Fortunately, the miracle of pregnancy is 95th day

Week 14 (92 ~ 98 days)

The waist is full, and there is more and more "pregnancy"!

Pregnant mother’s waist looks a lot full, and the weight has increased.Estrogen in the body is still playing, and the secretions of vaginal and cervix have been continuing.At this time, the shape of the breast changed, and the base expanded to both sides.Pregnant mothers sometimes feel itching of the skin, which is the result of hormones, and there is no need to worry.

Day 92 ~ 93

Fetal baby starts to practice breathing

The fetal baby practiced breathing exercise in the uterus, and the amniotic fluid was sucked into the lungs and exhaled it.Amniotic fluid has an indispensable role in the formation of airbags in the lungs.In addition, the baby’s internal organs have basically developed, and they have begun to work and played their role.

Why do pregnant mothers dizzy

Due to the physical changes in the whole body of pregnancy, if the pregnant mother cannot adapt to these changes, or there is a variety of symptoms in their physical fitness.

Cause of dizziness

Dizziness that occurs in early pregnancy, there is no adverse consequences.After pregnancy, the autonomous nervous system disorders of the pregnant mother, regulating the movement nerve unstable of the blood vessels, and dizziness due to short -term cerebral hemorrhage when the position suddenly changes.Due to pregnancy, the blood capacity of pregnant mothers increases to meet the growth needs of the baby.At this time, the blood circulation of pregnant mothers can increase by 20%to 30%, of which plasma increases by 40%, and red blood cells increase by about 20%. The blood is diluted accordingly to form physiological anemia, making the pregnant mother feel dizzy.

Pregnancy reactions cause less feeding, often accompanied by hypoglycemia, which can easily cause dizziness.Especially when standing suddenly and standing for a long time, it is more likely to happen.

How to prevent dizziness

To prevent dizziness, pregnant mothers should pay attention to daily life details.If the symptoms are severe, seek medical treatment in time.

Frequent dizziness should pay attention

If this phenomenon often occurs, there is a possibility of anemia, hypotension, hypertension, malnutrition or heart disease, and should be checked in time.

If dizziness occurs in the late pregnancy, especially when it is accompanied by symptoms such as edema, hypertension, etc., it must not look at it. It is often a precursor to some severe complications such as eclampsia and should be seen as soon as possible, otherwise the consequences are extremely serious.

On the 94th ~ 95th baby, the baby can play the piano

The baby’s baby is now quite active, because he is too small, so he can easily turn in the large space of the goose eggs.And the baby’s little fingers can now move freely. If there is a small piano now, he will be happy.

Pregnant mothers have more benefits to yoga

The exercise during pregnancy is mainly soft, and many pregnant mothers think of yoga during pregnancy.Indeed, there are many benefits of yoga during pregnancy.But when will yoga start during pregnancy?What should I pay attention to during the practice?Let’s take a look together.

How to practice yoga safely

Throughout pregnancy, pregnant mothers can practice different yoga postures, but they must be based on personal needs and moderate.EssenceYoga is not the only way to make pregnancy and childbirth more safe.Childbirth must consume a lot of physical strength, so most pregnant mothers will have uneasy emotions before childbirth. This is a normal phenomenon. Practicing yoga can make this process relatively easy and simple, and help pregnant mothers produce in production.Keep a peaceful mentality before.

Maybe you don’t know

From the fourth month, it officially started practicing yoga. In the early stages of pregnancy (1 to 3 months of pregnancy), due to the unstable and pregnancy reactions of the placenta, pregnant mothers do any effortless moves and finally give up because they are not easy to persist.And pregnant mothers who have had a history of abortion should not act lightly.Therefore, it is recommended to exercise from the fourth month of pregnancy.

There are many benefits to practice yoga

Pregnant mothers practice yoga can enhance physical strength, pelvis, muscle tension, enhance the body’s sense of balance, and improve the flexibility and flexibility of the entire muscle tissue.At the same time, accelerate blood circulation and control breathing well.Practicing yoga can also play the role of massage the internal organs of the body, help improve sleep, make pregnant mothers healthy, comfortable, and form a positive and healthy attitude towards life.Yoga can also help pregnant mothers to regulate themselves and make their minds and minds into one.

The development of the mouth 96 ~ 98 is large

The development of the baby’s mouth has made great progress.The muscles used to suck make the cheeks plump.The gums have appeared in the tooth meat.The esophagus and trachea have been presented, and the throat has begun to form.Today, the baby’s saliva glands began to play a role.

Be wary of sciatica

Many pregnant mothers complain that they have sciatica, which seriously affects their normal life.Pregnant mothers who do not have this symptoms are also better to understand this content and take preventive measures.

How to relieve sciatica

Pregnant mothers with sciatica pain will feel pain and numbness in hips, and even accompanied by acupuncture -like feelings. In severe cases, it will cause activities difficulty, such as not standing, walking or turning over.

Pregnant mothers with sciatica should pay attention to rest and do not mention heavy objects.Because fatigue can only increase the pelvic pressure of pregnant mothers and make the condition worsen.Calcium and B vitamins can avoid osteoporosis and alleviate sciatica.Avoid sleeping soft beds, sciatica is caused by the compression of the sciatic nerve. The hard board bed can provide a good support for the pelvis to avoid the worsening of the pregnant mother’s condition.If the pregnant mother’s condition is very serious and feel the pain is unbearable, they should seek medical treatment in time.

Reasons for sciatica pain

Only by understanding the cause of sciatica can prevent and relieve the symptoms that have occurred.

If pregnant mothers are deficient in calcium, they will cause sciatica.

If pregnant mothers lack B vitamins, they will cause sciatica.

Continuous uterine compression to the sciatic nerve can cause the pregnant mother’s sciatica.

Special reminder -don’t sleep too soft bed

Many pregnant mothers like to sleep soft beds. They feel so comfortable and they will sleep better.In fact, sleeping soft beds are not good for the body, and it is easy to cause sciatica.Because the too soft mattress cannot provide good support for the body, especially the pelvis, it will increase the pressure of the body, and the hard bed is just the opposite, which can provide a good support for the pelvis.

Therefore, the quasi -dad is best to check the bed at home. If it is too soft, replace it for pregnant mothers and put on a soft and hard mattress.

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