Frequent mouth -to -mouth and dry eyes, be alert to this disease!Can multiple organs damage and also affect fertility?

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winter is here

Do you feel particularly dry?

It doesn’t seem to be useful to drink a lot of water a day

Drink more

Want to cry without tears

Many people think that the autumn and winter weather is dry

It’s normal to "get angry" easily

So it doesn’t attract everyone’s attention very much

But the doctor reminds

There is a kind of dry mouth that cannot be easily relieved

It is a disease -dry syndrome

Although there are many uncommon diseases mentioned next

It’s little known

What is dry syndrome?

Drying syndrome is an autoimmune disease characterized by high -degree glands of lymphocytes.

Such immune inflammation reactions such as salivary glands, lacrimal glands, etc. The corresponding symptoms are dry mouth, dry eye, and migraphy enlargement.

Drying syndrome is a disease that can accumulate the system that can accumulate the whole body. In addition to the dry mouth, it can also affect other important organs such as lung, liver, kidney, blood system.

Studies have shown that there are a variety of self -antibodies and high -immunoglobulin in serum of patients with dry syndrome. Its diseases are favored by female friends. The age of men and women is 1: 9 to 1: 20. The age of the onset is 40 to 50 years old.The specific causes are not clear.

What are the specific symptoms of dry syndrome?

Oral dryness

70-80%of patients have dry mouth, often need to drink water, take water for solid food, and get up at night to drink and drink water.

Easy tooth decay, multiple dental caries, teeth are black, fall off, and leave the root;

Mumps: intermittent, alternately mumps and soreness;

Tongue pain: dry, cracking.

Drying corner conjunctivitis

Due to the decrease in tears, the symptoms of dry eyes, feelings of foreign body, and less tears appear. In severe cases, they cry without tears. Some patients have repeated purulent infections, conjunctivitis, and keratitis.


The secretion of glands such as nasal cavity, digestive tract, vaginal vaginal, etc., causing symptoms such as dry nasal dryness, indigestion, constipation, and dry vaginal.

Multi -system performance

Skin damage is often manifested in joint pain if the skin damage occurs, and the kidney, lung, digestive system, nervous system, and blood system may be affected.

Merge various immune system diseases

In autoimmune diseases, a variety of diseases often appear together with dry signs, such as rheumatoid joint security, systemic lupus erythematosus, autoimmune hepatitis, etc. common diseases.

How to treat dry syndrome?

Primary drying syndrome has no root treatment method. The purpose of treatment is to relieve patients’ symptoms, prevent the development of diseases and protect important organ.

Treatment of oral dryness

Non -medicinal treatment: xylitol, sugar -free gum, artificial saliva, etc.

Improvement of lifestyle: Keep your mouth clean, rinse your mouth, and apply fluorous mouthwash and mouthwash if necessary to quit smoking and drinking.

Treatment of dry keratinitis

First -line treatment: artificial tears, gel/ointment for eye.

Reinforcement dry eye: Eye cortex hormone, 0.05%cycloid eye drops, and so on.

Dynamic tubular acid poisoning, hypopoppyhosis

Oral or intravenous potassium.

Treatment of joint muscle pain

Acute muscle skeletal pain: reduced symptoms of acetaminol or non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs (bislofenic acid, Losoropen, Saisiecib, etc.).

System treatment of organ damage

In the case of neurological system, glomerulonephritis, inter -pulmonary quality lesions, liver damage, reduced blood cells, especially platelet reduction, myositis, etc.; applications include: glucocorticoids, hydroxyl chlorine, immunosuppressantsSpecial, methotrexate, sulcure, mildoate, cyclopensimide, etc.), immunoglobulin, biological preparations (Lifenabi, Olimuki), of which the biological agent is mainly used for difficulty cureSexuality, severe illness, etc.

Pregnancy of patients with dry syndrome

It’s hard to think of ordinary people

What does dry syndrome have to do with pregnant children?

The relationship is really big. Because most of the patients with dry syndrome have antibodies such as anti -SSA, anti -SSB, ANA, etc., these antibodies on the one hand may affect women’s conception.

The probability of increasing embryonicity increased, on the other hand, anti -SSA and anti -SSB antibodies can be reached from the fetus from the placenta in the middle of pregnancy.

The risk of lupus erythematosus in the heart of the fetus.Therefore, when necessary, it is necessary to treat medication during pregnancy, and closely monitor the heart development of the fetus and the heart function of the newborn after the birth of the newborn.

How to diagnose dry syndrome?

Most of the diseased syndrome has been hidden, and most patients are difficult to say clearly on the onset time; and the clinical manifestations are diverse, and the severity of the disease is large.

The clinical classic diagnostic methods are lip glands and their own antibodies. Other auxiliary examination methods such as saliva ultrasound and mumm dynamic appearance have also been confirmed to help diagnostic drying syndrome.

In order to prevent misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis, for those who have dry and elderly female patients with dry eyes and dry mouth, those with unknown systemic muscle soreness, joint pain, rash, repeated fever, fatigue and other symptoms should think of the possibility of dry syndrome.It is necessary to perform ANA, Anti -SSA, and anti -SSB examination as soon as possible. If necessary, the lip glands can be biopsy to avoid delaying the condition. Do not wait until the condition is progressing, and even the visceral injury before going to the doctor.

Source: Shao Yifu Hospital

Author: Rheumatology Xucheng

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