Folk story: Women dream of being entangled by pythons, please come to Lao Tao, Taoist: It is saving your life

The sky is bright, and a layer of dew is staying on the tiles of the village house. The villagers in Xiaomeng are still squinting. Only a few sparrows on the pepper tree in the village head are lazy and quiet.

With a squeak, a familiar figure appeared in the village, holding his body, his hands behind him, half -exposing his chest, a little rapid footsteps.The waist was swinging left and right, and it turned out to be the "wolf" uncle.

Speaking of Uncle Wolf, he has a bunch of things that others want to do but dare not do, such as hitting his own uncle … but this is not enough to let the villagers call him uncle Wolf.The main thing is his face. A slender teeth are twice as long as ordinary people, so that they can’t meet their mouths. They have been exposed to the outside. In addition, with a hot temper, it looks like a wolf.Uncle Wolf.

With a hurry, he walked all the way towards the west of the village along the way.It didn’t take long to come to the door of Dr. Yan, the doctor of the village doctor, and watched the cooked smoke from the stove room. It should have been making breakfast.Uncle Wolf raised his hands and pushed the door, and called "Dr. Yan" while walking.

"Hey", Dr. Yan’s response came from the side of the house.

"What are you busy?" Uncle Wolf looked for his voice.

"Give a fire, prepare to boil some tea." Doctor Yan was packed the firewood at the corner.After seeing Uncle Wolf, he asked, "Why, is anyone uncomfortable at home?"

"Yeah, my wife didn’t know what happened last night. I was confused in the morning. I was sober and confused for a while, and said nonsense, you hurried to show it!" Uncle Wolf was anxious.

"It is very serious to listen to you, so hurry up!" Said that Dr. Yan entered the house and put on the back of the house, and said to the wife who cooks in the kitchen, he went with Uncle Wolf.

When I came to Uncle Wolf’s residence, it was already on.Uncle Wolf hurriedly moved to the chair to let Dr. Yan sit down. At the same time, Dr. Yan also took out his pulse pillow from the medicine box, and was cushted under the wrist of the wolf’s wife Jiang’s wrist, and then diagnosed the pulse.

At this time, Jiang was a little sober, saying, "I had a dream last night, and dreamed that a big snake was entangled with me. I felt my waist tightly in the morning and felt like I was entangled. The whole body could not move.The whole person is dizzy. "After speaking, he was confused, and he said" uncomfortable, don’t tie me "in his mouth!

Along with Jiang’s sober and confused, the pulse is sometimes calm, and sometimes disordered. Looking at Jiang’s face, it is no different from normal people and there is no signs of fever.Dr. Yan had been medical treatment for the first time for many years, and for the first time, he didn’t know what the disease was, let alone the medicine below.

When he was scorched, he accidentally glanced at the gossip map on the wall of Uncle Wolf’s house, reminding him of a person- "Zhengqing Taoist" Chen Rong.

Doctor Yan got up and pulled Uncle Wolf out of the house, telling him the deeds of Chen Taoist.In the same village, Uncle Wolf naturally heard.I just did not expect that this kind of thing would happen to my own head, so I told the family to go to the Taoist view on the mountain to find Chen Taoist. Doctor Yan also went home for dinner.

Uncle Wolf arrived at the mountain at noon, because he was worried about his wife and didn’t care about eating breakfast, he went to Chen Taoist’s Taoist view.

In the Taoist view, I saw two Taoist children cleaning the dust in the view.Uncle Wolf explained the intention, and Dao Tong ran to tell Chen Taoist who was sitting in the room.Chen Daoshi pointed out, and he felt that the matter was very important, and he quickly got up and went to the mountain with Uncle Wolf.

"Dao, do you just go so empty? I don’t see any magic weapon!" Uncle Wolf was a little worried.

"You see, what is this!" Chen Taoist took out a few runes from his sleeves, so that Uncle Wolf had to worry too much.

At the house of Uncle Wolf, Chen Taoist saw that Jiang’s body was really a big snake, and he told Uncle Wolf.

"Then ask the Chief of the Taoist to conquer this big snake, my wife was tortured to death!"

"Hahaha, it is the life of saving your wife, never disturb it!"

"What? Aren’t you joking! Don’t scare me!"

"This big snake is the local mountain god, it is protecting your wife and not being hurt by Huang Daxian!"

"Huang Daxian?" Uncle Wolf was thinking.

It turned out that yesterday, when Jiang’s work was working at home, he suddenly heard his chicken screaming and hurried to the chicken house.It turned out that a yellow skin stole the chicken and was biting the chicken’s neck and dragging out.Jiang picked up a stick and hit it, although Huangpi Zi hurried to dodge and jumped onto the wall of the courtyard, and still suffered a stick.After Huangpi’s jumper jumped the wall, he looked back, glanced at Jiang fiercely, and then jumped away.Uncle Wolf recalled these things yesterday, and he was afraid of his heart.

"What’s the matter with the mountain god, why do it help our house?" Uncle Wolf was puzzled.

"You see this mountain temple and your family only dozens of steps, presumably your wife often worships it!"

"That’s it. From time to time, he will clean up the dust inside, and also give up the incense of the upper pillar."

"That’s right, Shan Shen has not forgotten you!"

It turned out that this yellow peel has been cultivated for hundreds of years and has become a little popular Huang Daxian.After finding that Huang Daxian wanted to retaliate against Jiang, he wanted to stop it positively.After afraid that when he left, Huang Daxian came to retaliate again, and used the original god to protect Jiang’s body, in order to prevent the three souls and six souls from being sucked by Huang Daxian.After listening to Chen Dao’s explanation, Uncle Wolf understood it completely.

At this moment, Huang Daxian came again.After discovering, Chen Daoshi took out two spiritual symbols out of his sleeves and threw it out. One chased Huang Daxian and followed, and the other was sealing its way. Soon Huang Daxian was subdued.Chen Daoshi ignited a spiritual symbol and borrowed the spiritual power of the ancestor to make the mountain god return to the position.Jiang’s family also returned to normal and thanked him again and again.

Before Chen Daisun and it made a big mistake, he spared it a small life and only abolished its century -old.Sliding up and put in the sleeve.It is said to bring this beast to the mountain. There are a lot of mice in the Taoist view, so let it catch the mouse!

Subsequently, Chen Taoist and the uncle Wolf farewell and went up the mountain.

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