was caused by the increase in hormone levels in the body.In fact, it is normal for pregnancy vomiting. You don’t have to worry too much. When there are symptoms of pregnancy, Baoma can condition from two aspects.

First, the diet in the early stages of pregnancy is particularly critical. Although the family is very concerned about pregnant women and wants her to eat more good supplements, it must be clearly distinguished and appropriate.Do not cut too much greasy.And the amount of eating must be controlled, it is best to eat and eat less.

Second, the rest of the rest is also very good for Bao Ma’s body. After rest, listen to more casual and soothing music, and watch some more relaxed and happy videos, which can alleviate a certain effect on pregnancy.


Many Baoma will have abdominal flatulence during pregnancy, which will cause daily life to be affected.The flatulence is mainly due to the rise in lutein in pregnant women’s body, so the digestive system is affected. In addition, some pregnant women have various replenishments during pregnancy, which is also the cause of flatulence.The conditioning method is as follows:

First, we must pay attention to the regular diet. In addition, proper exercise can also effectively relieve flatulence, such as walking after a walk to see the scenery, soothe your body and mind and exercise.

Second, if flatulence is serious, you can eat some lactic acid bacteria tablets. It can inhibit bacteria and change the intestinal acid and alkali to promote intestinal peristalsis, thereby alleviating the symptoms of flatulence.


The "exposure" during pregnancy "exposure" during pregnancy is very high. In addition to led to flatulence, it will also appear with constipation. This also makes the mothers worry very much.What happened.For constipation, in addition to the above -mentioned method of conditioning on flatulence, Baoma needs to pay attention to two more:

First, pay attention to timely defecation. When the body has a sense of defecation, it is necessary to go to the toilet, and the constipation is stifled in the cradle.

Second, drink plenty of warm water. This is a good habit. Drink water frequently to replenish water in time, especially now that it is dry in winter and drinking water. Occasionally you can drink some fresh fruit juice to supplement vitamins.Pay attention to freshly squeezed, there are many additives sold outside.

Pregnancy is a major event. Family people need to learn more about various kinds of pregnancy, take care of Baoma, so that the baby will be born smoothly and join in a happy family.

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