Focusing on a flash marriage?Can a man who gets married for ten days can be reliable?

What can you save orange this "sugar" head

It’s really embarrassed …

Watch a childcare variety show,

I was gained by my shallowness to "Parenting Love" ☺ ☺️

Ma Yang, a Xinjiang man galloping on the horse,

Since the age of 7, he has been riding on horseback, and has been taming up at the age of 20. He has a "Wild Ranch"

(That is the racecourse)

There are many horses!Intersection

(He Sui, they also went to take a picture)

Ma Junyan, Xinjiang girl with a high atmosphere ⬇️

A powerful woman who drove to the hospital when she was pregnant for seven months of pregnancy

In a word to summarize the love of these two people:

I think the other party is "sick"

Is it a soul fit?

In the barbecue restaurant, Ma Yang ordered a salmon,

Ma Junyan said directly: Are you sick? Eat salmon in this kind of place?

Ma Yang also feels,

Ma Junyan is a bit sick

Ma Yang even wants to show his domineering of his grassland man in front of his wife


A mistake …

Sloped and fell on the shoulders

The key is…

They knew ten days!IntersectionIntersection

Ten days!IntersectionIntersection

Just get married!IntersectionIntersection

(I want to call it destined)

"At that moment, eh ~ it’s over ~" And their parents don’t know

It doesn’t matter,

I know now

Wedding is still the theme of "Back Wedding"

It’s very Xinjiang ~

Ma Yang can be regarded as the realistic version of the wild darts, right?

You can tame the most wild horse,

You can also eat meat directly with knife

But Ma Yang, who is with his wife,

It’s all gentle and delicate, focusing on a contrast

Although they do not have the "greasy" feeling of sweet words,

But it will be inexplicable ~

Every time I go home,

Ma Yang is particularly happy: "Are you back?"

I report it before going to bed every day,

Know Junyan is afraid of spiders,

When you see it, you will clean up immediately …

Junyan: Just call me if you have anything

Ma Yang: Okay, call you right away ~

His son Ma Liao asked Junyan to pour the shit basin

Ma Yang: I pour, my mother wears slippers …

(Ma Liao … you are your mother’s biological)

Sit together like this when watching the video,

Ma Yang’s eyes

Does anyone get it!IntersectionIntersection

Ma Yang said that the desert in the northwest could not be planted, and

(It means that you are not romantic enough)

But even if this is so good!Intersection

But are the two of you in front of the camera too restrained!Intersection

Why is it just shaking hands!Intersection

Too too much as an outsider, right?

At present, the closest action is outside the camera:

Pinch your arms ⬇️

Cover your mouth ⬇️

(Why cover it with your hands? Why can’t you cover your mouth??)

Your troops have been online

And the most important thing is emotional stability!Intersection

When Ma Yang tamed the horse, there was a sword,

Even the child is hard to get angry

The main one:

"I serve people with virtue!" [Dog head]

Do you think it is a sturdy -style baby,

As a result, they walked a gentle and delicate type …

"Strict" only stays on the mouth

Look at Ma Yang with his son,

Ma Junyan is always be like:

Why not get angry?I want me to get angry early!Intersection

(Anyway, orange really admires his strong spiritual core)

A response to his son’s questions!

Even if Ma Liao repeatedly asked:

For Sa?

Dad is Sa?

I’m finished?

Will still be patient and answer

The mother’s response is like this [dog head]

"Why are there so many?"

"Can you change this problem?"

"You talk like this again, I’ll beat you"

I was hungry,

Apologize to others while cooking

Will express love loudly ~

Respond to my son’s "I love you" everyday

Singing for his son guitar

Also changed the lyrics:

Ma Liao, only I understand your preciousness

The only time to get angry,

Still Ma Liao touched the stove ash, fearing that he burned, hit his hand,

But I care about him immediately,

While angry, check whether the hand is injured ⬇ ️ ️

Tell him the truth, coax him 理️

"What should I do if you hot?"

Equal appreciation every parent who is willing to express love ~


Netizens commented, "the Chinese’s own Benteli", "the real version of the laziness"

(Guest of Han Zong’s "Superman is back")

The attributes are the same, love to sleep and love to eat [dog head]

Small conspicuous package

A little idol baggage,

But not much,

After all, it may be the first child to broadcast constipation on the Internet.

After growing up, Ma Liao BE LIKE:

Black materials can’t be deleted!I am annoyed!

But there are many beautiful quality ⬇️


The mantra is "Wei Sa?"

It’s like why 100,000 …

When buying vegetables, ask "for Sa"

Dad said he was over and asked about it,

The horse eats snow is also for Sa Sa


A pouting child who loves to eat meat but is afraid of being controlled by his mother,

Look at his daily meal 的️

And the big block he owns at the age of three

Sweet mouth:

Counsey and just,

Seeing mom and dad are going to be angry,

Start the sugar -coated artillery shell immediately,

"Do you love me?"

"I’m cute or not?"

(He seems to know that he is cute ~)

"I love you"

Gong [dog head]:

Sorry to say "I want shit" in public

I had to say, "My stomach is very up"

The result is to pull the pants

I accidentally faced the Internet again [dog head]

Pull your pants,

Don’t forget to confess to the grandfather outside the toilet,

"Grandpa, I love you"

Look at his grandpa to be like this,

Who can stand it!Intersection

800 heart -eye:

After Grandpa came, found a backing,

Just start "prestige and blessing"

I have to sit in front of Grandpa for meals,

Can’t move, dare to find Grandpa hug,

After holding up, the provocative look of his dad [Dog head]

… …

Ma Yang: Life is silent

Ma Liao is a dog head that knows people]

After all, his grandpa is the real overbearing president

Chairman and shareholder,

When it was established in 1996, the registered funds were 1200W

No wonder the camel said, buy it,

All behaviors are rationalized

Because Ma Liao is a premature baby,

I was afraid that Ma Liao was angry and had hernia, so he had to take care of him.EssenceEssence

It is not too much to hold him in the palm of your hand

But after watching the photos of Ma Liao’s premature birth …

I really understand why everyone loves him so much

As a "grandson brain"

Moments all the time:

"Grandpa loves you, grandpa hurts you, you are a good grandson of grandpa, you are the root of grandpa"

Be on my mouth

The elevator is power out?

It doesn’t matter, I will hold my grandson up

Sun Tzu wants to take a police car?

It doesn’t matter, I will communicate

Ma Liao doesn’t sleep?

It doesn’t matter, I will respect his opinions

Ma Liao is sick,

Send a large box of toys directly ⬇️

The most exaggerated is,

Take Ma Liao to see the camel,

See Ma Liao like it,

Just wave directly, win the full amount,

My own money is the master,

As long as the grandson likes it,

What is the son’s opinion?【Dog head】

"Sun Tzu likes it, there is no way"

"I just tell you"

Then hang up forcibly

But doting belongs to doting,

When Dad educated Ma Liao,

There is no more intervene,

I even started to feel that I have some problems with my own approach.

I started to reflect on [Dog head]


Now the whole network is thinking about becoming Ma Liao’s brother and sister …

A large number of granddaughter and grandson,

Grandma Ma Liao’s Douyin ⬇ ️

Anyway, I opened Grandma’s Douyin Orange was shocked,

Travel around the world,

And people are also very humorous,

Netizens want to see Grandpa?

"Rare animals can only see it"

Want Ma Yang?

"Respect reality, others can not be chaotic"

Can you be on the show?

"I can’t get on too normal"

(Grandpa: I feel that I have been connotative)

But unlike Grandpa’s "pet -drowning" education,

Grandma’s education is a bit like a mother,

The main one:

"Blood Penal Suppression" [Dog head]

"You are not obedient, deserve it"

"Why do you love this? You sue!"

"Not allowed to sue, solve the problem by yourself!"

Ma Li’ao was born in such a family is really happy,

The material conditions will not be mentioned for the time being,

Light alone loves his grandpa,

Although strict but careless, grandma,

Emotional, mature and stable dad,

Gentle and elegant mother,

It’s enviable enough

And all the education is rigid and soft,

They will never be ashamed to express love,

Children who grow up in love,

How can it be not full of love?

That’s why he is confident enough and happy enough,

It’s enough to recruit people ~

The last sentence

@Wife’s romantic trip, what are you doing!Intersection

Come on, invite!Intersection

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