Folklore taboos: not in the year of the fate, marriage in March, June, July, etc. Why?


People are complicated, the so -called "taboos, there are always ghosts and gods."The main things are building houses, building graves, frozen dices, and marriage.Among them, funeral, grave, fertility, marriage and other taboos have been described before. In the early stage, the taboos were mainly discussed to build houses and rest.It is just a man who said, the rules of the moment.

In addition, the days of catching pigs are generally three, six, and nine days.The cows and sows are not allowed to enter the column during their delivery.When selling pigs to drive pigs, the housewife wanted to call the pig back to eat, and the pig’s rope must be taken back.etc.The following focuses on "marriage, contraindications of sex".

Folk customs cannot be married in their own zodiac year. The folk believes that the year of this year is the weakest period of a person’s fortune.According to the twelve -year round, the fate is equivalent to the fate of birth babies; it cannot be married in March, June and July. The people believe that June is half of the year, and March and July are the months of ghosts.There is a Qingming Festival in March. July 15th is a ghost festival, also known as "Zhongyuan Festival", "Menglan Penna Festival", and "Emphasized Zi Festival".The people believe that the Yan Wang will spend the festival in the costumes and ghosts on the same day, and let the living people bless the dead. I wish the people in another world for their thoughts and happiness.

Folk customs believe that the yin is full of yin and the yang is not strong; the bride in June is equal to half of the bride, which is also called half a moon wife. "July is the time when the moon and faces of the moon and the earth cross each other. The bride’s dresses cannot have pockets. The folks believe that there are pockets to take away the family’s wealth. When they get married, the seats behind the float cannot be sitting.A child of a woman is commonly known as "there is a posterior". You cannot meet another team to marry a team on the way to marry the bride. If you encounter it, it is commonly known as "Hi Chongxi", which will offset each other’s blessings.Or the two sides stop, set off firecrackers on both sides, blow suona, knock on gongs and drums, and after playing the wedding song again, walk half to separate;Exchange flowers to resolve, and so on. The bride cannot use flower umbrellas and black umbrellas. Whether the weather is cloudy, you must cover the road with red umbrellas. When you go out, you can spend Geely.

You cannot spend the night outside within three months, nor can you participate in the wedding and funeral celebration.If you have to participate, you need to participate in a newlywed couple.You cannot get married within a year after the death of a direct family, commonly known as "life and death."One day before marriage, the groom could not be allowed to sleep alone. He needed to find a few boys who did not get married to sleep with each other, and "wet" the bed, called "pressing the bed".Commonly known as "sleeping bed, no dead husband is also dead wife."On the day of marriage, before bedtime, no one can go to bed in a new bed.

The people call sexual intercourse "that thing", or "doing that thing", which is called "intercourse" and "the love of bed".Those who are not in the house are called "wildhery".Nohe is not allowed.The folk believes that wildness is dirty world, and the gods are blank.The wild people were bombarded by Wu Lei, and they were chopped to death.Folk customs believe that its image lies in this to intimidate the improper sexual behavior between men and women.In fact, women are lying in a quilt, baking in a stove, and a hot bath after taking a hot bath. The breasts will become nervous and firm, and they feel excited, and women in the wild cannot reach orgasm.The couple can’t sleep together in the same bed in other people’s homes, and they have to sleep separately.In particular, the newlywed couple arrived at her mother’s house, otherwise it would be unlucky to hit her family.When the husband and wife live, the husband cannot ignore the foreplay of sex and go straight to the theme, which will cause his wife to dislike; the frequency of intercourse cannot be too frequent, about twice a week; it cannot be too fierce.

We must not talk about sexual behavior between husband and wife in public, and do not travel during the day or light, and do it in the dark.As the saying goes, "Go to bed couple, get out of bed."Otherwise, the body is punished by the god.Folk customs believe that once they are hit when they are in a house, they will be panicked, frightened, and shameful, which may lead to injuries.

The beds cannot be lent for others. The people think that lending to others for marriage is dirty and dirty.Foreign couples include their own daughter and son -in -law cannot be in their own bed.Especially those who are just married at home are strictly forbidden for outsiders at home.The people believe that they are unlucky, affect the extension of their descendants, and so on.

During the period of special weather and natural disasters and human disasters, such as solar eclipses, lunar eclipses, storms, rain, earthquakes, electrical flashes, thunder, floods, droughts, hail disasters, locusts, plague, etc.The folk believes that at this time, it is a violation of God’s will, disrespect to the god of heaven, and blasphemy of the will of ghosts and gods.

In special places and places, such as the ancestral temples, ancestral halls, temples, palace views, under the shrine, beside the well, grave, coffin, etc.The folks believe that these places are ghosts, gods’ aspirations or entry and exit. Men and women are here to blame and violate the ghost elves. The disrespect to the gods will be punished or condemned by the gods and ghosts, bringing disaster.

When two to three months of pregnancy, the couple cannot do business.Even for eight or nine months, there is no intercourse.The folk believes that the intercourse at this time will cause the child to be born with prostitution when he grows up.

Can’t lean on the back of the guest seat.You can’t step on the stool or on the ground, kick the ground, etc.When you can’t "Erlang’s Legs", your toes are facing others, shaking frequently; your legs are open straight and open, and your toes shake shake to the left and right.You can’t pull in front of others; you can’t pointed your nose with your fingers when you talk about yourself, and you cannot pointers with your fingers when you talk about others.You cannot use your fingers to pull your nostrils, pick your teeth, dig your ears, grab the scalp, etc.

"Tattoo (text) body".Tattoo is also known as tattoos, and must be tattooed in a clean place.Among them, the belief patterns such as the Buddha and Pusa cannot be tattooed in the front chest, nor can they be tattooed on the obscene parts. They cannot be fierce, as well as alternative patterns such as flames, characters, cartoons, etc., with distinctive personality.Tattoo customs are occasionally presented in Jingchu, reflecting the concept of aesthetics, pursuit and belief.The parts and patterns of the tattoo cannot be determined at will.The tattoo parts are on the back, hands, shoulders, feet, legs, waist, chest, head, neck, etc.The tattoo patterns include Qinglong, evil dragon, Phoenix and other totem patterns.Totem tattoo, has a rough sense, brings a unrestrained beauty.Animal patterns such as bats, carp, butterflies have fashion and visibility and strong vitality.Plant patterns such as roses, peony, and trees have the characteristics of traditional culture and bring people a sense of interest and texture.It is the representative of the oriental tattoo.Kui Xing, Guan Gong, Bodhisattva, Buddha, Angel, Skeleton and other belief patterns have the image of blessing, commemoration, admiration, and encouragement.

The tattoo of folklore is contained in the five elements of yin and yang and Tai Chi gossip.The tattoo site and pattern are determined according to the fate of the person.The man in the eight characters of men is heavy, and the patterns such as Qinglong, Kui Xing, Guan Gong, etc. The body parts of the tattoo are determined according to the complexion of the five elements.The people believe that tattoos can balance yin and yang, coordinate the five elements, enhance resistance, and bring fortune.People with weak constitutions should not pat the Buddha statue, Guanyin statue, death, Yasha, Rakshagi and other chests.The people believe that "unable to carry" or "backbone".

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