Four years ago, the aunt of the sixties suddenly became pregnant. Regardless of his children’s opposition, he insisted on giving birth. What is now?


In 2019, a 67 -year -old aunt named Tian Xinju suddenly got the news of her pregnancy.

This news may be good news for other families, but it seems embarrassing for people of Tian Xinju at this age.And women who have been nearly seventy years have suddenly become pregnant?It doesn’t seem to be in line with common sense.

After learning that her mother was pregnant, Tian Xinju also said: The risk of having a child is too high, and you are older, it is better not to be born.

However, Tian Xinju and her husband Huang Weiping ignored their children’s opposition and insisted on giving birth.The family was very unpleasant.

How will the couple choose?What is the family now?

Sixalty Aunt suddenly came to a holiday

This incident started from 2015. Tian Xinju and Huang Weiping had three children, and each of them had a retirement of more than 10,000.Children also have a bright future, and the family lives in harmony.

However, there was an accident in their peaceful life.

One day, Tian Xinju felt dizzy for a while and could hardly stand up.She hurriedly called her husband, and Huang Weiping immediately lifted his wife.Go to the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital for treatment.

Old Chinese medicine said: Tian Xinju has cold in the body, and there is the risk of cerebral infarction."Old Chinese medicine prescribed some medicines and asked the couple to take home for a course of treatment.

After a course of treatment, Tian Xinju felt that the medicine had worked. Not only did she feel that the condition improved, her physical strength also increased, and her complexion was rosy.Even Huang Weiping joked: "Seeing the skin on your face has become white, is it the effect of the drug?"

Tian Xinju was very happy to see such a change. Tian Xinju continued to find Chinese medicine to condition him, hoping to continue to recover young.However, when they planned to seek medical treatment again, a embarrassing thing happened -Tian Xinju actually had a holiday again.

As a result, the couple discussed that they decided to go to the hospital for further examination.After the examination, the doctor gave the answer: "There is no illness, this is just a normal vacation, which indicates that your physical condition is good."

Tian Xinju couldn’t believe the doctor’s conclusion. She couldn’t help asking: "Doctor, I have had a short cerebral infarction before. Is there any problem in this regard?" The doctor explained patiently: "After examination, I found that your uterusVery energetic, which may be related to your condition, but you don’t have to worry, this is a good thing. "

Tian Xinju began to enjoy the beauty of life. She participated in some traditional Chinese medicine health classes to learn the way of health.She began to pay more attention to diet and exercise, insist on walking every day, and maintain good living habits.Her skin gradually becomes smooth and delicate, and she looks much younger than her actual age.

This story is also spread between relatives and friends. Many people are amazed by the changes in Tian Xinju, and they have asked her an experience in education.Tian Xinju was very pleased. She told everyone that paying attention to physical health, reasonable diet, and moderate exercise is the secret of maintaining young.

But Tian Xinju did not expect that after the holiday came, there was another bigger "surprise" waiting for her.

Sudden pregnancy

In the circulation of time, it came to the spring of 2019.Tian Xinju is over sixty years old.

At this point, Tian Xinju found that her resumption of holiday suddenly stopped.At first, she didn’t care too much, because according to her age, she should have stopped menstruation.

But occasionally abdominal pain and abdominal soreness, this makes Tian Xinju very worried.So he came to the hospital for a comprehensive physical examination.However, the diagnosis of the doctor then stunned the old couple: "You are pregnant."

Pregnant?How can it be?You can still get pregnant in the sixties, which seems to be a ridiculous joke from the doctor.The old couple questioned the doctor in doubt, and suspected that the diagnosis had made a mistake.

However, the following test results confirmed the doctor’s statement again. Tian Xinju was indeed pregnant and had been pregnant for four months.

Faced with this unavoidable problem, whether to retain children or terminate pregnancy, and became a choice that the couple had to face.

When he first learned that his wife was pregnant, Huang Weiping was a little embarrassed. He felt that such a thing happened at his age, which was a bit embarrassing.

However, when he got the B -ultrasound examination form and saw that the fetus had begun to look, his attitude quickly changed.Since God gave him a chance to be his father again, he should cherish it.Huang Weiping firmly believes that this is a gift given him God.

Tian Xinju also fully supports her husband’s thoughts.She firmly believes that she cannot give up the child, and she cannot end the new life with a powerful heartbeat in their bodies.

Although it has been more than two months, if you give up at this time, you can only induce labor and you cannot choose a drug abortion.As a doctor of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital, she has seen the painful induction process many times, and she does not want to give up a life, especially this life with a strong heartbeat.

In the end, the Tian Xinju couple still decided: leave this child.

Despite the decision to protect the fetus, the old couple also made the worst plans.Once they encounter any adverse situations during the fetal protection process, they will immediately terminate pregnancy.

But fortunately, everything in the fetus is normal.Near production, her physical condition did not have any discomfort, which strengthened their determination to retain their children.

But the husband and wife are older, and there must be a lot of risks to have children. How would the two older choose?

The couple disregard the children’s opposition and insist on giving birth

Tian Xinju and Huang Weiping are already couples who already have one child and one daughter. Their children have become family and have their own children.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the old couple had been worried about whether the children could accept this fact, so they chose to hide the children and not tell the children.

However, they knew that this kind of thing was concealed for a while, and they would not be able to hide when they produced.So the two decided to tell their children.

The daughter was shocked after hearing it, and expressed his firm opposition. Her attitude was very tough. She said, "I don’t agree! I am so old that I have the risk of having a child. What if the accident happens?When we come down, we will cut off the relationship! "

Huang Weiping’s tough attitude made Huang Weiping feel a little annoyed. He said angrily: "What do we want to do, it is our all things, we don’t need you to intervene."

Tian Xinju followed, "My dad and my dad have added more than 10,000. We can support ourselves. We don’t need you to take care of it, and we will never bother you."

After a fierce dispute, her daughter left angrily, and the relationship between loved ones suffered a serious impact.

The old couple did not understand their daughters’ concerns. They understood the risks of the elderly childbirth, the child’s support and educational issues, and the views of the outside world and the views of relatives.They have considered these problems, but they can’t let go of this little life.

As a lawyer, Huang Weiping was returned to work after retirement. The income of this job can be used to save money for children as an educational fund or other use.Economic issues are not what they worry about.

As for the problems of age and physical condition, they understand that the growth of age is irresistible, but their bodies have always maintained well, and they have a precedent for longevity.They decided to pay more attention to maintenance and strive to live to 100 years old.

The hospital made a series of detailed examinations for the expectant mother. According to her physical condition, she was not suitable for her continued pregnancy.

Breeding this child is too harmful to her body, and may even endanger life.The hospital explained to this couple, hoping that they could give up the child.

However, it was unexpected that they chose to have a child.The couple knows that this is a dangerous decision.

They have spent most of their lives together, and they cherish this life.This child can come in their later years, maybe the best time, everything is destined.

There was a crack between the couple and the daughter, and her daughter no longer cared about her parents.The couple were determined to give birth to the child, so the hospital sent someone to take care of this special pregnant woman.Maybe this is the heavenly care, and the whole pregnancy process is very smooth.

In the 36th week of pregnancy, the hospital performed a cesarean section for her.

The child came to this world smoothly and was a cute girl.The couple named her Tianci.This is the fate given to them by heaven, telling them to cherish it.

After the birth of God, what kind of life does the second old and heavenly live?

The current life of the second old and Godci

During Tian Xinju’s confinement, Huang Weiping invited Yueyu to help take care of it.But he was not idle.

Every morning, Huang Weiping will start a early vegetable market to buy fresh earth eggs, chicken, duck and fish to ensure that his wife and children can get sufficient nutrition.

At noon, he would drive home to make a rich lunch for his granddaughter."I have to go back to the hospital as soon as possible to take care of my wife", which is a sentence he often said.

After Tian Xinju took the confinement, Yueyue left and took care of the burden of the old and the younger school that finally fell on the shoulder of "Super Grandma" Huang Weiping.At 4 am every morning, he got up to give his child milk, slap, coax to sleep, and then prepare breakfast for the whole family. There was almost no leisure time.

The diapers, toys, and milk powder are piled up in all corners of the room. God -free is a bit naughty. The family is often messy at home, and sometimes it is accidentally injured.Huang Weiping has always followed her to protect her, while picking up what her daughter thrown away and planning for the future.

Xiao Tianci grew up day by day, Huang Weiping decided to record the child’s growth, so he filmed the daily life of Tianci into a video and uploaded it to the Internet.God has a pair of big eyes and fleshy faces, which are extremely flattering.

The video recorded the first time I called my father and mother, for the first time to eat birthday cakes, swimming for the first time, the first time I went out to play with my dad, and so on.The first time I left one after another, she lived happily with her parents.

However, there will always be some netizens’ mouth loss, and some people will always say something unclean.However, Huang Weiping and Tian Xinju never cared, because they felt that their lives were spent for themselves, not to let others see.

Uploading the daily life videos of Tianci to the Internet is purely to record the child’s growth and reserve it as a memorial, so that the heavenly gift will grow up in the future.

Huang Weiping and Tian Xinju considers that they are now 70 years old, and they cannot let Tianci be helpless after a hundred years.They cannot just enjoy their success, but to provide sufficient material foundations for the future life of heaven.

As a result, Huang Weiping was re -employed, and he became a lawyer again.Although he is over seventy years old, because he has been engaged in the work of lawyers, his professional ability is very strong, and customers trust him very much.Most cases were resolved through online trials and online trials, so he could complete his work without going out.

Every night, when he coaxed the child to fall asleep, Huang Weiping will turn on the computer to check the case and write a report until late at 12 o’clock.When he feels tired, he will rest for a while before continuing to work.

He often mocked himself: "Other elderly people are sitting in a rocking chair to enjoy retirement, but I return to the state of being young. Time is not enough!" This kind of discourse has both jokes and real feelings.

Perhaps Xiaotianci is really a gift from God.The eldest daughter liked her very much after seeing her sister’s photos. She often took care of God and bought her a lot of toys.

The blood relationship between loved ones is always the strongest. In the end, the family returned to its original state under the "matching" of heaven.


The two couples may really receive the gift of heaven, so that they can obtain a small life miraculously in such an age, and they can also give birth to heavenly with such high risks. The relationship with the children is also because of God.More and more harmonious.

With the upload of Tianci’s video to the Internet, many netizens have expressed their own remarks.

Some people think that the old couple is too selfish and thinks that if there are any accidents, they will only throw responsibility to their children, and this approach will only increase the burden on the children.

Moreover, they may also face challenges in health and physical strength, and they may face some difficulties during their children’s growth.It may not be able to provide care and support for children for a long time.

However, some people think they are correct.They believe that "natural conception" is a reward given by heaven and should respect the arrival of this little life.

It is based on their belief in family and love, and they are willing to provide happiness and care for their children.They may have thought about their decisions and believe that they can overcome possible difficulties through the support and efforts of relatives.

But no matter how fierce the remarks on the Internet, Huang Weiping and Tian Xinju did not shake it. The second old man said: "As long as we live our good life, take care of it.matter."

What do you think about this matter?Welcome to leave a message below.

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