Folk story: The 43 -year -old widow and the 65 -year -old uncle were together for half a year, but the widow was pregnant, but she cried

The 43 -year -old widow met Uncle Wang, 65 for less than half a year.Widow is unexpectedly pregnant.Uncle Wang immediately took out something and cried with his head.What happened?Let’s look down.Uncle Wang, 65, is a cadre leader.But in fact, it’s not.After retirement, Uncle Wang received 12,000 wages per month, but just two years after Uncle Wang retired, his wife suddenly died of myocardial infarction.After the death of his wife, for Uncle Wang, this is a deep blow. Usually Uncle Wang is like an emperor at home, he doesn’t care, and be a shopkeeper.As for my wife, take care of housework, take care of all the expenses and income of the family.Uncle Wang was very relaxed and happy.Unexpectedly, after the death of his wife, Uncle Wang’s life was bad.Uncle Wang has been calculated like this since his wife died. Since his wife has died?I have a retirement salary every month.Then I will not find this wife to pull me in the future, live with my children.But reality is often like this.As for Uncle Wang, he ran to his son’s house, spoke to his daughter -in -law, and said that he had a retirement salary every month.As for me, show your children at home.When I was old, I also enjoyed the joy of the old man.But the words of the daughter -in -law made Uncle Wang suffer.My daughter -in -law said, dad, you can come to our house, we welcome, but our family lives in a 120 -square -meter house. This is too small. You come to our house, so many people live in this house, too crowdAh, move to your 200 -square -meter villa. Your villa is so big and so empty. How suitable for our family members. This small house is left to my mother’s brother, my mother’s brother, and now the children are going to school in the city.This is not still renting a house outside, so, Uncle Wang.After listening to this, I immediately cared about it.I thought that I had a 300,000 car that year, and the daughter -in -law lent it to my brother alive.So Uncle Wang refused to go to his daughter -in -law’s house.Uncle Wang thought, no matter what, I have two children, I do n’t go to my daughter -in -law’s house, and then I go to my daughter’s house and live for my daughter’s house, which is more lively.But as soon as Uncle Wang arrived at his daughter’s house, as soon as he said it, his daughter quickly said, Dad, I welcomes you to our house.When my mother -in -law used to live in my house, 50%of her monthly salary will be given to me.As our living expenses, you can see my mother -in -law doing this.If you come to our house, your salary must be given to me like my mother -in -law.Uncle Wang was so smart as soon as he heard his daughter’s account.then.Uncle Wang thought that, he still returned to Lao Ni.Uncle Wang’s heart is particularly cold, thinking, whoever rely on it is better to rely on yourself.I have a house, a pension, and a deposit.I will not live directly with the children.I find a wife myself.In this way, with the help of colleagues, Uncle Wang soon met a woman, she was a widow.She is 43 years old.This widow is particularly capable.She also opened these two hotels.She is beautiful and fashionable.She doesn’t look like her 40s at all.She really looks like she is in her 30s.Soon, Uncle Wang and this widow named Lina.They were together soon, and the two chatted very happily. More than 100 days later, the two also decided the relationship between the two. In the next half of the year, the two soon got a certificate of marriage.After getting married, Uncle Wang’s colleagues sent them blessings.They are very envious of Uncle Wang.He is 65 years old.He can also marry such a young wife, beautiful and temperament.He is still the boss.They are very envious of Uncle Wang.Seeing the old husband and wife in love so much, neighbors also sent blessings.However, this day lasted for more than half a year. After half a year, the two of them were stiff because of one thing. I did not expect that the widow Lina was two months after marriage, and suddenly felt unwell, vomiting, headache, and no appetite.Uncle Wang was very scared, thinking, did you get sick soon after getting married?Immediately took her daughter -in -law Lina to the hospital for examination. This is good. I do n’t know. The inspection scared Uncle Wang, Lina, unexpectedly pregnant, more than a month of pregnancy, dizzy.After learning about this notice, Lina was very happy.Her assets reached millions, but there were really no relatives around her.Unexpectedly, La Na was very happy when she was old. This is the best gift God gave me.But Uncle Wang, who was standing aside, was unhappy.Uncle Wang thought so. You see, I found my two children after my wife died. I really did not expect that my two children never cared about my body. Regardless of my life, I just wanted mePension and house, I can’t feel happy.You say what children want children, so Uncle Wang despise it is also very realistic.Then Uncle Wang said to Lina, this child, we don’t want, but this is a good thing for Lina, this child is really time to send.Lina firmly said that the child must stay and cultivate him for adults.

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