Foods that must be avoided after pregnancy, new mothers must know!

There was a young couple, and the long -awaited children finally arrived this winter.The prospective mother Xiaofang was happy. In order to give the baby the best protection, he began to prepare all kinds of items needed by the baby.However, in her joy, there are some small troubles.

Occasionally, Xiaofang saw an article about "food that must be avoided during pregnancy", only to find that he actually ignored the usual small habits during pregnancy.She realized that for the baby’s health, there are many places to pay attention to.

The following is the summary of bad foods that must be avoided during pregnancy.

First of all, it is necessary to avoid raw or unfamiliar foods, such as raw meat, raw egg yolk, sashimi, raw shellfish, and so on.Because these foods carry a large amount of bacteria, they may cause infection and threaten the fetus, so pregnant women must completely heated the ingredients to cooked before eating.

Secondly, pregnant women should also choose the choice of dairy products.Fresh milk, dairy products that have not been sterilized or ultra -high -temperature sterilization without Basal, are preferably avoided. They are prone to infection with list bacteria and have an impact on the baby’s brain development. If you want to eat, it is best to choose dairy products that meet quality standards.

Pregnant women should also try to avoid eating high caffeine or foods containing artificial pigment during pregnancy.High caffeine foods, such as coffee, tea, cola, chocolate, etc., will affect the sleep of pregnant women, and artificial pigments can stimulate children’s allergies.

Finally, carbohydrates should also be limited to avoid obesity and diabetes.Keep a balanced diet, consume enough vitamins and minerals, reject high sugar and high -fat foods, and eat more vegetables, fruits and low -fat, low -salt foods.You can drink plenty of water, increase dietary fiber, and maintain good health.

To sum up, avoiding and reducing the above bad food during pregnancy can effectively reduce the impact of bad substances on the baby, and ensure that babies can get the best protection and care from the beginning.I would like to remind all expectant mothers to pay attention to their eating habits, and they are not endless during pregnancy but healthy.Let us expect that every healthy baby can grow up healthy under the care and care of expectant mothers.

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